Tuesday Childress - Scripps Mercy Hospital

March 2, 2018

Point Loma Nazarene University joins Sunny 98.1 in honoring another exceptional nurse!  We present Tuesday Childress who serves in Labor and Delivery at Scripps Mercy Hospital.

I'm nominating Tuesday because she perfectly embodies what you would imagine the ideal nurse to be.  She's kind, compassionate, strong-willed, experienced, and willing to give you a swift kick in the rear if it's warranted (i.e., if your own ignorance and lack of experience is about to put you and/or your child in unnecessary danger).

She truly cares and loves her job, though she does also admit it's also quite exhausting... but always worth it. She makes huge sacrifices in her personal life to perform her duty, shredding her internal clock to work her 13 hour graveyard shifts and working many weekends and holidays.  

I'm almost embarrassed by my own profession when I compare it to the vast importance and utility of hers. I respect her to no end and readily admit that I could never do what she does -- and she does so without batting an eye.  I'm so proud of her for the help she provides countless women and couples every year.

I LOVE this nurse and though there are many nurses who deserve recognition, there is none quite like her, and I'd like all of San Diego to know.

- James Castaneda

Well put, James!  Thank you for your nomination and congratulations to Tuesday Childress at Scripps Mercy!