Loaded Fries?! In N Out Quality Options at Home

January 6, 2017

You can actually make your fries by peeling them, cutting, soaking, drying, first fry, and then fry again. This is a simple, but also time consuming way to get the fries. Or... you can be like me (don't judge) and buy some pre packaged ones you can fry or put in the oven. Afterwards, bake them and toss them with seasoned toppings. Garlic and olive oil give it a really good taste!


A few options/ideas to make In N Out quality fries that taste different and good for different occassions: 


Cheddar powder and powdered milk with a bit of salt for Cheddar and Sour Cream Fries!

Blue Cheese Powder and chopped bacon.

Taco Seasoning packet with a dipping sauce of sour cream and a bit of hot sauce mixed in.

Creole Fries the Bold Creole seasoning from Tony Chachere’s (another Fancy Food Show find I’ve loved!)

Ground or fresh ginger, a touch of sesame oil mixed with canola oil, minced garlic and salt dipped in teriyaki sauce So grab some fries, toss them with this garlic/olive oil and make sure you are surrounded by those who will love you no matter how strong your garlic breath is!