How Stores Get Us To Buy More Stuff!

February 6, 2019

How do grocery stores get us to buy more stuff? 

Number 1 on the list of ways they do it… They hand out free samples.  You try it, you like it… and you buy it.  Number 2: Stores have giant shopping carts.  Which makes us think our cart isn’t very full, so we keep adding stuff.  Here’s the 3rd way:   They put expensive brands at eye level.  When something's front and center, you're more likely to buy it.  Number 4:  The stores keep the essentials at the back of the store.  Milk is always in the back, and you have to walk past all the other stuff to get there.  Other stuff you may buy, even though it's not on your list.  And here’s #5:    The signs say stuff like, "Ten for $10."  Do you need to buy 10 to get the good price?  Not always.  Read the tag on the shelf… and save money!