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Good morning and welcome to another edition of living veteran San Diego public service presentation of Vienna town San Diego radio stations and Carrie Lee. ASE sandy hill is a local soccer club that is taking things to a new level this year. Aside from their dedication to winning they are also focusing on philanthropy. And giving back to the community. Joining us this morning is ASE San Diego CEO and co-founder no Indians. And rated Children's Hospital auxiliary president Richard Brown the auxiliary is one of the organizations benefiting from AFC's Philanthropic efforts. Welcome though welcome rich good morning thank you your. Let's start with you Noah you are with ASE San Diego CEO and co-founder what does ASE stand for. So yeah it idiocy is Al beyond soccer club we aria. Full pyramid. Youth professional. Soccer organization of a soccer clubs and in San Diego since 1981. Built at a point Lama to serve. Community of soccer and a developing youth soccer players. And now re branded as the full professional team of San Diego area city. The professional soccer team that sits atop the youth youth club. So the soccer club isn't just in San Diego is is now beyond around the country or is it just a local thing so San Diego is the headquarters for Albion youth soccer club and there is affiliates. In different parts of the country. Las Vegas or county Florida. But headquarters is here in San Diego so so there's no other Al beyond. Teams in in San Diego there is a youth. Component which is about a 150 teams all over San Diego. But the professional team ASE San Diego's is one team represented San Diego. So you've played all over do you play all of the state all of the other teams all over absolutely all of us stayed all over the country and now big part of of Europe club. Is he San Diego's you're giving back to the community yet it is this something that. This has been a part of ASE from the beginning or your your what your third year third professional year things going into our third season professionally we were. Two years as Albion pros playing in the NP SL. We've now re branded as is he San Diego. We've brought on some partners. In particular classy whose. An extraordinary partner in town. And we are fulfilling. A unique model which is becoming the first social enterprise. From a pro sports perspective. We really wanna give back to the city of San Diego. Engage the community and that's really what one of our main focus is that your. So this is that again this is something new venues you weren't doing this last year giving back to community like I don't know doing this year this is this is a brand new approach two the year in two to where we're going. Why why is it's so important for you to do this to to give back to the community. Two full I think. We really want to inspire greatness as as a soccer team as a soccer component but. We also are very inspired by people here in San Diego from the leadership standpoint from organizations. And we've been in an effort to honor them support them. And also just connect with the community we wanted to turn these games into charity games to take take every one of these games and and help fulfill a bigger picture for the community. Now you've already had a few games you kicked off your season now how long ago so we've had a number of exhibition games but we had our first home opener. Two weeks ago we played the other nights. As well out of happier. Your players had the parents feel about. The gaping that would put what's the take from them. You know what it's it was so well received. In the first press release and and it going out and I think it's just as a lot of goodwill to two all we're doing but also every every parent never supported it's coming to support the team. They understand now that there's a bigger picture to what what the game represents so it's it's been really well received so positive from it players' parents of the players as well as those come into the game yet and you know what the players that are playing the pro players are very motivated by the cause and actually they have a little bit more investment. Into their play and and and with the purposes. No one way that you giving back we'll go over there's another way to that you're giving back in that that Tyson to classy that you mentioned just a little while ago. The one where you're given back is you are honoring men and women of San Diego. That have inspired. You your team and and others in the county not a bailout that. Yes so again on inspire greatness is sort of a theme of of the team. And when we think about what or. Our role is is in that. We also see there's a tremendous opportunity to recognize. Inspiring leaders inside of that this and you community that. Serve organizations or have inspired. Greatness in the community so we wanna take the time to recognize them at the games. As well as as organizations that are gonna benefit from the game. And how are you so this is this is happening at at each game each game to be one organization selected and one leaders selected to be honored. OK so these it and these are the organizations and that you are going to be giving back to correct. As far as fundraising absolutely so the first game that you had. That was for the the San Diego center for children correct yes that was the organization benefited from the first game correct and that turnout. That was fantastic. Not only did they did honored recognize. Receive a check from from us. But they brought a pretty good crowd. Probably sixty plus kids were there. These kids were very touched by the experience they felt very connected to. Our players and community that represented the the AFC team. And my interaction with them was was quite touching at halftime and in honoring their CEO and and get to meet some of the kids. There was some tears shed by the by some of the the kids and and it and a happy. The way and it was just a very touching rewarding situation that I was very privileged to be part of how many AM how many people does the didn't. Stadiums or or feels that you playing and I only do they hold so right now we're playing. In a stadium that holds 3000 people go out and we. Is historically would give from 15100 to 4500. We have it capacity but. Our goals have 2002 point 500 game. And that's that's where right in right now that's great and I realized it was such a data. Yes a big stadium that should be playing yeah that's terrific actually get a good good decent at crowd yeah and we hope we'll to get into bigger stadium and bigger crowds and that's the that's the goal on the subjective with with in the community behind what we're doing. Now you. Another way giving back in this is with with the help of classy as well. One dollar from each game. One dollar from each ticket. For each game is is going back to the organization that you choose correct so so each tickets sold one dollar of that ticket will be given to the nonprofit organization being honored. And then on top of that classy. As as a partner sponsor of the order of of the team. Is matching that and so two dollars from every ticket will will be given back to two dollars from every ticket in and how do you pick. The organization I mean there's so many different great organizations in San Diego County how do you pick. The organization that you're gonna. Help out that. Throughout particularly good on I think we sat down we we talked about that we we wanted to focus on non profits organizations that were really involved with children. Family's health. And and also local based. San Diego based non non profit organizations so it's a different. Different organizations each game each game you know how many games do you play. So we'll have. Nine home games and hopefully we'll we'll see playoffs as well which will or honor. Organizations in those as well. Okay and now another bad part of ASE San Diego. A U Avaya. Nonprofit yourself. Part of you is is a nonprofit is the Al beyond twelve foundation tell us about that yes so I'll be a soccer club is a nonprofit. As a as a as a youth soccer club but in addition to that the Albion twelve foundation. Is is also an entity that is serving the community specifically for underprivileged kids that can't afford to play competitive soccer. That need help with resources. To help them get to college. I'm in addition we of programming that is in is much needed for the youth leadership. Specifically. Goal setting. And then we are trying to. Raise significant funds to help the community with respect to fuel development and parks and and there's so many great parks but not there in the nuts. The charter or fully utilize so we're trying to. Through the foundation help develop city parks and and other community assets as a way to get back to the community. And this is just well a local foundation yes this is a local foundation. Made up of of you know very inspiring people that are trying to help their cause as you expand and and you are expanding to other cities with you soccer club. Will this expand as well absolutely to help those in the other cities of whom. Now you have an event coming up. Foundation has an event coming up. Later this month more talk about that you have other fundraising events throughout the year don't you we do yes we have I don't know terminal to a golf tournament we have five K and we have a gala that. Help raise funds for the foundation and that that is ones coming up. A later this month and Kimmel talk about that in in just a little bit. Now again that the first game you played the organization the benefit of was the San Diego center for children. Yeah game last night net gain. Organization benefiting from that was rated Children's Hospital auxiliary. And you honored Bridget is that at that game did you it was fantastic great game great crowd and it was it was quite an honor to. Recognize Bridget as. As a tremendous leader to this community and and an inspiring leader. Doing so much for for the whole of of San Diego and and for Brady's. And we are excited to two PO era to honor our Brady's and tubular and to give them back the proceeds from the game. Now Bridget tells a little bit about the reading children's hospitals Hillary. Well the auxiliary was founded actually in 1953 year before the hospital opened. And since then so were over ride at 65 years this year. Our dogs Hillary has been thriving. And it is made up of 22 units which are throughout. San Diego County. Don't necessarily half to belong to a particular area to belong to a unit. We have women of all ages had to come outs and advocates. Help educate the community and also fund raise for the hospital. Now is this just area now and as member based organization it is a member based organization. Right now we have about 12100 members. Some who have been members for quite some time. And some who are just supporting members. And some type of fashion or another and right now we're at about 800 who are actively involved he and the artillery. They mentioned women is it just for women now it is not and there aren't we actually do have. A handful of men who also are in the odds Hillary and who are part of our young professional unit. And so we're hoping at some point to get more men whom may be interested in participating with the neon Hillary. What is the mission of the of the Hillary the mission of the I'd still Larry is to bring awareness to the hospital either through. Community involvement. In helping to educate what is happening at the hospital and of course to fund raise for the hospitals so. Each unit puts on some type of fundraising event throughout the year. And some of them would be similar till lunch and some played bump so. There there's a gale laugh golf turn meant. Okay and and you mentioned in continued it's what what does he you know explain that Sony unit is based. I'm. Back in the day the unit was based on location. And so for example we have a Presidio unit we have a unit in Paoli and they're just. Units are part of an a particular area within San Diego but now that we have ground so much you don't necessarily half to. Live and poly to belong to the Paoli unit. We just call them. By the kind of the sector are the area of San Diego. Do you have to via part of a unit well to be part of the ancillary we usually like to have you be have some sort of tied to a unit. And therefore they and you can help in that promoting. Reading children's. IC. Now now ready Children's Hospital. Is the only hospital in San Diego area dedicated exclusively to pediatric healthcare. It is the region's only designated pediatric trauma center and I read that in June 2017 US news and world report. Are ranked read children's among the best children's hospitals in the nation all ten pediatric specialties that's pretty impressive. It is right now. Rated Children's Hospital has provided care to more than 235. Children across that San Diego County. And as you know we are nonprofit organization. We rely heavily on our community and its support. To help us be able to maintain. Care for the children of San Diego. At what what what does this kind of recognition. I mean to radius and two year arms Hillary. Last night recognition was such an honor and to be a part of something that really gives back to the community to promote the community to Paramount children. If we really were very attached to be included and in ninth with Al beyond. An end and the ranking. In US news and world report what what does that recognition. Means you guys. That recognition means a lot to us that we really have tried. And work very hard to provide the best care the best quality care in San Diego so to become nationally. Non nationally ranked is just huge for us. Now another bit of recognition you gotta guess guessing called recognition of February of this year ready children's institute of genomic. Madison broke his own Guinness world record for decoding rare genetic disorders in newborns that's another impressive achievement. That is we are fortunate to have doctor king's mar. Be a part bay. Genomics institute and he had just set that record just like he said about a month ago and he is continuing to. Do a lot for the area and to economics and for reading children's. Now I'm assuming some of these achievements were accomplished thanks to the money raised through the almost Hillary and I've read that to date the of Hillary has raised more than 73 million dollars for reading children's how have these fund raising. How has the fund raising. Affected what what Brady's does. Well for the hugs Hillary the fundraising. That we have done has helped to provide different programs. For children patient care programs. Lifesaving technology. We've done a lot. With economics as well. And also with mental health. Okay and and and the money that that you raise its spread over many departments not just one department. It's it's helped as far as construction I understand and and research. And what other ways does it doesn't help. Well beyond that construction. We mostly focus on the different programs and the difference. Areas of the hospital on Angie said. There are many areas of the hospital and some. Some are more well known and others and neon is Hillary really tries to reach out. And distribute their fundraising efforts to as many of the areas of the hospital that they that they cannot what's really important for us to. Be able to reached all the different areas such as they healing environments Alexis place. Deeper RD center which is another part of the hospitals are just many different there's so many different aspects to the hospital on so many different areas. We really tried to kind of spread spread our efforts there. So the money that you get from Al Leon from the games. Where is that going is that going to anything in particular or just into the general. On the money that label receive from Alabama going to what we call cut a general unrestricted fund and then. What we do at the end of our fiscal year is we take the money from our general. Fund and we look out what areas within the hospital that maybe we haven't. Been able to give or fun race for. Or fund raise enough force so we tried to. Distribute that money throughout the hospital so it can go to a variety of things. Could be. Different programs that can be different. Areas of the hospital. So we look at that at the end of the year we come together and look to see where we can make. An impact. I'm hospital now again you are a member based organization. How can someone become a member anyone really can become a member and we encourage new members all the time. If you if someone is interested in becoming a member they can go onto our web site. Which is Brady odds Hillary dot org. And Nate can click on. Where it says to Joseph lane and provide some information we will give a call back. And be able to talk with that person to see where or what unit might fit them. Bass and away they got other NE AM age restrictions or anything like that no age restriction. Well I say that actually. We would like most of our members are of the adult age so that probably over eighteen I'm definitely. But sat bitten L. But we do have. Also. A junior. Membership. And that is ran through a couple of our different units. So they they get to start to learn what it means to be. Philanthropic to go out and and work for Brady children's hospital and is a member should take. For the auxiliary members there is a membership fee. And it is. A minimum of 35 dollars and I say that because each unit varies depending upon there. Meeting location. And and what else they do so the basis 35 dollars. And as far as helping out and other ways of somebody wants to help. He owes Hillary they don't want to become a member but they wanna help out how loss may do that. Brawley's willing to take any help leaking yet they're out the community. All they need to do is just contact. Us at the foundation office. And we can guide them into a particular event that they can either help. Work out or just simply help attend and to be there and to help bring awareness. To the hospital. Now know we talked about our I mentioned earlier that you have an event coming up later this month that's April 21 it is the Al beyond. Twelve foundation. A shoot for the stars gala. Absolutely yells about that so yeah I mean it's it's one of our big events. Like like most organizations. The Dallas tended the maybe one of the bigger or them highlighted events for for them in the year. But it's it will be a nice evening field who missed today. It puts my first with with all proceeds of that evening going to go dental foundation and and what time does start. Lead it's 6 o'clock okay and where can people get tickets so right now those tickets can be found at Albion twelve foundation dot org. And the date again it's April 21 he puts his hand and location again Helton missed today. OK what what the mission of the Al beyond twelve foundation so yeah I mean the mission really is too. Support underprivileged kids that that otherwise could not be. Playing soccer which. You wouldn't believe how many kids are in need that of real future in talent in the sport. That's one aspect the other aspect is is to help these kids get scholarships to college so to further their. Only just playing of right now but to get them to the finish line and put them into college on scholarship. And and we wanna create programming for for life and leadership. All the all the kids in the community opportunities to. Develop those skills sets and then we wanna give back to the community of San Diego through fuel development as a priority. But. Help upgrade to the community assets that that are currently in place. And somebody wants to help the foundation. Yeah as far as maybe monetary donation to help you how can they do that yeah absolutely they can you give me a call they can shoot meaning now Indians in Albion soccer dot org. They can go out in twelve foundation and I thought organ and definitely I get all the information in terms of how to help Allen and and be part of the cost and what about your soccer club if somebody wants to join the soccer club you have openings now. So yeah we we always are looking for talented players there's a process that typically there's there's a couple times a year where there's there's a trial for. Players that are not part of the organization. And then beyond that weren't we when when the fan leader or player wants to be part of an organization. To get in touch with us would bring about to a team for an assessment. And we look to place them accordingly so as far as that goes to somebody wants to become a part of your the soccer club. Can they get information to website is to win the next time there will be try out session or something along those lines and his trials going on right now as a matter of fact for the older age groups. But LB dot soccer dot org is is where you would find all the information as it as it relates to trials and general club information. And what is the age groups and for those that are playing in the group solo three years old all the way to 9019 years old and I'll. And again with makes it unique about us is that we're one of the few clubs in America that a before pyramid approach with before youth academy. That is considered top in the United States' top thirty in America and and now we have a professional team that sits atop that. That is representing professional sports in San Diego. Three years old that's pretty young the pro side is three years old and you know do that you side's been around since 1981. Am my my daughter started playing soccer shoes for your cells so. It's always fun at that age absolutely because they don't know what they're doing it's just a swarm of pure joy like a swarm of bees just flying down the field together no doubt there is no fun to watch very fun. What is the website again Albion soccer got to work. And are you on social media. Out who has. How the NFC. FaceBook and Twitter social instruments that are okay are right and. Beatty children's hospital of Hillary again the website the website is Brady. Auxiliary dot or and we are also on face that instinct Graham and Twitter. I know and Bridget thanks for being announced Saturday appreciate appreciate them all in use in your organizations are doing. In in the community here in San Diego saint here. That concludes another addition of living veterans San Diego the opinions expressed on living veterans San Diego do not necessarily reflect the opinions and views of the staff and management. On the and a count San Diego radio stations. Episodes of living better San Diego are available on the station's web site. With Earth Day around the corner to join me next week when my guess will be from the California State parks foundation. Until I'm very late have a great week.