Dave Mason

Sunny 98.1 Middays

I've had fun in my radio travels, but I always knew that I'd end up on San Diego.  

In my Army days, a bunch of us would travel up 'n down the coast - One night we even slept on a freeway exit in San Clemente. I saw San Diego proper in '79 and knew that, after New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Tennessee (not to mention a place called Da Nang), this was the place I had to live. I made my first San Diego radio appearance in 1999.   

I’ve spent nearly 20 years in Scripps Ranch and I don't think I’d change a thing. I love this city, the climate, the people and the great organizations I get to work with - that includes The San Diego Humane Society, Helen Woodward Animal Center, KPBS FM-TV, PBS SoCal, Elizabeth Hospice, Scripps Ranch Firesafe Council and Valley View Casino and Hotel.

There's still time to spend with my great family: Diane, Jon, Adam and the two pooches, Jack and Moose.  

On the weekends you might find us 4-wheeling the desert, walking around the neighborhood, sitting at a table at Valley View Casino and Hotel, or sharing a great meal at one of our favorite restaurants.

Some more things about me:

Favorite TV Show: "Fargo".  Hope the new season starts soon.

Favorite Movie:  Anything with a spaceship and/or monsters or Natalie Wood.  

Favorite TV Channel:  Youtube (thanks, Roku).

Favorite food:  Pizza

Favorite spice:  Garlic (hey, I've never been bitten by a vampire).

Life is great in San Diego and I'm THRILLED to be part of The New Sunny 98.1.

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