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5 Turkeys for Thanksgiving

Looked for some songs that say "thanks" for Thanksgiving. Found a few (hundred) so instead I looked for "Turkeys"--songs that may not win awards, but they're almost worth mentioning. In case you want to remember, click on the link each song for the video. Remember, this is a list of "turkeys"...
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Chefs Say To Leave THIS Item OFF Your Thanksgiving Menu!

Noooooo! Say it isn't so. My Mom had one item on our Thanksgiving dinner menu that HAD to be there every year. She could change other things around. Maybe make different kinds of pies. Or serve mashed potatos one year and scalloped the next. Those items were ok if they were there or if they weren't...
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I had to tell you

Video of Amabrush - World's First Automatic Toothbrush
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Hear Sunny 98.1 on your Amazon Echo

Anywhere you are you can hear San Diego's Greatest Hits on Sunny 98.1 on your Amazon Echo. Here's how:
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You can't change it-so let's not use it.

When I got my first Social Security Card I was amazed at the words "not for identification". When I got drafted my "RA" number was replaced. By my Social Security number. These days it's a national identification method and it's a huge problem. If your number gets compromised (like in the Equifax...
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Mason Fun Poll #108

With Fall here, time to start thinking ahead. Tuesday, October 31 - Halloween. Thursday, November 23 - Thanksgiving Which one do you like more ? Mason Fun Poll - Thanksgiving or Halloween? Which is your favorite Halloween - costumes, candy, fun, crazy 50% (1 vote) Thanksgiving-food, family,...
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10 Scientifically-Backed Hangover Cures

The holidays will be here before you know it. With them comes company parties, after-work get-togethers with friends, weekend parties - and don't even mention football Sundays! If a few drinks (or more) sometimes work their way into your plans, there may come that time when waking up in the morning...
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Seen any good movies this summer?

The Best Summer Movies? Your opinion please... Was it a great summer for movies? You might be able to decide for yourself by choosing your THREE favorite summer movies here. There are a couple from 2017, many of these are just classic movies so it may be tough. Let's hear what you think ? CLICK...
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It's a CRUNCHY Calendar

September will be a wild and wonderful month in your life.. for a lot more than just regular events. For instance- September 5th. My Mother's birthday - -but it's also: Be Late for Something Day Take Another Look Unlimited Day (to find things to donate to charity) September 7th. My wife and I...
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It's the RUDE survey

According to a new survey, only 47% of people think DOUBLE DIPPING is rude. That's good news. . Now Iyou can dive into that queso six, seven times per chip.. Some other items on the survey: Not flushing after using the toilet . . . 93% say it's rude. Unplugging your phone from the charger to plug...
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