San Diego Bucket List

March 31, 2017

These are some pretty rad things we should do before we die, ya know? First of all, I am just happy to be living in San Diego. That's enough to cross off of a bucket list, but I want to make the most of my memories and experiences as well as time here in San Diego (and on Earth in general). Hence the... things I should do in San Diego (and so should you) bucket list/things to do before we die/hangs in San Diego kind of adventures.


1.  Kayak to a concert at Humphreys:

There’s an easy launch point at the end of Bessemer St in Point Loma and a smooth half-mile, 15-minute paddle to Humphreys sheltered location in the northeast corner of La Playa Cove. The San Diego Kayaking Meetup hosts free paddling and concert outings all season.


2. Get Naked at Black's Beach: 

Well, they don't call it a nude beach for just any reason.


3. Bonfire on the beach: 

Let's hang up and down the coast with a fire pit and some friends. 


4. Get a bomb Cali burrito:

The closer to Mexico, the better the Mexican food.


5. Boat it to Catalina Island:

Because... boats and hoes

6. Watch a sunset in OB off of Bacon Street:

The most beautiful place to relax by the beach with rocks and coves


7. Hit some rooftop parties in Gaslamp, or a Summer pool party at Lafyette Hotel:

Vegas-style parties featuring celebrity DJs, killer views of the city, and pool-side ultimate fun days


8. Drink a vodka red bull slushie at PB Shore Club:

what?! energy and booze in a slushie? I am game. 


9. Get a 6am beer at Silver Fox:

Silver Fox is a notable dive bar, because it opens at 6am with an early happy hour special until 10am! 


10. Pick strawberries at Suzie's Farm:

Go in a field and pick a basket of your own strawberries!