Kelly's Dog Blog — 4-Legged Family Members

Why many of them live long, healthy lives

March 15, 2019

We have been very fortunate when it comes to all of the dogs we have had — ten in total — that they have lived long, relatively healthy lives. With the exception of Olive, who we lost this past January at the age of ten, our dogs have lived to be 12-16 years old.

I have a theory that the more our pets are seen as family members, the more inclined they are to stick around for a while. Along with care and feeding, the usual vaccinations and other maintenance that helps to ensure quality of life, what dog would want to leave before his or her time, when: 

1. We greet them when they walk into the room.

2. We play hide and seek with them.

3. We understand that they enjoy fresh clean water as much as we do.

4. Our furniture is their furniture (this includes sleeping in our bed at night).

5. We treat them with respect, and understand that each one has an individual personality and needs. 

6. We celebrate birthdays and other holidays with them.

7. When we go on vacation, we make sure to leave them with a reputable kennel to where they feel as if they, too, are on a vacation. 

8. There are several baskets filled with an assortment of toys.

The list could go on from there, but you get the idea, and I’m sure you can relate to much of it. 

My wish is that all 4-legged kids experience the love, nurturing, joy, playtime and all other good things that have been bestowed upon my dogs, past and present. That way, when they finally do cross the Rainbow Bridge, they can look back and say, “Wow, I really did have an awesome life!”