We Waste Almost an Entire Day on a Weeklong Vacation Standing in Lines, Researching, and Thinking About Work!

If you went on a vacation over the past few weeks, you almost definitely feel like it went too quickly. And this might be why. According to a new survey, the average person wastes almost an entire DAY during a one-week vacation. Here's how we waste time every day. . . 1. Traveling to and from...
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The Cities Most and Least Likely to Stick to Their Resolutions in 2020!

Could where you live have anything to do with how long you stick to your New Year's resolution? According to a new study, the answer is yes. looked at a ton of stats for 182 major cities in the U.S., and ranked them according to how easy it is to keep your resolution. They looked at...
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Here Are the States People Moved Into and Out of in 2019

United Van Lines just released the results of its 43rd annual study into which states the most people are moving into and out of. And the state that had the highest percentage of people moving IN last year was Idaho. 67.4% of the moves involving Idaho were inbound. The rest of the top 10 states...
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Here Are the Best and Worst Cities for Jobs in 2020

Is one of your New Year's resolutions: "Get a new job?" It's cool, your boss probably has the same resolution. Wallet Hub just ranked the 182 biggest cities in the country from the best place to get jobs this year to the worst. So if you're thinking about relocating, this could be a good guide. The...
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The 10 Most Popular New Year's Resolutions for 2020

The window between making a New Year's resolution and BREAKING it tends to be pretty short. So hopefully we're still in it. A new survey found just 28% of Americans planned to make a resolution this year, and another 18% said they might. So what's YOUR resolution? Here are the ten most popular ones...
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Newlyweds Flip a Coin To Decide Whose Last Name To Take

A Florida bride and groom have started their marriage by leaving their surname up to chance. Jeff Conley and Darcy Ward waited until they were at the altar to let a coin toss decide whose name they would both take going forward, reported the Tallahassee Democrat . At the altar, the couple flipped a...
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5-Year-Old Flips Bird to the Audience for 20 Minutes During Nativity Play

A little girl dressed as an angel had her finger on the pulse of her school play. Ella Legge caused a sensation after a hangnail had her accidentally flip the bird to parents and other members of the audience of the school’s nativity play. Sweet angel in nativity play accidentally flips off...
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What Did You Want to Be When You Grew Up?

So what did YOU want to be when you were young? A new survey asked 2,000 adults. Here are the ten most common answers . . . 1. Doctor. 2. Teacher. 3. Veterinarian. 4. Musician. 5. Movie star. 6. Professional athlete. 7. Artist. 8. Business owner. 9. Writer. 10. Police officer. Doctor was #1 overall...
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CDC: Puppies May Be Making People Sick

While you may be tempted to hug and kiss every puppy you come across, you may want to hold off on all that puppy love for now. 2019 is ending on a bit of a sad note as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention warns the public against the cutest of culprits: puppies. OUTBREAK NOTICE: 30 people...
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Here Are the Most Disappointing Gadgets of the Decade

Earlier this week, "Time" magazine put out a list of the best gadgets of the decade, including things like the Apple iPad, Tesla Model S, Google Chromecast, and Nintendo Switch. Today, let's talk about the flip side. just put together a list of the most DISAPPOINTING gadgets of the...
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