36 years ago it was "Goodbye,Farewell and Amen".

February 28, 2019

It's still one of the most loved TV shows ever.  Based on a Robert Altman film, it shows the antics of the Mobile Army Surgical Hospital during The Korean War.  Alan Alda (above) played the irrepressable Benjamin "Hawkeye" Pierce- and had the distinction of appearing in every episode.  Many of us are good friends of Ken Levine, a former radio DJ and writer for M.A.S.H. and a few other hit shows, but we learned from Ken and others these facts about Hawkeye Pierce:

His nickname "Hawkeye" was given him by his father, taken from the name of a character in the novel The Last of the Mohicans, the only book he ever read.

Pierce was drafted and assigned to the 4077th M.A.S.H. Unit where between long, intense sessions of treating wounded soldiers, he makes the best of his life by indulging in heavy drinking, carousing, and pulling pranks on the people around him, particularly Majors Frank Burns and Margaret Houlihan.

Hawkeye has given formal salutes only three times throughout the series, two of them being to Radar: 

Another running gag is Hawkeye flirted with nearly every woman he comes in contact with, Hawkeye is also shown to be very caring and respectful toward them.  Hawkeye was very disapproving of war, and spoke of it frequently.  

In the final episode of the show, Hawkeye breaks down and undergoes treatment in Seoul for stress.  

The final episode of M.A.S.H. was the most watched NON sporting event of its time.  Read MORE about the series here...