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A Kid Lost a Tooth at Recess, so His Principal Wrote to the Tooth Fairy

A first-grader in Wisconsin LITERALLY lost a tooth at school last week. But his principal made sure he still got paid for it . . . Curt Angeli is the principal at Gillett Elementary School, about 30 miles outside Green Bay and he found out a student lost a tooth at recess, but couldn't find it...
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A Guy Got Creative and Went to Great Lengths to Return a Lost Wallet

A 30-year-old guy in London named Tim Cameron lost his wallet on Monday while he was riding his bike home from work. And almost immediately, a random guy named Simon Byford got in touch to get it back to him. But the great part is HOW he got in touch. Tim's license was in there, but there was no...
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A Woman Kept Paying for Her Lost Dog's Microchip for 12 Years, and Finally Found Her

A woman in Florida named Katheryn Strang lost her two-year-old dog Dutchess back in 2007 when her 12-year-old son left a door open and they never saw her again. The dog had a microchip though and even after a decade, Katheryn kept paying the $15 yearly fee to keep it activated, just in case. She...
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A Guy Lost an Insane Amount of Weight After His Trainer Got Him Banned From Fast Food Restaurants

A 28-year-old guy in the U.K. named Dibsy McClintock decided it was finally time to lose weight last year after he got up to 560 POUNDS. And one of the big things that helped him was getting BANNED from all the fast food and take-out places in his neighborhood. He got in touch with a personal...
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