Taco Bell Voted America's Favorite 'Mexican Restaurant'

Last year it was Chipotle that held the spot.

September 12, 2018

(Photo by Joshua Blanchard/Getty Images for Taco Bell)


Hold on to your tostada-loving, Michelada-slurping sombreros, a new survey from Harris Poll has found that America's Favorite 'Mexican' joint is... Taco Bell.


Before you work yourself into a salsa-spitting frenzy wondering if these people have ever even been to a proper taco shop, if they've ever even eaten carrot escabeche, let's consider the parameters of the study.

The purpose of the Harris study is to measure brand health. The Suguaros marketing machine might not be up-to-par, dollar-per-dollar with Taco Bell's or Chipotle's.

Chipotle was last year's winner but seems to have been knocked out of the running by a series of unfortunate, and highly publicised, foodborne illnesses.

The  Harris poll factored in three variables- familiarity, quality, and future consideration.

While it's true that Taco Bell's offerings are hardly traditional - What is a Mexican Pizza, actually, anyway? Whose abuelita ever made Nacho Fries? (Who cares, they're delicious. We'll admit it.) - The mission bells in the fast food chain's logo are recognizable near and far, calling the masses to feed on Naked Egg Tacos and Crispy Chicken Pizza. 

Salud! On second thought, maybe we better keep health out of it.