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Dream Job: Sports Junkie!

The streaming industry website Streaming Observer is hiring a “Sports Junkie” to watch games at home for $25 an hour! The dream gig involves getting paid to do what you're probably already doing: Watch sports and evaluate your experiences using different streaming services. What that means is you’...
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Shaggy (left) and Sting perform at the Royal Albert Hall in London

Sting and Shaggy Channel Miami Vice In New Video

“Gotta Get My Baby Back” follows the buddy cop theme
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A Costume For Your Pet May Not Be A Great Idea!

You may want to rethink putting a Halloween costume on your pet. Experts point out that rather than being happy about a costume — pets are thinking their human handlers are scolding them. And just remember a few of your most uncomfortable Halloween costumes. This is probably how your pet will feel...
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Twilight Zone to return..will it succeed?

Video of Vintage TWILIGHT ZONE behind the scenes footage w/ Steven Spielberg, Joe Dante, John Landis Rod Serling's "The Twilight Zone" first aired in 1960 and spawned several reboots over the years - and of course, "The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror" at Disneyland Resorts. The show will return to...
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New Kids On The Block Tour Will Hit San Diego

The New Kids On The Block are hitting the road again! Today, the band announced what they call their "most extensive tour in years," and a tour that will take them to San Diego in May of 2019. Dubbed "The Mixtape Tour," the show will feature special 80's guests Salt-N-Pepa, Tiffany, Debbie Gibson...
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Sunny Life Hack: For Your Work Email

Writing an important email at work and you don't want anything to go wrong?? Make sure you don’t accidentally hit send before you’ve had a chance to look it over. Just make the email address the very last thing you type in, instead of the first, like most people do!!
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What Costco Employees Want You to Know

I have a love/hate relationship with Costco. I love it for the bargains, much of the quality, the pharmacy, the efficient checkout, free samples, among other things. What I don't like is the rudeness and inconsideration of many of the customers. I have seen fights break out at the food kiosks, and...
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Sunny Life Hack: For Your Cough

Have a cough or a cold? Try Pineapple juice! It's 5x more effective than cough syrup!
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Sunny 98.1 at Aulani - A Disney Resort in Hawaii

Sunny 98.1 is spending a few days in paradise! We're at Aulani - a Disney Resort in Hawaii . We hope you've been able to catch Gene Knight's live broadcasts and interviews...and remember, SDCCU is sending a winner on a Trip a Day Bonus Trip to Aulani! Get signed up to win here ! You'll find more...
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Hear Cher Bless An Album Worth Of ABBA Covers

'Dancing Queen' features 10 tunes from the icon's new favorite group
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