What's Making You Feel Good?

We want to hear from YOU San Diego!

March 22, 2020
What's Making You Feel Good?


The Coronavirus pandemic has turned people's lives upside-down.  You can't watch the news without seeing all of the negative stories that have come along with it.  But through all this, there are opportunities for us to see the best in humanity. 

We're hearing some great stories from remarkable San Diegans and we want to hear from you.  Tell us in the text box what's making you feel good right now.  We'll share a new story on-air weekdays at 5:10pm.  See some responses below.


Here's what some people have written and told us:


We all need a little "lift" in this crazy time and we have a secret neighbor who is doing just that for our street (17 houses). It started with 2 flags, then a couple days later they added a red ribbon with a little saying (several different ones), now signs with the cute little poems. I put out a thank you sign, but we still don't know who it is! I do know that it's gotten the neighbors talking more than ever and it's bringing us together (but from more than 6 feet apart!)  I have photos!​

-Kristen Pascall, El Cajon


I'm stuck working from home right now.  But because of that, I was able to see my younger daughter learn how to walk for the first time.  Had I been at work, she would have been at daycare and I never would have been able to experience that.
-John, Mission Valley

I moved into my new neighborhood a little over three months ago.  I still hadn't met many of my neighbors.  Over the weekend, one of them was posting flyers on garage doors offering to buy supplies for anyone in need.  I met him for the first time that day... but from over six feet away!
-Nick, University City

I want to salute all of the nurses working so hard all while putting themselves in the line of fire.  They do it to protect us and they deserve to be recognized.
-Cindy, Vista

I'm a delivery driver and have had more people thank me for their delivery these last two weeks than the past year combined.  Yesterday when I delivered a package to a home, there was a hand-drawn thank you card from a child, along with a Starbucks gift card, taped to the front door for me.
-Anonymous, San Diego

Yesterday I was driving home from the grocery store with my 7 year old daughter and saw a group of 8 workers doing some road work.  I wanted to do something nice for them and went to In-N-Out and ordered them all lunch and brought it to them.  I feel like it made their day and taught my daughter a valuable lesson.  Thanks to everyone who is stil working.
-Meredith, Carmel Mountain

I work in medical, and although I'm still working, I'm in administrative and not working closely with patients.  Our nurses are the real heros.  They're working so hard and long hours.  Please be patient and courteous to them.
-Nancy, Chula Vista

One of our other neighbord has started a Facebook group for us all so we can tell everyone what we need and share it with each other and avoid going out.  Whenever someone does go out, they'll take orders from everyone else and pick up items for all of us.
-Karen, La Mesa

My neighbor across the street is a musician.  Over the weekend, he played a concert in his driveway of all kids songs.  Neighbors brought out chairs and sat outside and gave the kids something to listen to but still stay away from each other.
-Mike, Escondido

I was out the store earlier today and as I was walking in, I saw an older man walking up with his list.  A woman ran up to him and asked him for his list and told him to go back to the car.  She said she'd buy everything on his list for him and even insisted that she'd pay for it and walk it back to him in the car so he wouldn't have to come into the store.  Bless her!
-Diana, Chula Vista