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I grew up in Minneapolis, MN where I shoveled snow and drank Hot Chocolate. Now I sip wine and stroll the beach!

I’ve worked in New York City, Reno, Las Vegas and now here in America’s Finest City. When my husband & I moved here from Las Vegas to San Diego it was a homecoming for him. He was born & raised here in San Diego so it’s great to be in a city where we have family nearby.

Some things you might not know about me:

Favorite Movie: Any horror movie! I’ve seen every Friday the 13th, Halloween & SAW movie…I’m twisted, I know!

Favorite Books: LOVE, love, love to read! Patricia Corwell’s ‘Scarpetta’ books, John Sanford’s ‘Prey’ books, any Dean Koontz or Nora Roberts book…

Free-time: Hanging with friends, drinking wine and traveling with my husband Ron. We have no kids and no pets so we can get away at the drop of a hat! Oh and sports…football & horse racing (thank you for being there Del Mar Racetrack!!)

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