Kelly's Dog Blog — The Photo Shoot

Behind the scenes of our annual Christmas card

December 7, 2018

Every year Chuck and I take our Christmas card photo with all of our dogs. Our family Christmas card has become a tradition that friends and family have come to appreciate — and expect. Although never an easy feat, it has gotten less cumbersome and chaotic with more modern technology. 

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Back in the day when we used a good old-fashioned camera, I would try and steady all of our Christmas-clad pets (which included for a few years a couple of cats) while Chuck set the timer then raced to get into position. Over and over again. After 8-10 shots, we would throw our hands up in exhaustion and decide whichever picture looked the least haphazard, that would be our Christmas card photo. 

With six dogs last year, we decided to take the easier route and have our talented photographer friend Yoli Photoshop all of us onto a Christmas card. It was cute, but we almost missed the chaos, camaraderie and coziness. 

This year, with one less dog, we decided to go back to our old ways, while still enlisting the help of Yoli, and without imposing antlers and other awkward accessories onto the pack. Chuck, the dogs and I all sprawled onto the guest room bed. Yoli, using my phone, snapped numerous photos as the dogs slowly settled into comfortable enough spots to stay put for a bit. We came up with some decent photos that Chuck and I will look over this weekend before deciding on “the one.”

While Yoli was at the house I had her take a few photos with her professional camera, mostly of our rescue dogs Homer and Curly, as we have yet to have actual portraits of them hanging on our dog gallery wall.  She also snapped some rare shots of all five dogs positioned on the chaise lounge in the living room (note new cover photo).

We have saved every Christmas card photo for the past 28 years, and we post them in chronological order on a large poster board every year during the holidays.  Bittersweet, as most of the pets pictured have been gone for a while; yet the newer photos remind us of how life goes on, as do the traditions that bring us joy.