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I was born in San Diego!  I’m Rob, “Mornings with Rob & Joss”.  

My attachment to San Diego is firm. My daughter went to SDSU, my son is a Marine and attended bootcamp here. My grandparents retired in Lemon Grove. I remember going to Shelter Island with my Dad as a little kid... We’d buy doughnuts watch the sun come up and the ships come in. 

Now, let me introduce you to my wife, Jocelyn. I often accuse her of being Canadian....She’s not.  (Her parents are) She was born in the Bay Area. If I tease her about being Canadian, you’ll hear her shriek “I was born in Burlingame!” She’s a great cook, she loves to read a good book in a hot bath and she’s currently addicted to smoothies and popcorn. She’ll tell you more.  She says I type too slow. So I surrender the keyboard to her now..... 

I’m Joss, and I get to the point whereas Rob tends to ramble. Here’s how I see Mornings with Rob & Joss: Rob flies fly by the seat of his pants….  I have a little trouble “rolling with the punches.” Rob likes to spend money. I’m a “tight-wad.” Rob likes dogs, I like cats. We both have a deep love for 80’s music and apparently for “Back to the Future”. We were recently married– Well, I’m married to Rob and Rob is married to me and my cat (the Happy-Go-Lucky “Hector”). 

We love hangin’ out with you in the morning as you get the kids out the door, sip (or chug) your coffee and sit in traffic! 

Rob and Joss – Mornings 6 ‘til 10 on Sunny 98.1! 

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