2017 Bucket List

January 3, 2017

Let the exploring begin! These are "must go to" spots in Southern Caliofnira. As 2016 ends and new resolutions begin including maintaining health, getting in shape, eating healthier, etc. there is really no better way than to get outdoors and see places you've never been before! As someone who loves new places and also stays extremely busy during the year, these have been added to my 2017 adventure bucketlist.


1. Cabrillo National Park: The park is in San Diego, and has a secret sea cave!! Located along the Tidepool and Bluff Trail at the Point Loma Tidepools, this secret sea cave is a come up. 


2. Victoria Beach Tower:  Hang on Laguna Beach, and stumble upon a fairytale castle located right by the breathtaking waters in Laguna!  


3 La Jolla Tidepools at Sunset: The pictures are almost self-explanatory to show its beauty. Of all the beautiful spots in La Jolla, this is a gem in the rough. 


4. Palm Springs Aerial Tramway -- 1 Tramway in Palm Springs: This is a place people probably take for granted with the misconception that all of Palm Springs is desert land. These gorgeous views from above the sky is photographer's paradise. 


5. Idyllwild: Fresh mountain air, art scene, and a cute/small town that reminds you of Fall.