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Good morning and welcome to another edition of living veteran San Diego public service presentation of the and it comes San Diego radio stations and Gary late. Serenity acres horse rescue is a local nonprofit that rescues rehab and re homes forces. They are a small volunteer based rescue their main focus is off track thoroughbreds but their doors are open to any course. Needing their help joining us this morning is serenity acres horse rescue founder Lindsey Krause welcome Lindsay thank you for having me here today. I'll Lindsay you are with serenity acres course Reggie you're the founder how long how long go to to start the organization. The organization an arm has only him and around her body year I have been rescuing universe is independently for much longer. And and since we just not paying. Big horse property I have Tony acres were able to extend her numbers so we written that we found our nonprofit organization and so it's only been just about a year yet. Ian Campbell wasn't that what was the motivation behind starting an organization this well personally horses for me how things. Sort of therapy all throughout my life it's been kind of the way for reading getaway for and you know maybe a lot of things in school and and it's kind of like my peace of mind and I've really always tied at a click with worse there hasn't been able to understand them and how to connect with and and as Garth are great operas are noticing a night and and having awareness to their Nikola so that was going on and then and a lot of the slaughter an option and things that are going on. Around you know not only to search community about nationwide. So I am. I have to spend money to help than we appreciate it and they appreciate the help and they remember for Harvard. Morris hasn't cited say people do you know appreciate the help and I just it's very rewarding did you have horses that when you've grown up author Mac pretty much SpinRite into this three years Billiton. A little on the ranch as a kid I can rot I and ranches and writing with family friends and and Allen and seen as actually a forest of built. And when there's large fields we run our horses Safire fields and they're ready as and I search show lane and stuff like there's a lot more into it the connection at the horses in training and building relationships that then rather than showing industry back. Yeah pretty much been around in my life and it's and it's a nonprofit volunteer based organization isn't family run. It is Stanley Iran yes we have a lot of volunteers we have a lot of supporters and it's a huge family you know irony that comes in hangs out with us and volunteers and gets involved. Basically ever ready as we're all family and the horses are just as much as there is as the hour is ours and you mentioned somebody your background. How did you have worked with forces you. What else have you have you done I have that I virtually a lot of fan like Grand Prix trainers and being there grammar or assist and I if show and hunter jumper I if die and a lot of inner child writing an ex auto rad also. Artillery shark spurt with race horse is exercise seen breaking horses for the racetrack. Learning how to treat injuries and doing basically I was I would do anything and everything to learn more and expand my knowledge all throughout my life. So again basically working with horses for quite some time yet since you're a kid when it's still doing it and and I think before we went on the air. A he says something about that you working at the fares well. Yes and it's starring Emma and be working with that democracy is all that fair is going on it Omar what what does the mission and it can attest serenity resourcefulness. Our mission is basically to and I hope not only just. Our current president span also the people in the community around us at. Throughout seeing Diego or other you know near right city's air talents. And to help people that aren't able to take care of immerses their community support programs to help people pay fines and you know if they are able to take her now vs at that time we will do we can't picture of the horses are taking her parents are making it back on their feet knocked you're an amount. Our mission also is you know and create awareness to kill buyers in the slaughter industry. And that you know a lot of people think going in getting horses off with a lot is helping horses. And in a few eyes basically they'd make numbers his daughter and but for the got a slider. And it really isn't because you're actually lining to kill buyer's pocket and we knew purchased the horse off ferry actually. Giving them more money to go violet. Three more horses when you saved one but it is for three more arrests thanks so it's kind of like a chain reaction and in a lot of people aren't aware of that inning yesterday deciding yes I have helps them on field lots and I still haven't currently and they are fantastic courses lot of great verses there but it's also it's it's hard because your heart wants to help them but you're creating an issue worse. So a lot of people don't know that so you can help horses item free or Craig's list. You can guide against our local options eating horses for his cheapest sixty dollars. And you're saving them to signal bars gathers that group pretty much our mission is to help horses that are and Dyer lake need and in situations where they will induct dots that we go and take the step before they do you end up on the feed lots of that makes any sense of yeah. Yeah and so people could answer for horses on Craig's list yes they have a notch free on Craig's list all the time and people. Well scroll through and able. Pick up those sources and promise that they are getting home and they won't going to sell and she refused and then they go underneath stuff for horses and they can pattern and they sell by pound just like any other. It's a brutal brutal brutal it's not like it's monitored. Just like our collared in irregular army as I receive our current stars not advance monitored so the all. He ships for hours and hours and hours on the road without food or water south being. And a lot of them are killed alive. So and shot in the head it's just a horrible process after the horse is and it's that was somebody's Lotta times it's not pony that. Your grandkids or whoever your family. Her up when it started as a pet yeah it is a pet and then you know you gave it away and you thought it was a good common exe you know it's it's on it happens every all the time. And now you mentioned that you're ranches what twenty acres corny and you're in Ramon right yes we are and run. Now the idea horses get to roam free with all my face and how we do you got a couple pastors. And he never made it of course is an enemy around robbers right hands and stuff like that sent keeping them installs. And we have a lot of herb rehabbing an awfully sharp person so. They have injuries they need to be on style wrestling have a lot of them in a foreign hands and keep them and find so they don't hurt their injuries. And it's treated everyday and we have. As a horse's neck surgeries that we have wild mustangs that are bigger and sitting around. But I would have. Irons the stalls crawls. Postures the whole the whole works and that now court new website you don't only rescue horses he rescued other animals as well one of those is. Cal boy the county is about cowboy cal. I tell my account. It is the second largest how that we now have we cannot find any Polyone pallets larger than having music Guinness world's record largest house. And he's half an inch smaller than him that's it that's it this without. So react how quietly and check and be as oh lead eight down to earth must actually residents are ranked. Pops UAE and she is very sick for and because of blood disease or something she passed away and he is on the property. Million a million in many youth and their nearest feeding him and say and this and he called me and mentioned at and then we went out there and reach out there twice the trailer and then we found some may the second time. And they relinquish that couch who lives and you stuff 400 pounds underweight. He currently is over 3000 pounds I can't wait am I don't know Hamachi as I've heard nothing or is around 3500 pound weighted average sample yeah. We know he did back. And he stands about seven feet tall. And Abbie it's ever a hundred pounds defeated and he's friendly and he's just like a big giant puppy dog hit yet and I guess you could yet they do have those big large scales that yeah get on it would be media. He's not politic trainer or anything like that which it as Netflix and we knew his Racine. A top and then like you know it's it barely four H heads think altered strain Amorim d'affaires in dollars that he doesn't have any sorts of tree inn so who can't. He has acquired at the father and mother her bike and his mom kind of had simply follows me around like a puppy dog plays it's had on me mentally. Yeah I he loves attention you know Scott says he elects people use absolutely no it's. Did you ever make an attempt to to adopt him now or you just decide he's going to be permanent resident Ian determinant resident. And definitely a permanent resident unless we find. Absolutely fantastic place for him where he will not be. Harmed anything minute pat hit it. I absolutely love counts that he he's at quite. That costs that are its appellate but other on one other animals you have been on on the ranch we have rescued chickens and roosters so a lot of very often people collars and anything I ever read cern can't take care that we free range and implant need on their kicking camp that night. It's around the twenty acres none of them fight Ernie thinks they are auto rescue chickens and roosters and we had rescue paying me mr. peck both in the heat got to count his cowboy and then we have. A lot of horses and mr. pickles permanent resident. Yes he has he is a permanent residence but he he was rescued yes he was rescued in what was his situation he lashes and somebody asked if a friend to. Basically watch him and Leo it's an ocean beach. And they are to tattoo parlor and they basically I dumped that takes the pay hung out on the tattoo parlor and they didn't have adequate space for hand. And they've basically contacted us and recheck the peg and Ng Eads. He's very edge of pigs actually get really traumatized from beam me after around a lot so. They're very emotional all Andy when you live pigs around it actually stresses them out lots at. Pigs there are passed in more of a full time residents and a lot of people don't realize how big pot bellied pigs get. They say that there are many micro pigs certain or not Mike oh there's no such thing as a biker and I'll get bay to affect. What what assimilated the other reasons aside for medical reasons dead animals need to be rescued the ones that you've taken a while I mean. We mostly focus on off the tracks are rides users an abundance of horses. Her on the racetrack and may need rehab and they can no longer race anymore. So we are pretty writes an open door for an oxygen our courses but there's a lot of under really where shares were verses. I mean people might be elderly and they can't take care physically like locked together and carried him and you are they can't handle the horse anymore. And redo owner relinquish as we also I am like I said the free or Craigslist options. X that are rag you know and there's a lot of situations there's even face that pages racing horses for free all the time or. You hear from other people are so neck black case for your driving on the street he's here really skinny horse like her leg in their stumbling around in and because you and you you can call animal control and involved were immediate making. Give you the horse and seeking proper care for an. So do you do you work with other agencies like. The humane society and yes we do is DC and yes we do the ASPCA help or stand and it's we worked with the humane society we help and during the summer months we need help. Horses and all livestock in animals with safe place for it fires so. Our facility. If there's a fired early on and there's like a thirty horses that are in danger of a fire we will hold those courses are there plays so. And it can be cattle or any really any animal so we are keeping me in society to her try to safe place or in fires. We all Sarah are joined up with a lot of non profit organizations as well. So they've been CQ out of let's say it humane society. Has word of a Portuguese rescuing. They will call you yes yes. And let's talk about some of those forces that you've that rescue value rescue rehab. In re home yet these sources. Let's talk about some of these you have that one horse right now that's available. Fire ball. Yeah it's tough stuff fireball fire ball is a mustang and she came from South Dakota. And actually it's kind of interesting stories she was. If anybody knows anything about mustangs in the history mustangs or the lady named mustang Annie. And she actually started at the protection act for that Rwanda spur wild mustangs in certain areas or sheet. It is like she did a lot of that might Patricia Siemens staff went that. Aircraft and at the helicopters going and starting them and they're running at our iron curtain and moms get separated from their baby isn't. All the stuff and to be Alan were they how they around the horses so. She it dead at protection act for a man answered a sanctuary for hurts we're starting to you pretty much diminished. So there's a lot of different types of courage you can see a kind of you know basically the history and says she does this plays out South Dakota. And protects its nose and herds and she passed away in another lady to cover it. And it got really out of hand so it became every hundred horses and she couldn't really afford to feed them and let's just say the situation I really I mean this is saying soda calories steps and and he said that basically you have to adopt all these animals he got to adopt all the resources are gonna send them to auction off an auction and a lot of and end up and slaughter. So these are protected mustangs so. A bunch of rescues all over the country sect and and a bunch of Oscar odds as many as weak patter had room for and I grabbed two of them. And shipped him out here. Really sick therapist baby is and I was risking fireball firewall is now taking care she's healthy she's been starting training. And and she is kind of a low orbit of a project for somebody that she's gonna make a fantastic markets once he had the intake process them when you get of course what would what do you do antics always are well. When the horse comes and I joystick picture is. The rock and and we show our community. We always have everything done from like feet I'll tell us to make sure there weren't counts because a lot of horses have worms we make sure there tees. Shots everything Arctic and Kara. All their guts not ax series. And then and and if the weight or anything like that that we need to take character all their nature ocean everything's taken care once all that statement Arab arena where they stand. Their health. They need to read and we start in training and doing fine and the incomes will what happens if you can't find I mean is there a certain length of stay at and you're a ranch. We weren't weren't no rush to get rid you know it's like that written and we never say it is the term may have because may Venus sounds like an item itself. I would say you know like for them to be. They can be there as long as they need to be iPad vs for five years so and who actually just is getting adopted its so. Finding the right fit. For the horse in for the person so they don't end up in about situation again it is. What we want so we make sure that the people come and they spent a lot of time with the horrors pictures that connect. It's a rush process. And that he thought not patients pretty basic application. But we do check reference and to make sure that. You know. The worst is gonna fit their needs for what they wanna do as well so and so as long as it takes to get them that good home. Yes there welcome yes of course better there than yes and we we want an auction exactly wanna guarantee that they're gonna have a nice forever rom and sometimes you know they might not be forever. But we always hand. Dealer contracts. We have first right back and we if they're not taking care properly we can take the horse's back. And beat up all right so if we go and we. Visit and we find out the horses skinny and now he's taken we can take before yes so we want religion you follow up we do you follow that yes. And Andy did add on a regular basis energy unit sale paid the horses looking good we would not to worry about now we thought we follow up fresher yeah I have an. I if they have been in touch with horses for years and years and that's great yeah and you mentioned whiskey yeah of course. And whiskey was just adopted by. Yes he is but it's kind of a steel seeker has its price for zions. I think I think it's kidded I'm not gonna say yeah because yeah anybody. That he's actually going to an awesome nonprofit that's. And Internet as well dance they do a lot of therapy for sick people yes they bring of course is that may help sick people for therapy. Which is really cool night and and you know finding. Home for a horse not not as easy as finding a home for a dog or cat yes cell. A lot more involved again and find him that. That's for ever home another horse that guy is available to be adopted down now as Jack. Yes Jack he's one of our retired race horses he we believe this match race which is an illegal racing. And if you don't know it ends camaraderie on and it's because it's a whole other subject that is one of iron off the track thoroughbreds and he had a slight injury he cannot jump ever returning them for sure well and and a lot of flat work. Got a fantastic mind super mellow speed guy in beautiful. Really really pretty high what's the cost for adopting. Of course I am sure Barry's aprilia honestly it goes anywhere from eight dollars to do let's say 700 dollars through them yet depends on the amount of training. And what what's the the lifespan of course. Depend on the green on the health healthy yes it's it doesn't really matters on elect Pelosi you take her horse stereo or if they have. And in some horses Ehrlich trying for an arsenal have a stroke just like a personal item past all of our. You know and it's. So it really varies you know but you know general lifespan is about 3030 years on ya so right when they're in their twenties. And and what's what's the prime age thirteen eighteen is their best years. Okay now and another horse and we will hopefully we confine. A forever home for at least one of these for you this morning another one that you have available is Logan tells Elle Logan. Lo and he and it was actually a pretty pretty well known resource on the tracks he made it over 260000. Dollars on the racetrack. And his career and he's only five years old so he's still baby yeah. He is going to be going in a full training as a hunter jumper is very competitive as you can tell by how much money he made on the track. Super sweet gorgeous like dark hey we like really pretty like topples Oliver and his really pretty big boy with that great line himself. So how many horses do you have currently. At your ranch do you have more than just Jack Logan and fireball that are available at this point at this time we have seventeen horses are rescue. We care for about thirty. And we do help people with pre having our courses as well so if people need help like wheel well or at them and we'll take her injuries from a but that's on the other half are so we have two different things there we help with rehab rehab. I mean it's an arena thanks yeah I think yeah I. So you don't board courses in general but if if you're taking care of somebody's horses need some medical attention. You'll boredom and take care yeah. My friends have a few horses and carriages while back I mean we have to ranch is ours that we have seventeen horses there are rescue. It's such a big reaction. When you can't keep yeah property in any kind of statement read it again before we went on the air he said the cowboy the towel yet he's got twelve to fifteen acres all his and I keep guys he has the he has like twelve something acres. You just rounds act. Is all the zone I'll let down yet I'd so again that I mentioned earlier that you are nonprofit volunteer based organization. You just have any idea you have several events throughout the year and just recently had your first view of my horses and to stop that. Fear for my horses is aid. Braille and music festival it's like music and we have at peer guardian we've and we had belching beaver turquoise aren't tied there. And and we had multiple carries herself and knew we had Ramona Rancho winery there ran on the slots line. Each year are hoping to expand of course that we had a ton of country in reggae music. And we have live DJ is that we flew Lander there are locally from San Diego. And we had tons of food vendors barbecue. From nature XTO. Other horse rescue is trying to help them raise money we had. All kinds of organizations. And and you know just businesses trying to help support other businesses and our community as well. Ever vendors and service like shop being beer it was as ice combination yes yeah there is Ali has spent the afternoon I was an afternoon event right it was yeah easing yes it was in the afternoon in his prime I think it was twelve to eight all the hours long. Yeah it yeah is great and now I'm. We raised. Around here is 29000. Dollars on our president which is actually pretty get a better first a Ramada I would think we never added there's never like your brew event that and bring music event ever in Ramona and so. There's nothing like that and so. You know I think it's gonna get really loud next year as long as we just keep getting the word out. And they're setting it was closed the day that we audits and how that affected all of that cynnex share it it definitely great citizen and if it's not closed the daily to act and any gonna do it around same time each year this was yeah April it was April 22 can she get a new round same time we hear every every year appear on the same time and the money raised where exactly the money raised and it it's. Is basically. Going into our community programs and went into our rescue it also is improvements we needed our. Usher specs the hats and put our it's coming around manure remind me meeting while facts so good city water right now what you are is gonna help. Our cost. So we're paying. About 700 dollars an hour water bill and ethics are well which save us a dramatic amount of money. So the money goes into serenity acres horse rescue and also help some local community helps the guy we product we put different. Fun so we. Reorganize our friends and groups that we have like a community hey I'm Susan we reached out to us like I can't afford any more from my horse and a hard time. I carry aren't well don't pick at the apria or bring it T sold lever it and we really don't like to send people money. Because they want to make sure that it's going to the arsonist so I mean as long as it's exciting this instantly able we will do we care and. It's great that you do more than just help. Courses that you rescued that you there for other communities and and residents in those communities that they may be having problems or issues with their horses. That's what it's about not helping the horse is helping or community. You know and they TO betting front space act now it that's what it is I mean we all need speed to working others community. And volunteers. And again your volunteer based on what kind of a volunteer opportunities do you offer. We offer pretty much anything I am I really like to exercise and that. It's kind of like fun in my time my time to thinking LA frank heads to clean stalls that everybody's different. I you know beating Boris today is maybe mean the ferry Eric you know I just hanging out the horses and cookies hand mocking them. Your experience with horses kicking me and Carmen ride we do have a volunteer form. It's used basically if it's not the forum you just tell us you are and we're experience says no way we can better place you know and something night babysitting for your experience around Boris says. And of course serving us not release a liability and Nan and yes we have all kinds of things mean. We have people at volunteer and come out and brick with our events or. You know put at fundraisers or do things like that and we also have to use CS team across dream team that comes out and rights with the rights are rescuers as. And I'm they help volunteer we were able to sign offs in their community service hours towards their college credit like you know earning a different school. So we do a lot of that stuff we hope boys and Girls Scouts or any boys and Girls Scouts that meet. They're badges for equestrian things can come over to us and making it their wrestling team battle. Yeah that's good gas and so somebody wants to become a volunteer that just go to your website. Yet or they can I am gone face that can contact us and face that we're very active on pace. Okay and is there any. Again the requirements. To become a volunteer just the love of forces and animals that's pretty much it yet. Yeah Amy for McCain knows know age is rare for cape friendly or. Eveready front. And and if somebody wants to help you with your mission and make a donation can they do then that you have sent Fisher can't outlets who have sent. Our website is a serenity acres first rescue dot com and we also have a FaceBook page sits there and eighty acres horse rescue and that's around us. And then we also have a top doubles page stake in Sierra pulls on FaceBook also right well hopefully we can now. Q1 of these forces that we talked about home this morning yeah they act out Lindsay thanks for being on Saturday thanks for all you do serenity acres force rescue think yeah. That concludes another edition of living better in San Diego of the opinions expressed on living veteran San Diego do not necessarily reflect the opinions and views of the staff and management of the and a count San Diego radio stations. Episodes of living in San Diego are available on the station's website. Join me next week when my guest will be from San Diego coast keeper organization dedicated to protecting and restoring our waters and San Diego County. Until that I'm Gary Lee have a great week.