Katie Stokes - Edible San Diego - Seg 4

Thursday, July 13th


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AA San Diego Flutie says slit the plate on the sunny 98 point one analyst David Whelan this week I'm hanging with Katie stoke she's the publisher. Fabulous edible San Diego magazine welcome Katie. Now -- tell folks about this new part we have the magazine called day trip through witches a gorgeous spread sharing information about us and communities around Cindy accounting to go to on a day trip so we're featuring Imperial Beach this time around people check about us you know I just have to or something in their magazines you know it's this medium that when done right it's like in the medium to good stuff will survive yeah. Inedible San Diego's like that it's just a beautiful publication Anke he said well I know these you know your view runner present all here we need to know where you like to eat some reinsert them out of your pocket I've probably run up to Escondido and delivered this have you been to that restaurant LA knows the story of the family that has to get their chicken -- to stay in Maryland us on the arts and they're all family Francona they are also we liberal stone. We go to rich are all the time trust as a fun and Eunice banker's hill and then it's it went to infect this idiot has written for salon wooden spoon is. Outrageous. Is that. I just collect the play lesser let the plate to shrink LE crave it. I and well if I have to just pick one thing David it would be to bring food dish at halftime tie. Well I I can't even if it is so outrageous touch sounds healthy and delicious kids I last supper starter may user last owner epic so. Concession for scores content from anywhere in particular. And now because they're also different and he can satisfy a fresh though if and then its main course is that Evers fresh at the two and a Harvard accent market. Fresh cycles and there is apps and the rest and then delivered cobbler for Yahoo!. In my deserted by my sister makes it hard enough sellers. OK I will be back tomorrow talking more with Katie stokes he's the publisher of edible San Diego check of the the podcast signing and he won as.