Dorothy's Sunny Story: Man Finds Wife A New Kidney By Walking for Miles While Wearing a Sign

Wayne Winters took matters into his own hands when he and his wife got tired of waiting for a kidney transplant.

November 10, 2017

74-year-old Wayne Winters of Farr West, Utah got tired of waiting for a kidney donor for his wife. Wayne's wife has stage five kidney failure and has been on the transplant list for the past two years. 

Instead of waiting one more day, Wayne took matters into his own hand. He grabbed a sandwich board sign and wrote "Need Kidney 4 Wife" on it and started walking. Wayne walked up and down the road for miles every single day hoping that someone would see his sign and be a viable donor. There was an overwhelming response to it-  Wayne received up to 800 calls a day! 

Then, Wayne received the miracle call from the hospital- "We have a kidney for your wife, get down here!" They rushed down to the hospital. Wayne's wife received the kidney transplant, and now the couple is celebrating 26 years of marriage!