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HOLY!! Edible Water Bottles?

So, modern times have taken a brand new turn with biodegradable and edible water bottles. Getting your regular dose of H20 can be hard during a busy day, but now you can make it easier to hydrate yourself! By eating blob like water straight from the palm of your hand. Rodrigo Garcia Gonzalez,...
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Not For Kids: Carmel Apple Sangria

Super fast and easy drink mix! Not for kids, but tastes like a carmel apple. Beware how greatly treacherous this drink can be and taste. INGREDIENTS: Your favorite bottle of mild, white wine A cup caramel flavored vodka Six cups o' apple cider 2 of your choices of apples without its core and...
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Go To Halloween Costumes 2016

#1. SUICIDE SQUAD: LET THE HARLEY QUINN AND JOKER COSTUMES COMMENCE! The hype about Suicide Squad, with or without Halloween, is not only critically acclaimed but generated a colossal 135.1 million debut despite some of the WORST reviews of the year. The diverse cast being a major reason for its...
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Best Fall Crafts and Food Pairing

San Diego is known for many things: it's beautiful beaches, great weather, and of course ... beer. The city is covered in craft connoisseurs, beer lovers, and flights and flights full of festivals. Here is a list of some pretty badass Fall beers, because let's be honest it's 80 degrees so beer is...
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Good Food Paired with Good Music

LOADED POTATO SOUP INGREDIENTS: 6 peeled and cut potatoes 6 peeled and cut carrots 2 peeled and cut garlic cloves 1/2 diced sweet yellow onion 1-pound of cooked and crumbled turkey bacon 40 oz. chicken broth 11/2 cups fat-free half-and-half 11/2 cups low-fat cheese of your choice with sour cream...
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Best Spots in San Diego

San Diego is best known for its beautiful weather, roaring ocean, and best views in the city. For its beer culture, music scene, and for its hiking spots; San Diego is a world of its own with a culture of its own. For someone who just recently moved out here and looking for something to do, this is...
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