Did you know this about the "time change"?

March 9, 2018

Did you know these little known facts about Daylight Saving Time?


DROP THE “S”  It’s Daylight Saving Time

1.  Even though Ben Franklin coined the phrase…”early to bed…”, he was not in favor of Daylight Saving Time.

2.  Germany was the first country to practice daylight saving time.

3.  Did you know that the Agricultural Industry actually opposed Daylight Saving Time? 

4.  DST - First implemented on March 31, 1918

5.  Hawaii & Arizona do not practice changing their clocks. Except for the Navajo Nation in Arizona.  They go with DST.

6.  There is no evidence that this actually saves us energy.

It's just me, but I do love the fact, that when I get off the air at 7pm on Monday, it will still be kinda light outside.  Summer's comin'!!!

In the meantime, enjoy the parody movie trailer!