What If? You got PAID to go on VACATION?

September 29, 2016

It's ironic that a good share of people never use their vacation time...they never take a break.

But one boss right here in California, decided to change that.  HE PAYS his employees to TAKE their VACATION time!  Yep....up to $2000.00.

He also says that in doing that the productivity of his company is through the rough and his employees are extremely happy.  In fact out of the 250 employees that he has, in the whole hitory of the company (OK..it's only 6 years old) only 5 employees have ever left. 

There's a catch though.  You ACTUALLY have to take the vacation, he'll reimburse your flights, hotels and activities up to $2000.00 IF you take the vacation.  I like that!  Read the whole story here:

We can't pay you to go on vacation, but we can help you get one!  Make sure you sign up for the Trip A Day so that you can get your vacation on!