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Dorothy's Sunny Story: OB-GYN Delivers Patient's Twins Hours After Giving Birth

Wow! Here's a real life Super Woman!

January 10, 2018

Dr. Hilary Conway is an OB-GYN in Washington State who forms a very close connections with all of her patients. Dr. Conway, who was pregnant herself, was disappointed when she learned she wouldn't be able to deliver her patient Kate Moss' twins since they were both pregnant and due around the same time.

Much to Dr. Conway's surprise, she ended up being in the hospital at the same time as her patient! The doctor had just given birth to her second child and had been resting for a few hours when she got a text from Kate saying she was in labor! Kate ended up in the hospital room right next to Dr. Conway's and when it was time to deliver, Dr. Conway got out of her bed, went next door, and delivered Kate's twins!!

What an amazing story! Dr. Conway is a Super Woman!