Kelly's Dog Blog — 2019's Most Pet-Friendly Cities

Guess who placed 11th?

August 14, 2019

As a dog mom of four, I am all too familiar with the expenses that come with pet ownership, therefore I am happy to see that San Diego ranks 11 in this nationwide study of pet-friendly cities.

In my neighborhood of Hillcrest, where there is lot of foot traffic, and Balboa Park is just down the road, dogs of all sizes can be seen out and about with their owners. Numerous cats are also visible peering from windows of both apartments and single-family homes. 

See the complete list of 2019's Most Pet-Friendly Cities here.

The data set ranges from minimum pet-care provider rate per visit to pet businesses — Retail, Veterinary and Boarding — per capita to walkability. 

(By the way, Chula Vista, you’ve got some work to do!)