Ryan Reynolds FACETIMES dying Fan!

July 21, 2017

It always warms my heart to hear of a celebrity making a difference in a fans life.....Check out this story that happened while Ryan was filming and on the set for @Deadpool 2


Daniel Downing has an inoperable brain tumor and has been given only nine months to live. He is a huge Deadpool fan and lit up when he received a phone call from his hero. After a couple of minutes, they switched over to Facetime and Reynolds gave Daniel a tour of the movie set. He even got members of the film crew to wave hello to him. The two stayed on the phone for 15 minutes.

After the call, Daniel's mother Stephanie said, "[Ryan> had to dash off to film, but that was good, really – Daniel gets tired very quickly. I’m so happy for Daniel. It’s something he wouldn’t normally have been able to do and he was so excited. He told all his friends and his teachers. It’s nice to see him so excited because he has been a bit down lately."