Episode 26 — Chili, Monday Night Dinners & New Restaurants

Thursday, October 31st

We talked about a variety of great stuff in this one: We started with Morgan talking about the decadent chili she made the previous night, and how refrigerating it after it cools, then eating it the next day, gives the flavors a chance to marry — and it's that way with most other soups, stews and chowders. Kelly talks about how making a really good dinner on a Monday is a great way to ease into the workweek. Kelly is also excited about the opening of the new Los Panchos in the old Brazen Barbecue spot in Hillcrest, and has already been there twice — and is very impressed. On the same subject, we discuss the importance of giving new restaurants a grace period — 90 days is generous and fair — before becoming too critical; every new place needs time to work out the various kinks and get a good flow going, so don't be too trigger-happy with negative Yelp reviews.