Michael Jackson's "Thriller" is Most Inspiring Album - What Others Made The List?

September 17, 2018
Michael Jackson Thriller

David McNew / Getty Images


What's the most inspiring album of all time?

The answers are as varied as musical tastes.  But according to a recent British survey, Michael Jackson's THRILLER tops the list.  Those responding to the survey said it was the album that had the biggest impact on their lives.

That top album certainly provides the hit material. Billie Jean, Beat It, and Wanna Be Startin' Something are among the tracks of this smash hit collection that has sold over 66 million copies to date.

The Beatles, Abba, Simon and Garfunkel's 60's masterpiece Bridge Over Troubled Waters and the 1978 Grammy Album of Year, Fleetwood Mac's Rumours round out the top 5.

If you're wondering where other hugely influential artists like Prince, U2, Led Zeppelin or Bob Dylan are, they certainly made the full top 40 list.

Read more and see the entire top 40 here.  Meanwhile, here are top 15 most inspiring albums according to the survey...

  1. Michael Jackson -- Thriller
  2. The Beatles -- Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band
  3. Abba -- Gold: Greatest Hits
  4. Simon and Garfunkel -- Bridge Over Troubled Water
  5. Fleetwood Mac -- Rumours
  6. Pink Floyd -- The Dark Side of the Moon
  7. Queen -- A Night at the Opera
  8. Meatloaf -- Bat out of Hell
  9. Oasis -- Definitely Maybe
  10. David Bowie -- Heroes
  11. Ed Sheeran -- X
  12. Amy Winehouse -- Back to Black
  13. Nirvana -- Nevermind
  14. The Beatles -- White Album
  15. Madonna -- Like a Virgin

OK, so now it's your turn.  Let us know what YOUR most inspiring album of all time is!