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Michael Jackson Thriller

Michael Jackson's "Thriller" is Most Inspiring Album - What Others Made The List?

What's the most inspiring album of all time? The answers are as varied as musical tastes. But according to a recent British survey, Michael Jackson's THRILLER tops the list. Those responding to the survey said it was the album that had the biggest impact on their lives. That top album certainly...
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Ringo Starr

Peace and Love on the 7th

Yup, it's Ringo's big day today and today (7-7-17) he's asking you to say "Peace and Love" to everyone you see..especially at noon. He's still very active at this young age and while he hasn't set a San Diego date for 2017, he'll be in Las Vegas for a week long stay in October. Find out where he'll...
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Neil Young on stage at Desert Trip

McCartney And Neil Young Together at Desert Trip

While I have to admit that I have heard both of these aging rockers sound better, it still had to be a real thrill to see each of them - and then both of them - on stage at Indio this past weekend! About halfway through Paul McCartney's set on Saturday at Desert Trip , he welcomed his longtime...
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Beyoncé - 2016 MTV Video Music Awards

VMAs: Kanye Boring, Beyoncé Intense, Alicia Keys Memorable

When it was announced that KANYE WEST was getting time to do whatever he wanted at the "VMAs", everyone braced for the INEVITABLE CRAZY. But it never really came. Kanye spent about six minutes talking, but it wasn't very memorable. He did make a joke about his "Famous" video possibly losing to...
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Watch Eddie Vedder Eject Abusive Fan From Pearl Jam Show [VIDEO]

Eddie Vedder stopped the show in the middle of a song at at Wrigley Field and tells at an abusive fan "Get your finger outta that womans face!" Vedder didn't resume the show until the person got ejected from the venue. Video of Eddie stops the show at Wrigley (Lukin) and yells at an abusive fan /...
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