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Tuesday, March 20th


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Good morning and welcome to another edition I'm living better in San Diego public service presentation of Vienna cal San Diego radio stations I'm Carrie Lee. The answer pareto foundation is the official nonprofit partner of the hands of Arabian Desert state park. The foundation protects the futures of more than 15100 species of plants and animals as well as the wilderness experience for the many people. The visit the party here. Joining us this morning as cans of raid a foundation executive director Sara husband. Welcome Sarah good morning Gary Harry added I hi I'm good nice to see nice to meet you thank you so much pleasure come on down here tell us a little bit about the media. As a array eagle foundation so the M the parade a foundation is in this little wonderful town called the radio springs which is the heart of the hands of Reagan doesn't say park. It's actually in San Diego County battalion there something passed Julian and Ramona so people are really yeah. Two hours from here eyes where you can finer little foundation that supports the park. Okay what what's the mission said the mission the and the rate at foundation is to support a park. Four games. Research. To protect it for future generations to per tack to the great resource is that are there for conservation purposes and preservation and. I don't think I've ever been no haven't into the market before really. Hilly and but I did get lost in that area once leaving Julian a guy so I know it's there yeah I just have never been there. So we're gonna talk more about the park of course. Throughout the program here and and that you're relatively new to the foundation aren't you. I am I just joined in June of 2017. They came from northern California and then before that Chicago's my accent does come out everyone for miles depending on the where dissect. So have you always been in this line of work a deal was worked with nonprofits so for the last seven and a half years yes. Before that before I decided what I wanted to do when I grew up. I was a professional event planner that I've been very lucky for. I guess I'm the last southern half Theres been working for conservation nonprofit organizations. Now you're a big part of campaign actually blend. Campaign for the permanent protection of the Darius Snow Mountain region where's that. So that's northern California I used to work for conservation nonprofit culturally elite they were base in the little town of woodland which is right outside of Davis and right outside Sacramento area. And the area system on national monument region is about an hour and a half from San Francisco and about an hour from Sacramento so bright around nine point eight million people can access it reminds me a lot of bad down here. With the amount of people that can come and break them. And as a result of your efforts. President Obama declared that area. National monument he did and you know what though that was just my efforts it was the efforts of so many different people the community came together and support so noted the different recreation groups like opera vehicle community equestrian mountain bikers hikers. Re answers. Everyone really felt it was important to protect this area including the governor in the state of California legislators and and when did the President Obama. Declared a national monument July 10 2015. Cocaine and so something like that had to make you feel real good. It's it you know we worked on for so long. I think what some side of me is reach teens the united landscape forever. You look at maps now and says areas of the mountain national monument because of worked out myself my team and others that. And you got to meet President Obama I did get to meet President Obama that is one of those life changing experiences. I have never been intimidated while meeting an election this scholar someone famous until I'm not him. The door the Oval Office open. And then the nerves started coming. And it was one of those he stick his hand and I'm like. This has to be the best chance to cover. As in Nancy that he came do you he went to the White House this week came to him into the White House I couldn't even tell you with the Oval Office looked like he was so focused on him and I see. And that that must have been great experience and depth now you are remembered just have to look at your bio you remember of the whole bunch of different organizations one the association of fundraising professionals. Busy person. I think that the I think the one that may surprise people the most is I am a member of the California cattlemen's association and I am also. A member of the national auctioneers association and you are a professional auctioneer I am a professional auctioneer I do charities I worked out with David so bond in Sacramento area and I thought a couple of great up and found a greater strength. Again very busy do you do it off. I worked on high management and understanding the importance of personal resilience and every once in awhile I do take time off for myself to go hiking and spend time with my cognizant you enjoy the beautiful city of San Diego also. Now and 2012. Another accomplishment and that not necessarily your accomplishment but I think at another accomplishment of the foundation. Oh was teaming up. It was that the foundation and as a rate of desert state park partnering with UC Irvine to establish a field research center in Rachel's friends tell us about that. So the University of California they have a reserve system. And what it is the different universities have some land where they aids and to do research and hang out folks from around the world com for the areas that there is citing. So when the rate of unease in the state park really pivotal in getting this area. And down here started as a research Sadr be were able to help purchase land and donated to them they were able to get a generous donation from the steel Vernand family to be able to secure the old does your club. In beret goes springs where the research is currently being done and it's a facility for dorms and classrooms are researchers can stay for long periods of time when they're here and our park. And what kind of research is being done there we are looking up not alliance that's one of the great items that haven't been examines over the years. We have folksy com and do research on that's I'm water. It's a whole variety of things that makes our heart really unique. Was it about. Not the answer break your foundation did that attracted you consider again you've only to do and nonprofit work for about seven years tracks what was it about this organization there is silly things one they have an incredible board of directors I was just blown away when I started doing my research and seen the people who were at the Helm of the organization they really cared there's some great folks who retired from state parks. But then others have been very influential in the San Diego area and nationally when it comes a nonprofit type work. The other thing was I wanted to live in the landscape that I was working and as soon as I drove down my on his immigrate to come from my interview. I knew this was wearing had to be it was this incredibly beautiful piece of desert springs it's breathtaking. Have you lived up in bringing us. I do it and break oh yes I'm one of the 3500 residents that are they are your prowess. I always enjoy silicon hanging out the pool also if you're there in the summer initially by myself because it's so hot to be outside 126. Was the Max this year nice yes and. The cabin and the and a Palm Springs when it's not a hundred twenties so life. I can relate to that at least no humidity and okay. I haven't Chicago there's no humidity here regardless of people think I know whenever he says it's a dry heat to have once you get 220. So the low grade eleventh. Now they is. A regular desert state park what is this like it's one of the biggest in in the state is that it's actually one of its largest in the lower forty yeah it's it's bigger than Rhode Island it's 650000. Acres of land. That as a catalyst in the early 1930s I was really just beautiful diverse park at lower elevations of about 400 feet all the way up to 8200 pizza we have gotten snow recently moved in front of the storms have come through the area. Ha I didn't know when that high in elevation. The first time I drove past flake who we mock guns started going to the hands of break it doesn't say park I saw the sign. I think a picture and I asked my staff that was put there as a joke because I really was not sure and and a total that's for the parks arts so. Higher elevations story. We have heck did you think of desert you don't think of higher elevations writes so that's that's interesting now now via the foundation sees the Kansas. Pareto desert state park as a living laboratory right definitely place for people to to learn some living laboratory and classroom explain that. You know one of the things we just recently came to the conclusion let's and that president what you're saying and the radar doesn't say park it's a place for science happens. We have paleontology. We have archeology sites and our car. The things that I thought as a kid growing up in Chicago what the field museum where that anyone here in San Diego with CS and Nat. It's in our park that's release discoveries are being made a means of plant species have been discovered there a couple different types of butterflies if it's so unique because of its knowledge it's one of a kind both let's talk about some of the programs that you have. Part of the foundation. Programs to support mission and more limits your your camper Reagan and this is so this is for fifth graders right. It gives them an opportunity to come on out to the park her three days two nights they get to stay in your. And they get to learn all about the park in the science which. We really wanna encourage kids that they young teens to think about those types of careers or get an interest and we don't know who we're gonna expire so they get to go to the paleontology lab. The archaeology lab to visitors are they did get also meet people. Who has stops with state parks that they never may have thought about an example at our park has the only pilot in the state of California parks are some who helps protect our area. Only pilot only pilot that for the only part of the pilot park with a pilot unions and that's nice slow manner. Part but a pilot for the pilot. Now now it's only for fifth graders. It's only for fifth graders yes but we have other opportunities for folks come out and learn about the park. One of them would be. They tend to be aides to date tight. Lecture on a Friday and a more intense field trip on Saturdays we've had experts com throughout this year talking about the bighorn sheep. Archaeology discoveries going on the park. That's surveys that have taken place in the past and a lot of other to us. Researchers try to bring back the people who are actually doing the research in the park watched their research develop over the years and be able to continue to feed our community with that information in and can't parade Lola how often does this happen kipper it happens yearly our goal is to work primarily wind. Title one school so really getting the the children out who may not normally have the opportunity depending on the amount of schools depends on how much funding we have. So unfortunately. We're always fund raising for this program even though it's a great opportunity. Really to start influencing youth at a young age we are looking to partner. With a more groups in the future who have the expertise and kids who has the expertise in the teaching and release are approaching it as a more collaborative. Approach and and for those that can't make it. To the park. You have I think also we're and you bring the park to them to the classroom we you do yes our like got a virtual field fits it's called the ports program and we have Rachel Lou Leon who broadcasts. Lie if into different classrooms several times a week so we are actually bringing it to the kids of California. And multiple different places anything now searching out other areas and the United States. And a big part of the foundation is conserving land. Iraq sweet actually started off as a land conservancy. We celebrated our 51. Anniversary. This past weekend. For the first fifty years we have been able to acquire over 50000 acres in the hands of break a desert state park. When the park was formed there is over 68000 acres and in holdings in the park which were privately owned. In over that time we've been working with willing sellers to make our quilt whole that's how we kind of describe its people we've been patched working at back together. And our ultimate goal to online sports B one solid. Piece of land so much land is still there to be about Bob. 151000 acres so we did huge stats. We know we have high expectations of in the next twenty years being able to really accomplish our full goal of purchasing this much we can from the willing filings and again why purchase all the slams so it costs for a couple of reasons the first one if that makes it easier for the park to manage civilians you know has the right now they're managing it and these pieces and so they can manage it more as a landscape level take approach. The other thing it's plain and Hamels my great in my prick from south to north and that's something we really need to think about right now with the current climate change going on here. And though they have been a cohesive. Core door which they can travel to be able to just kind embassy space that's. So your hope and a two by at the rest of that land yes in the near future but we buy from willing sellers okay. No forcing you know fourth OK one make that clear yet. And you have scholarships as well the foundation we do we have a couple really great scholarships we have the piled organs and scholars at the rear scholars at. These are for folks were wanting to get into science. We have some folks who have established them over the years and the people who do the research it's very valuable not only to the park. But also to the surroundings and Orrin desert area that are in in the Colorado and that's are also. We are privileged to have them come back and share that research with us that the ams operator would focus series that we too but we know that this money it's making an impact really helping in areas that. The graduates in a might not be paid for their gas money or they may not be able to get that really crucial piece of equipment Beatles. Do the resellers need so who can apply for these scholarships so that scholarships are available to college students right now we don't working a lot with the UC and at California State schools on promoting these. You can find information on our website which is WWW. Dot dot any B at. Got a work it's right there we have details on when the application deadlines are they're open to anyone in the public who is now working on education right now and. And another thing that the foundation. Does this three partnership we UC Irvine and a resource and that we talked about earlier and that is. Resource symposiums yes how how often these held an M what happens if he sees. Oops we have been doing them about every year or so we're going to be moving on about every eighteen months economic tell yeah when you're putting on a high quality science symposium you want a Basque people there and that takes a lot of work. I had a great staff who's been so successful over the last couple years put it together we just want to make it so much better. But we focus on the cultural and natural history of the park that rehab expert come out in the archeology. On tribal members who may have been associated with tribes in the park surrounding areas to speak about the cultural history how let me tie into the botany in the park. The paleontology there discoveries that are still being made frequently in this area and so. We have those experts com we also have students and different agencies so the state park and the Bureau of Land Management are the Forest Service come on we have a poster session where they show the research that they are doing. Not only in our apartment and surrounding areas which is relevant to help them. I was there aren't a symposium scheduled there anytime in the near future weeks off had hired in December of this year so we're probably looking in at 2090. Million for the next. And how many people visit the state park on the value basis do you think. You know that's a really good question last year we can't be not only of the Super Bowl. We had over six inches of rain that's brought out the most beautiful wild flowers that folks could imagine and social media so. And it's you have we period that we have 300000 visitors that lets us. Unique situation. But easily in a year we have over a million or so people that definitely come our way. And as you mentioned earlier and when we first started a lot of people probably don't know much about the state park where there's even there I'll have to get the word out. Besides things like this exactly a great people like you Gary helped me get the word out on things like us. You know it's a Graham. I'm telling you seen the pictures of the park is key it's 650000. Acres I can't see and day. I'd be lucky I can get up in the plane with a unit range are sure to be able to see yet. Aunt big buck making sure that we goal and have these conversations at school. Being able to go and be present and a local rotary. And talk about the great park and that is tiered that is my goal as the executive director is really to engage people with San Diego. To come out to this area and see it it is it's incredible and I think I remember. After that big bloom. Last year after the rains I think I remember seeing a lot of stuff about it on FaceBook yes definitely some great pictures to death. Now that now the park itself has programs aside from the ones that we talked about the foundation has the park itself has has programs they zoo the park has some. Excellent volunteers who are so dedicated and help create these programs we have botany paleontology to archaeology volunteers who helped coordinate. Walks throughout the park. They have lacked certain guest speakers come and all of these are three. At the visitor's center we have easier strolls for folks you're not looking for something more rugged. Every month there's an interpreter schedule that has put out on the state park website but it's also in the great the Foundation's website that's something really hard because we have is good partnership. With the part that we shared their information and Asia are so if you wanted to go to just a one stop right now. Checking out in the brain a foundation website has those great lectures and activities the park is doing listed there too. And and what about camping options and camping allowed there. You can find any type of camping that you want. So you can do anything from a released rock shirt tight area at palm canyon where you have an RV stationary you can park your Arab veep slot on an in your dad's ago. You can do something called. Primitive camping where it's car camping. Com but there isn't pit toilets so you know it's not fully out in the middle of nowhere. And then you can really back packet or just pull off the road and hike in Munich 200 beaten pits attack. You just what you want. And and and we talked about the wild flowers and and how they bloomed last year that that this is this is in this kind of a regular thing to those who while flowers there you have a wide ranging and variety flowers. It is true this year flowers are going to be on the minimal side. We've got a model less than an inch of rain and break a strengthening of the bright desert state park this year and that's one of the things we really want folks and I'll. We have flowers still just not the abundance that we hot box share. And so. You know what's important for us is to talk about the plants that are in our partner to super neat and cool also. Now now some of the programs other programs that are in the park some of our listeners might. Might be interested in it the hikes and hops. I think it is hot some bite some bruised so for those folks who like to get out and a social siding you know meet new people come out a couple of friends. We have a mountain biking experience with sub bikes and Bruce. And that takes on Fox's you know we start off with a great hike and then with the cold brew at the end of the day and how often do these have to think about once or twice a month. The one that I think is totally worth coming to it on March 21. I am leading that's if you have tons of questions about the and the rate at foundation or if you wanna. Put a face to the boys say you're hearing on the radio right now come on meet meet. I'll never did it take its Arab lucky five grants that will give you insight into our land acquisition program he'd be able to see this beautiful rants. That the foundation was able to purchase. Per tact and donate to the park with the help of many great funders and that we get to end up that. Nickel beer and Julian after word thinks the time nickel and his crew for supporting us throughout the year. Now this this Tyson hops in bikes and bruises that is that one programs and two separate ones it's six separate oneself so all of those supporter educational program but they are on different days. And how often those held. They held probably once to twice a month during the busy desert seasons that we have a bike ride coming up at the end of march also besides the hike. Now. Another thing that's before before we talk about this event that's another event that's coming up. What what kind of what tips or advice do you have for people that will leave that are interested in in this theme park. So one of my biggest piece of advice for folks does make sure to bring enough water that's extremely important even if you think it's not going to be a hot day. There's certain areas of parked at higher elevation and we don't have to treat it like they do the night up this way so there's not as much saint and so people can get dehydrated pretty quick. Sun screen as another apartment an appropriate series we've seen some folks try to hike and let fox tonight. Just doesn't work now to doesn't work and what a fifth but about do's and don'ts as far as the park itself goes. Do you think doubt I would say one of the biggest do this is enjoy the park. If you're gonna bring your little four legged friends. They are welcome but they do need to stay on the roads so. California State parks in general to not allow dogs on trails and it have to do with making sure that it doesn't disturb wildlife and the certain plants and so. We have over 500 miles of roads and our park you can hike on and enjoy with your dogs be dogs and can't in the park but again to stop taking them off trails. A lot of mileage it is a lot of mileage I can't even have a not really how much today and now now and then did you have coming up it's just spring plant I'll walk you have several of these. Well are these in and how often these child so we can have three more coming up so one on you know with upcoming Friday the sixteenth. What PR is. Scrolls. Things struggles we may even the past call them wild flower box. But there are plants in the park your round and we wanna talk about is your round plans. There's so many neat backs I just learned the last couple weeks out of pocket TO which is one of those kind of skin. Actually implant that's why it's green and has leaves in a blues away at times steeler things like that. So that their educational. Strolls yes they're very educational strolls folks who loved them and they're completely free 100% free to the public. And in that. How how long they last and how how long you out there sure Siro outfit for about three and a half hours it won't take up your whole day from 830 to eleven say you have the opportunity of coming in collaborator springs afterwards and enjoying a lunch or if you wanna continue to explore the park and Britain your own. He can do that to him. Andy needs sign up in advance to just show you can just show on up we have a great team of volunteers from the botany society with the state park for axe for space Sunday. Classes that they had taken and research that they have done who are there to leave that for you and help how to really get that. And each walk they're they're not all the same location are they they're they're separate in different areas of of the park correct yes they do go to different areas of the park you don't know where you're going until you get there are some with a price okay never dull moment. And and don't Wear open toed shoes for this definitely not open tennis is for those front okay. So how do they know where to show up they go to the info senator so you would go to the amp liberator desert. A tree and the break a foundation offense which is located. At the mall and parade go spurring. We have agreed to meet outside leads to a nice lol on brief rundown of how the day's going to be structured start giving that information about the trail that we're going on and hat on out organizing from car pools and in finding our destination anything to do need to bring with them you know again it's important have a water sun screen hat. Think wearing layers that's the other thing too when you're starting at 8:30 in the morning it may still be in the fifties in the park and by the time we finish up at 11 o'clock A clarity be in the seventies since it's gonna be comfortable and be aware of the latter. So the national coming on as this Friday the sixteenth and what time does start with tended need to do you need to meet. It's likely thirty I would say so on up about 81520. We have the Greek coffee shop next door to our office a calico is in grab. Great little keys are here now cup of espresso and wait for us and appearing on now. And information about it is on US it is on our website app as is I would assume everything else have we talked about everything else the way is to donate to the organization if you're looking to become a volunteer. If you want to donate property idling and donor listening right now and I am inspiring you know please give me a com. What kind of a volunteer opportunities do you offer we offer opportunities to get out with the kids at camp right now we're always looking for folks to. Cab an education type background are those who wanna be able to teach the next generation. We also look for folks who want to learn about the park and help a lot of our store we have great opportunities to connect with the public and and help give them the information that they need. We also have opportunities to help as a sleep on a hike and what is I know I can see that look and you wanna ask me the question that's what is that I let a sleeping at the last person on line on the hike. They're the ones that make sure no one gets lost you don't have to be the Catholic hiker. Which I love being asleep peacefully so we may have to argue over that role but. It's a very important role to make sure that the whole group gets where they're gonna go to answer questions. You know be there is that encouraging folks appear money eating and I are still learning about the park here's a great way for us hope it. Have some adjustable is interested in becoming let's say one of the folks that. Takes people out on the east torsion and such but they don't know all that much about the market do you teach him is there any kind of training. Yes a week can do some training within our organization and not all of the state park hasn't. Breach training you can become a volunteer with them also which transfers over to kinda doing work with us to. They have really extensive classes for folks to learn all the details about the park. You're also looking for something for a date we're working on putting together. The restoration take projects or trail maintenance type things so there's actually something for everyone out there. And again to make a donation if somebody wants to help you with your mission they can do and it went Sandra yes they can we do have a donate now button at the top of the paints anything else you want people know about the foundation or cans of raid on desert state park I would say one of the neatest things that have happened recently got a lot of people may not know about is we are now an international dark sky park. And what does that mean so that's how we operate a springs has been an international dark sky community for years. It means that we are one of the best places in the world to come see the stars. And now the park has that special designation also. That means our town in our park has specific types of blading that is lower in color and such so it doesn't affect you don't have the night sky pollution. I pollen it's you are you gonna get a better start up I mean than you are here in San Diego on dad let's Kennedy. And a website again it's www. Dot eight beat aft dot org. And are you on social media. We are rerun they thought we are on instead Graham. I believe we each week it's not as much as we should but we are tweet not something's not interest that we haven't ventured there. Not there yet okay. Not Sarah thanks will be announced a pleasure media pleasure having you on the show thanks for all the to do the answer burrito. Foundation. And the hands of a rate of desert state park it's appreciated thank you so much to thank you for all that you do for the non profits in the community. Includes another edition of living veteran San Diego the opinions expressed some living better San Diego do not necessarily reflect the opinions and views. Of the staff and management of the intercom San Diego radio stations. Episodes of living better and San Diego are available on the station's web site. Join me next week when my guest will be from the Ronald McDonald house until then I'm Gary late have a great week.