January is National Blood Donor Month

It's so easy — and painless — to donate

January 4, 2019

I have been a regular donor with San Diego Blood Bank ever since moving to San Diego 24 years ago (That's me, on the left, with San Diego Blood Bank Communications manager, Claudine Van Gonka). The people there are kind, experienced and fun. They make you feel welcome and appreciated. 

"I'm afraid of needles," seems to be the mantra of those who decline giving blood. What these people may not be aware of is the folks at San Diego Blood Bank are so good at what they do, most times you barely feel the needle going in. Besides that, how many ways do you know of where you can volunteer approximately half an hour of your time every eight weeks, where it benefits so many? Most of us have busy lives that leave little time for volunteering. With numerous facilities around the county, and the efficiency and professionalism of their staff, you can get there, then get in and out, and be back home or at your job within an hour. 

So, January being National Blood Donor Month, what better time is there to step out of your comfort zone and contact San Diego Blood Bank so they can get you set up to donate blood? Once you go, you may be enlightened and encouraged enough to return in eight weeks and do it again. 

If you are a regular donor, please make that appointment if you haven't already done so. 

Click here for all you need to know. San Diego Blood Bank.