Wednesday, May 16th

Ricky Martin talks with AJ & Sara 


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Hey good morning Beijing yes I think you're squeezing isn't near busy morning met up but no produce somewhat true good return cure autism can't congratulations on the Vegas residency that the movie now right go to Vegas you just forget let it went up the hill. It's been amazing that I probably due to defer. For two seasoned staff those two years I'm really happy units and has been beautiful. You feel pressure to be mega CD you put blue painted guys are tigers earnings. I know it's a very it's a very international show. I mean obviously you can you're gonna see. They're just it's and so about the sounds so about the doesn't hit send them. And medical backing time a little bit and I do a little bit that are conditioned on I'm this is a little addition on the second natural but it didn't give it it's been in a very tasteful ways very classy. The parts theaters a brand new cedar biggest. This sound in this place this is some stellar. I'm really have to be. Don't miss our Abbie tied Ricky Martin his Vegas residency is ongoing at the Monte Carlo resorts. You have to get out there's only place you see these shows. I was thinking about you on the way in Rick and you're gonna talk there was again. Man with which you're charm and charisma and canceled nest. Have a better approach to be a judge on the voice or American Idol or coach or all these reality shows have you made a career not to go that route. Mel you know I did they did it in Australia and it was very beautiful opportunities to be able to. You know to work with you talented and he looked to be either as a mentor and there was some tactic but you know what am -- acting at the moment except that we're committed to do very beautiful serious with Ryan Murphy. On American press story we we did do the assassination of Jennifer's she and and mr. critically acclaimed by been active in some stores fifteen years old my first television series was in Argentina. Many years ago it may have been at its theater on Broadway and so for me acting is something very special and very important as well. Is it nice to slow down a little bit and do Las Vegas residency instead of traveling all over the world especially with. Your two little boys. You maybe it's been good true that was well but they love being on the road when we split when we spent more than two weeks in one place signal that what's next us. I read this they're used to that they want to go to. On the road so they don't know anything goes and maybe they really do love being on the road that would yes definitely big as it is very simple in the sense that it's it's four shows a week I get to come back home. It will say here every other banks and and then for me to be able to perform every that in front of a really. International crowd it's like being on the road. Yeah well Vegas is gonna bring an international crowd let's be honest it's also gonna bring it drunk crowd. Yeah I thought I just driving this beautiful shell I pictured in my head hundreds of drunk woman screaming out I mean is that a unique challenge of performing that very. Note you know up to link is in Mexico due to do you know what Poulenc is well so that's a tough crowd would you uplink is in the middle of a fair. It's piecing it up cockfighting ring. That's at about 4 o'clock in the morning that's a difficult time. The biggest gift teller of to a neutral yeah. Crowd kept couple. I'm afraid about Ricky we're big fans were so excited to lock remind everyone here in San Diego look it's not a far road trip for us. They're still dates coming up very soon in the 23 to 26 the 27 the thirty this month and then early June on the second and third we've got all the details up online. Ricky Martin thanks so much for your time to talk a little black boys like Grover visited Tokyo.