A Day Without A Woman - March 8

February 16, 2017

A lot of Rallies and Strikes happening over the next few days. Today in fact is A Day without Immigrants.  And it's being said that's it's a reflection on the Immigration Ban that is going on right now...but do you remember that this happened back in 2006, I believe the last day of April 2006, as the newspaper headings on May 1st 2006 talked about the event the day before.

Then tomorrow (February 17) is the General Strike, with rallies scheduled in a lot of major cities including to the north LA.  The concept is to not purchase anything or go to work, but to hold peaceful protest, or engage in community service or engage in democracy in some capacity according to an article in the Huffington Post.

And then there's the "A Day Without A Woman" organized by the Women's March Organizers on March 8th.  This is a day that they are asking all women to basically cease to exist in society for one day.  Don't go to work, leave all the household and child care to the male members of your household and more.