Cars You Are Most Likely To Buy... And Then Get Rid Of Right Away!

March 24, 2017

Here are cars people buy, and within the next 12 months, they re-sell them... just look at the loss in $$$...

And almost half of the top 10 are BMWs!

1.  BMW 3 Series.  8% of them are re-sold in the first year, at a loss of just over $8,000.

2.  BMW 5 Series.  You waste about $11,000 if you re-sell it in the first year.

3.  Mercedes C-Class.  A $9,600 loss.

4.  Nissan Versa Note.  Cheaper car, so you only waste $3,400.  But that's a 20% loss.

5.  Dodge Dart.  A $5,700 loss.

6.  BMW X3. A $6,400 loss.

7.  BMW 4 Series.  A $9,500 loss.

8.  Mercedes E-Class.  A $12,500 loss.  That's more than any other car on the list.

9.  Chrysler 200.  You waste $7,500.  That's a 30% loss, which is the highest on the list.

10.  Subaru WRX.  Which actually has a pretty GOOD resale value.  A new one costs $32,600.  If you sell it the first year, you'll get about $30,600.  So that's only a $2,000 loss . . . or about 6% less than you paid.