We're Still Helping Hurricane Harvey Animals

November 6, 2017

The reporters and cameras are gone, but the struggle continues for pets who were lost, strayed, or abandoned following Hurricane Harvey.

The estimated 120 cats, kittens, dogs, and puppies scheduled to arrive in San Diego on Tuesday have been in overcrowded shelters since the Hurricane struck. With no owners claiming them, they are legally abandoned.

“The incoming pets are indirect victims of Hurricane Harvey,” says Ric Browde, President and CEO of Wings of Rescue. “So far this year Wings of Rescue has transported more than 9,000 pets to safety throughout the United States. The pets on this flight are highly adoptable dogs and cats who have been in animal shelters for over a month waiting for their owners coming to claim them.  They had been declared legally abandoned and were in danger due to their local shelters being overcrowded. They’re being transferred to San Diego to create space for the pets who continue to arrive after being lost, strayed, or abandoned because of Harvey and the floods.”   

More pets continue to pour in. Now it's time to find homes for those pets whose owners have not claimed them.

The next Wings of Rescue flight is scheduled to arrive at Gillespie Field on Tuesday afternoon. Estimated arrival time is between 12:30 and 1:30. When we have a tail number for the plane on Tuesday we'll pass it along to you so you can track the flight.


We're expecting 120 pets on the flight. Our best estimate is that there will be 3 adult cats, 5 kittens, and 111 dogs (mostly puppies!)