Why "All Things San Diego" is Better

November 2, 2016

1. Authentic Mexican Food:

Luckily we live pretty close to Mexico, the carne asada tastes like it's just been killed and grilled to perfection solely for your plate. No ex·ag·ger·a·tions! We are coined for having the "best tacos", and it isn't just on Tuesdays. Just saying.

2. Good night life: 

There's something for every type of person. The chill OB vibe, Hipster North Park, fratty PB, and party down town Gas Lamp. There's also something to do in every location whether it's hitting a show, having a bon fire, or dancing. It's the kind of place where you can easily find where you belong while being able to get down to all of the poppin areas. It's a slow/fast paced environment with cheap/expensive drinks, and a good wine/beer to choose from if you catch my drift.


3. The weather outside is weather:

It is weathering 24/7 7 days a week. It's kinda one of those places where the weather is that good that people from all over come here just to experience it. And when they come, they seldom leave (including me). We've got the beaches, sunshine, and flip flop wearing weather 3/4 out of the year. When it rains, there is a zombie apocalypse, and everyone drives like crap. Because it rarely happens, and no one knows what to do with themselves so they call out of work or have trouble "lifing" that day. That's how sunny it is here.