Feel Good On The 50s

Feel Good on the 50s: A 9-Year-Old Boy Pays Off Entire Third Grade's Lunch Debt

A nine-year-old boy in California heard that some of his classmates couldn't afford lunch, and used his allowance to pay off the lunch debt for his entire third grade class. Check out Ryan's story below! ACT OF KINDNESS: After this 9-year-old boy had a conversation with his mom about kids who...
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This Feel Good Story is about a 7 year old girl from Cleavland, Ohio, who is making a BIG difference in not just her own community, but the world!

Feel Good on the 50s: A Seven-Year-Old Has Raised Over $18,000 to Buy Stuffed Animals for Sick Kids

There's a seven-year-old in Cleveland named Alex Walker who has epilepsy. So she's been in and out of hospitals her whole life and a few years ago, she noticed some of the other sick kids she met didn't have stuffed animals. She wanted to give them some of hers. But they couldn't use them because...
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Feel Good on the 50s: A Grandpa Dances with His Grandson to Cheer Him Up Before Brain Surgery!

There's a five-year-old kid in Green Bay named Kyu San Juan who was born with a condition where the arteries in his brain were all twisted up. And he had to have an operation last Wednesday to fix it. Now a video of him dancing in the frozen food aisle of a grocery store is going viral. Because...
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Feel Good on the 50s: An Adorable "Conversation" Between a Dad and a Toddler

A video has gone viral of a dad having a "conversation" about a TV show with his toddler son who hasn't learned how to talk yet. They're both on the couch and it looks just like a real discussion, except the kid isn't using words, and may not know what his dad is talking about. But his gestures and...
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Feel Good on the 50s: A High School Teacher and Guidance Counselor Got Married in the Gym on the Last Day of School

Kari Bordner is a guidance counselor at a high school in Indianapolis and she's been dating a social studies teacher there named Jeff Vest for about 15 years. She's 49, he's 56. And they recently decided to finally get married. But they didn't want to make it a huge deal, or spend a lot of money...
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Feel Good on the 50s: A 97-Year-Old Grandma Finally Went to Prom

A woman in Warwick, Rhode Island named Julie Huddon has been helping her 97-year-old grandma Helen cross things off her bucket list and one of the things she'd always wanted to do was go to PROM. She didn't go to her own senior prom because it was the Depression, and her parents couldn't afford a...
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Feel Good Story: A 41-Year-Old Gets Adopted!

We have a Feel Good on the 50's story every hour and this one is a local one about a 41-year-old woman who got adopted! Take a listen below! Feel Good on the 50s- Adoption.mp3
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