Gift Ideas for the Sentimental

November 28, 2016

Christmas has always been special to me, and not in the commercialized aspect. Although I have had my fair share of barbie dolls, basketballs, socks, and that one thing you couldn't live without going into the new year; I found the most everlasting gifts are the ones that take more energy, less money, and actually mean something. The simplest and sweetest gestures go along way (like knowing your best friends favorite color on the picture frame you made her, or remembering your mom is allergic to polyester so the scarf you made her was wool). Here are my top favorite Christmas presents, and some cool ideas on how to make your Christmas special if you are the broke, sentimental type.



1. Photos: A picture truly speaks a thousand words. Picture frames, albums, scrap books, etc. These memories last a lifetime, and what better way to share them than to give them. There are so many ways to make them match the person you are giving them to.


2. Music: There is no better key to a heart than music. Sharing musical taste, making a mix of songs you can jam in the car to when hanging out, giving them your favorite songs, or making a mix that resonates with them will mean way more than giving them a pair of boots they will wear for a year before they fall apart. Songs will get old, but memories attached to songs won't. 




3. Traditions:

Every year, my family and I have traditions and things we always do. Like opening one gift on Christmas eve, or making an annual family calendar. 




4.  Travel:

Plan a road trip.. or if you’ve already taken one, hand-stitch that road trip and frame it.


5. Personalize something:

Get their name on one of their favorite things, or engrave a recipe onto their favorite cutting board. 



6. Bake them an overwhelmingly large mountain of their favorite foods:

UHH.. who isn't going to fall in love and be the happiest person in the world with their favorite foods staring at them in the face?

7. Write a note:

Always include a letter or note. Handwritten!!