Joe Rosati

Weekdays, 2pm-7pm

Hey!  I'm Joe Rosati and I'm driving you home every weekday from 2-7pm.  My family and I moved here in 2012 and can't believe how fast the time has flown by.  I feel like my kids were just born yesterday.  Speaking of them I'm married to my better half, Audra, and our kids are Sofia and Joseph Jr. who keeps us very busy.  Also I am a HUGE Flintstones fanatic!  I own every episode.

Over the years my wife and I have lived in Boston, New Jersey, Detroit and now San Diego.  We actually met in Boston when I was on the radio there.  We helped host an event together between my station and her company.  Amazing how she still puts up with me since I'm from New York.  Those sports rivalries between the two cities are hardcore!  

In our spare time, the little we rarely find, we love to hit up new restaurants and before having kids the two of us traveled the globe yearly.  Thanks to Audra I've seen Spain several times, Mexico, Argentina and Uruguay.

I'm ecstatic to be on Sunny 98.1.  Thank you for always making me a part of your afternoon!

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