10 Scientifically-Backed Hangover Cures

September 19, 2017

The holidays will be here before you know it.  With them comes company parties, after-work get-togethers with friends, weekend parties - and don't even mention football Sundays!

If a few drinks (or more) sometimes work their way into your plans, there may come that time when waking up in the morning is the about the LAST thing you want to do.

Yeah, you've got a hangover.

Once it happens, you feel like there's no way out of it. But, what if you could help prevent it before hand?

Oh no - we're not saying don't drink!  Although, that would be a good solution.

We're talking about real, scientific solutions.  You trust science, right?  Well, OK!

First off, here are the top THREE ways to prevent hangovers BEFORE you drink:

  1. Drink a LOTTA water.  Dehydration makes you feel terrible and the more water you drink, the more you'll aleviate the problem.
  2. Gatorade, baby!  Actually, anything that replaces electrolytes.  They're essential for body function.
  3. You should eat.  Have a good meal before you party.  You'll feel the effects of alcohol more slowly, you'll last longer and feel better.

There are also some smart things you can do AFTER you drink.  Who knew that fruit juice could be so handy!

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Meanwhile, if you've ever wondered what (and again, we're talking scientifically) causes a hangover, check out the video below!