Reasons It's So Hard To Get Back Into The Swing Of Things After Christmas

January 7, 2019

Here's why it takes us at least 4 days to get back into the groove after the holidays...

1.  The weather is crummy.  Which is just depressing.

2.  The days are still short, and it gets dark early.

3.  We know we've got another two months of winter left. 

4.  You just feel tired and sluggish in general.  (This is me)

5.  January feels like the longest month of the year.

6.  The excitement of Christmas has passed.

7.  Readjusting to your routine feels boring.  (I heard that!)

8.  You want to exercise, but can't get motivated.

9.  You feel like there's nothing to look forward to now.

10.  It feels like forever until you're going to get some time off.  (Unless you're off MLK Day, Jan. 21 this year)