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Ways you can help

November 30, 2018

As a dog mom of five, I can attest to the fact that the care and feeding of pets can be costly. My dogs depend on my husband and me to feed them regular meals and snacks, and as much as they dread it, regular vet visits are necessary for their general health. 

It is sad to think about folks who have to give up their pets when they come upon financial hard times. It is a double-edge sword for many, as our pets bring us comfort, companionship and help to alleviate stress; all things that we need most during tough times. 

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Leave it to San Diego Humane Society to step up to help with their PAWS program.

Good things happening with my friend Dan Sileo, host of 97.3 The Fan, one of our sister stations here at Entercom. With Sileo’s Pet Projects he and his morning team will be collecting donations for pet shelters.  They hope to meet their goal by Saturday, December 8th.

While we are on the subject of giving, I cannot possibly go without mentioning an organization near and dear to my heart, SPOT – Saving Pets One at a Time. It was through them that I adopted my two terrier mixes, Homer and Curly. Donations go toward foster care, which is a wonderful service, taking dogs out of the shelters and into temporary homes to get them trained and nurtured before the transition into their forever homes.

Please donate any way you can to one or all of these projects. I plan to; buying food and toys for a houseful of dogs, it’s no problem picking up a few extra cans of food or making a monetary donation. 

And don’t forget, if you are looking to add a 4-legged family member — or two — to your home, the above-mentioned organizations are an excellent way to start.