New Years Resolution Bologna

Cliche and Effective Ways to Do Your Thing

December 27, 2016


1. Don't set a new years resolution:

Change and evolve based on things you want to do, and don't use a certain day to do it! Setting goals, and working to achieve them doesn't happen overnight just because the clock hit midnight. Do something you personally want to do, and do it in a timely manner. Like getting fit, changing eating habits, changing lifestyle preferences; these things are all hard to mantain, so do it for other reasons other than it being a new year. Albert Einstein said, insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.


2. Be mindful:

Consider for a moment why you haven't shifted that weight, built the bird house, stopped eating red meat, or changed that job. You probably didn't want to, or maybe you were busy focusing on things that don't bring soul-fufilling contentment to your life. Now there's a thought. Be mindful of your goals and of those around you/things you want to change, and maybe you won't lose motivation as the year goes on to bring change. Improve your consentration and mental skills.


3. Do your thing:

Do your thing! Don't make goals or change without knowing what you really want out of it. You aren't doing what you truly want, and don't base your improvements on the expectations of others, social norms, or conformity. No one likes those girls in the magazines anyways, and salad can be super gross on a daily basis.