80's Rewind: Billy Joel - Uptown Girl

January 10, 2020
80's Rewind

I remember as a kid this song was playing all the time at home.  My parents really enjoy Billy Joel so his music was a staple in the 80's for us.  My dad actually looks like him.  If you put their pictures together they could be brothers.  No lie!

"Uptown Girl" is one of those songs you love after only hearing it once.  When he started writing it he wasn't even dating Christie Brinkley.  He was with another supermodel at the time: Elle McPherson.  They eventually parted ways when she went to Europe which is around the time he started dating Brinkley.  He then reworked the lyrics and by the time he finished, it was about her.

The whole album, An Innocent Man, especially "Uptown Girl" was a tribute to '60's pop music.  He did it in the style of The Four Seasons with Billy trying to sound like Frankie Valli.  You can also hear that style in his other hit  "The Longest Time."

Enjoy "Uptown Girl" below: