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Good morning and welcome to another edition of living veteran San Diego public service presentation of the Entercom San Diego radio stations and Jerry Lee. The California athletic trainers association strive to improve the quality of health care for athletes patients. And clients they are advocates for enhancing the profession of athletic training through leadership. An education. Joining us this morning is California athletic trainers association public relations chair. And certified athletic trainer at the American college Jimmy Adams and Rancho Bernardo high school certified athletic trainer. Robbie balance welcome Jamie welcome Robbie tomorrow morning. The California athletic trainers association also known. As CET eight tell us a little bit about the organization. And the Caltrans a tree association is actually our station that represents and supports about 4700 members. In the city California alone. And what we do as we go ahead and we promote the profession of athletic training. And we also do education and research. And also and get a communication out to the public as well as our past between members and and how long has it been around. Actually started in 1982. The Barack a couple of years and and is it just here in San Diego or is this a national organization part of a national organization were part of the national organization associates he's actually just ST at California the California athletic association. Well we are the seat association and that is associated with the national athletic association and ninety. And what what is the the mission and it CAT our mission is really right out to. Educate the public on athletic trainers who we are what we do and what we can do for the community. Kind of impetus right now is to promote. Bill to regulate the profession throughout the state. Kind of as a consumer protection act there are persons practicing athletic training and calling themselves athletic trainers. That aren't qualified or trained or any way indebted to carry out these duties. Okay and what we'll talk about that bill a little later. How about before we go any further. What is an athletic trainers is that it gym teacher who is there a difference between agent teacher and an athletic trainer. That that's a great question there's a lot of confusion in the public about athletic trainers were often refer to us trainers but there's so many different. Fields. Or or. Professions that call themselves trainers will there be a personal trainer horse trainer. Or an athletic trainer beau were specially trained health care provider. That's gone through a very rigorous and recognized educational and credentialing process to demonstrate competencies within the scope of what we do and that's in. Preventing. Treating rehabilitation. Of injuries and illness conditions that can affect all kinds of active populations. Including athletes. An Arab they're athletic trainers in in all all our schools here in California. No good schools tend to be one of the largest. Environments where you'll find an athletic trainer specifically. Lou colleges and universities of professional teams. Many high schools have athletic trainers but not all high schools because it's not mandated here in California. But the the quality or the education. Of that athletic trainer that maybe. Caring for students and high school setting varies agreed deal. So what then is an and I you said that she went through athletic trainers certified athletic trainers like yourself might Jamie. Go through rigorous training for what is it that's different than about what your training is as opposed to someone who's not licensed well. There's nothing to suggest. They've gone through any training. They may have taken a first aid course they may have gotten what they call on the job experience just because you've been doing it for quite a long time. But we go through an accredited education process. That this same accrediting process that occupational therapist physical therapists. Pharmacists. Marriage in light marriage and family counselors. We go through an educational process that's overseen at the same level as those and then taken national board certification where we. Or given the opportunity to demonstrate competency. In those skills and treatments that we're providing to our population. And we have the requirement to stay current in our practices through continuing education. Those that aren't going through this certification process as you vast may not have had in me. I'm real specific training and they've not gone through in the credentialing process nor the required to maintain current input and the standards of care. So from what you're telling me then there's there's a lot of people out there in California there are not licensed not certified. Then our. Athletic trainers a recent survey that we saw suggests that. 30%. Of the athletic trainers that are providing care to the high schools out there. Are not certified thus they haven't demonstrated any kind of competency. Or proven any kind of educational background to be providing the care that they are when their population comes to that seeking health care. We don't know what they're being provided. We actually died and informed that we had a janitor. I was working also part time of the athletic trainer. I am out of high school in California and so that's definitely not probably somebody that went there. This if I aid process I went through the education that we've been through so we deathly slamming sure that the people that client tells athletic trainers. Are educated our train and have a knowledge seek care of the kids in in California from what I understand California's the only state that does not regulate. The profession. Of athletic training why is that. It's been a long process your fear on that. I am I think California's been lucky and how we haven't had a huge catastrophic events in athletics. In terms of not having an athletic trainer available. But I think it's it just is that we had opposition in the government that does it necessarily want to put. Unnecessary regulations on the profession and even though definition deregulated fashion at the health care profession. Some people I've talked to who have expressed concerns that this might be a jobs bill we're creating jobs for certain people and eliminating job opportunities for others. While you can see that there might be that it's not designed to eliminate persons who are currently providing us a duty. But they cannot call themselves an athletic trainer any longer and practice skills that would fall under the scope of an athletic trainer. So there's been some of that concern. And also it's been brought to our attention that we haven't demonstrated. The need for and the problem there lies that when you have. Records kept and there is competent care being provided we're eliminating a lot of that. Tragedy and catastrophic situations. So it's hard to demonstrate. When you have competent care. Because those tragedies are being avoided and so it's hard to demonstrate that whereas when you don't have confident here who knows if records are being captain. The ten not a bring those things to attention. I also think the biggest thing in terms of why covering doesn't have a but it trading license or would be education I'm I think. We have done a great job due to educate the public but I think we can do a lot more. A lot of people have questions in terms that if an athletic trainer who are you what are you know why should I listen here. And I think we still have a ways to go in terms of educating our legislators. I'm on who we are and what we're capable. So this this is to me it sounds like a new major concern as far as this new bill that you've got to gamble talk about that just little bit. Why all of sentences being brought to forefront well it it's not a new thing. We've had. Efforts and initiatives going back to the seventies. We had a big initiative back in 1985 that I actually got a government governor do me agent's desk. But we kind of got there late in the process and it just kind of died on his desk. And so we've been making efforts and everybody who always thinks that California's cutting edge. And out there on the forefront and making strides but were battle loss as to why we haven't made those strides and we've been leaked. Over by every other state in the union and now we're continuing as Jamie said to get the education out there. And we have not met a lot of resistance. Through the public or through either the assembly or the senate. And so we're hoping to continue with that momentum that we've had recently. In in Sacramento. And have either review. Witnessed her or seen or heard. Any particular instances in which things did not go well when you have a a person and athletic trainer who is not a certified trainer. Yes I have is actually a scary for me I was working at an ice hockey game which is an instinct endeavor in of itself. I'm but it happened on the opposing team went down and the person who identified themselves to meet before the game the athletic trainer went out. And let him work for humanness that went out seeking needed any help for if they are ready to activate EMS or anything like that. Turns out and a pardon getting out on the ice. The athlete was demonstrating symptoms. Of concussion. And it's my aim diagnosis and talking to him that he did in fact sustained compassion. The athletic trainer that person is kind sells athletic chair took vastly over to their bench. And then proceeded to use smelling salts with the athlete. Which is something that is so far outdated. I'm it might have been before my time being certified. And they actually put the kid back on the ice really so I actually had to go to the rest treason saying. Hated that kid and RA we can't let him play. And the referees had to then go we're talking the coach and and say hey it's probably not a Canadian to play him. But it's a tough situation knowing what I know in knowing what could have happened had he continued to play with a concussion. That there is no the person saying their effort translucent trust them grants us to say okay we have the same education. You treat your athletes how you treat your athletes and I'll treat my athletes however and that's very situation. You kind of overstepped that in saying. In the best interest of the kids and you make sure that he is safe and not getting checked into a born again. I had another situation. With the visiting team and their athletic trainer was not certified. We've had our communication before the event so we were familiar with each other. They had an athlete go down and they were huddled around them for some time and I decided to make my way over there and it turns out that this opposing soccer player dislocated her elbow. You need this will keep fingers and shoulders and all. Other kinds of joints but some of them are very problematic because of that. The blood vessels in the nerves that run real near those joints in the elbow is really one of those things. And this person. Was trying to reduce. An elbow dislocation which is not within the school before practice and it's probably not something that should be done in the field. Except by a licensed physician. And so I had to intervene and in that situation and encourage them to stop. And helped direct how we care for this individual most appropriately. And that just brings up a situation very similar to what Jamie talked about. It's not always the practitioner that practices poorly and has bat skill. The thing that can really. Turn a situation sideways. Is the failure to recognize. And and whether it be with asthma diabetes sickle cell trait. Part conditions for a superb nominal trauma missing. A developing situation. That's for you know catastrophic injuries occur. That's when they make the news locally and nationally it's a failure to recognize an emerging emergency. And making that room recognition. And referral appropriately it's not always doing something orally or wrong. It's it's that. Missing and the emergent condition that can really be serious and scary. Absolutely deficit if that kid had gone back out with a concussion in and got hit again who knows what would happen. Exactly and they research shows that you Hugo app back into play. We think at first concussion hasn't healed up that you're more susceptible. To prolonged or more serious type of traumatic brain injury. So there's a lot of lot of risks involved. With with having and athletic trainer who is not certified. Absolutely athletic trainers actually reduce the liability for their players' benefit so it's actually hit a great job for employers to hire four. I was gonna go they're now up out as far as as far as employers in in in hiring somebody who's not. Certified athletic trainer I would I would think that just opens the door for all kinds of losses if something happens. You would think so and where were hoping that that becomes recognized. By employers especially school districts in the like. In and that can be rectified a lot of the job descriptions out there for the secondary school settings don't require. Then the certification or education that we go through. And a lot of that and again I you tribute to those Jamie said the lack of knowledge the lack of understanding. And that's what we're trying to promote is the understanding that. There is a difference and there is no way of protecting yourself and protecting your student athletes or whatever your your patient population might be. It providing competent. Educated care. As you mentioned. About 30% of people who call themselves athletic trainers and high schools are not. Qualified they're not certified in and that is something that I would think would be a requirement. You would think so and again that goes back to the education school districts either not knowing it or they're concerned that writing that into the job description. May cause them commensurate lead to increased the pay so they can go on the low. And hire somebody that they call and athletic trainer. And then they get somebody in there and they may be looking for. Just real low level care of somebody give me water out there stretch in people doing small laundry. Deepened some ankles but then you get people live there that really don't know their boundaries. They've seen what other athletic trainers were qualified and competent are doing and they try to replicate that. Coaches administrators and athletes start expecting the same level of care that they see other people getting. So these perhaps well intended individuals start trying things. And do they know the limits of our practice. Do they know winter recognize. That. Our level of intervention has ended and we may need to make the appropriate referral to that next level care team. That's about it and something that. I've seen. With those non certified athletic trainers that are continuing to practice. And really practicing well out of the scope of what we're trained to do. So that so the issue did that you're you're dealing with right now on and trying to. Change. It's not just. Nothing certified. But the regulations that are put out there right absolutely. Absolutely if you think about it in California. Every health care profession is regulated except athletic training so if you go and you know tear occupational therapists they're gonna be regulated if you're going to go to your physical therapist your doctor the nurse is. Even your speech there are days and leave your music therapists are also regulated whereas Catholic answer will be have a huge impact. Especially on the young athletes making sure they're safe and participating. As safe manner. We aren't and it did really just doesn't make sense in terms of keeping California safe so you don't know. Your limits how far you can go is that pretty much which is saying I mean I answer I can I Kathleen Q because guys practice with and scope that. The borders Turkey has given me however somebody who has not gone through that education certification process. They can basically say well I can do it I'd like to you because I don't know elsewhere Althea Wright and so they can definitely go into some things and I aid. A little bit off topic but I did have. An administrator and a high school I was working at. After football players relative bar in the morning on for weeks poisoning and press the spiraled off and hit the Canon threat. In his or bruising and science natural breathing and the administrator. Said to me alleged that a tracheotomy. As the now hot. No I can't even do a tracheotomy as as a athletic trainer. A administrator you probably shouldn't either so go ahead and call 911 but yeah exactly a situation where somebody has seen it before. Thinks that they know how to do it and they try to do it but it ends up with their consequences. And it's kind of like what Robby was just saying to guess where you know some people don't know where to draw the line and where it's supposed to go to the next level. If that's another great benefit. Of regulation and license your you have a disciplinary board who'll overseas. Practice and bad practice and and they will have the authority. To take disciplinary action whether it's to remove your right to practice in the state. Our create a probationary. Period for you to address but being unregulated. As opposed to the other professions that Jamie just. Elicited. We don't have a means for going after those athletic trainers that are practicing. You know non compliant late or out of scope. They can continue to do so. We just certified athletic trainers we have a national board. That will continue to monitor us that has. Moral and ethical clauses in a defined scope of practice so we can actually lose our certification. That organization has no authority in California. So I can continue to hold my job even though I lost the right to call myself a certified athletic trainer. And we have situations where athletic trainers who have been. Disciplined and other states and lost their right to practice there that come to California and take jobs. And and and as as an unlicensed. Athletic trainer there are some states that you're not allowed to even travel to and and work right. Seek it pain I was a child to them however I am a lot of our four year universities and how real practice. And compete in states other than California so you know if you talk about it they're gonna go it's Alaska for say and what would happen is. Alaska has the bill on there. Books that says that you cannot practice that profession athletic training and restaurant license athletic trainer well the California I traders are not license we have no regulation. So if athletic trainer about this from California it goes to. The tournament with their basketball team in Alaska they're actually breaking the law in Alaska because they're practicing the profession. Without being licensed and so that puts a huge gray area a huge amount liability on their player on themselves. And also on the team who's gonna take care of the team or your student athletes are here after population. If you can't do that because of a law. Now this new bill that. Has been introduced. As the EB. Assembly bill 1510. Tell us about that. It's the athletic training practice act it's designed to regulate and license the profession all the things that we've highlighted already about concerns of the risk of harm to the public is really what we're looking at there. In creating a law. Where they can regulate the profession. To make sure work. That only qualified persons. Are carrying out the duties of athletic training and only the people calling themselves athletic trainers are athletic trainers. And that they are working. In the clearly defined scope of practice with in the state of California. And like patty said before it definitely is somebody is taxing as athletic trainer. You know has an inappropriate relationship the minors something like that to their death in can be consequences for that person whereas right now that might not be the case what does this bill. Being voted on our bill it's gonna be reintroduced into the assembly in January 2018. So we you'll definitely be pushing and through our social media and information and that. Our ability is being announced and we'll go to an assembly. And it's been supported by from one and stand leading physician groups many other health care and sports organizations. Yet this year. We've gotten a lot of outside support from different organizations making that just goes to show. They need for this bill to pass it's dot athlete pairs asking to be licensed it's also. Other organizations saying that we should be licensed C idea for example. Has come forth and send a letter to Governor Brown saying that athletic tranche B license it doesn't make sense to have people saying they're athletic trainers if they're not. So I think it's CIA we had. A lot of professional sports teams follow that division one schools I believe with CIA half the calvary and scholastic found each that are. Operations at its vision overseeing organization. Much like the NCAA. For colleges in the NFL for the professional football league's. But the NCAA has also in dashed this effort the American Medical Association is endorsing this effort. Major sports medicine and medical groups are endorsing this effort they see a clear need to protect the public. And provide competent care for the active population in California and they deserve it. And it seems to be a big gray area there yet as far as attention goes and and a needs to be. I think that cleared up a little bit more. Yeah I think that's when we talk to people so many are surprised that it's not are ready license not are ready regulated it honestly just makes logical sense. Especially for California being so. Forward thinking that for the last state that has no regulation of the traffic training is crazy to think about so do you see it to passing idea I think. And with all the support they would have momentum we've how to act I am very excited for this bill to come forth it's funny teen. Senator device name is our author and he's an amazing guy who definitely support this bill. I am has done some really good things for us and I'm really excited to see Americans and will affect the taxpayers anyway. Not at all that they have really neat thing about this bill is it's absolutely. Cost neutral to the taxpayers of California. The upstart fees will be covered by our association. And the maintenance fees will be written into the a licensing registration fees for the providers. So it'll be at no cost. To the taxpayers of California it will create no new government we will be housed under an existing medical practice board that's already there. So it'll create no new government and I'll create no cost. So and it is this the first time a bill like this has been introduced. No we we've we've introduced you said earlier that that we were well they're worried goes way back and recently we've we've had a number of efforts there. And we've only gained more and more momentum the last time we. We present and bill. It went uncontested in both the assembly and the house street to the governor's desk without any resistance okay. Who went without any resistance at but it didn't pass didn't pass you've got to the governor. And horror. You began is somebody that's really addicted to logic. It's really hard for me to see but you know I granted him running a state is is something I don't understand all give the governor some credit there. But I I really don't understand because as a logical thinking person. You can see that clear and present urgency to provide protection and as Jamie said we run into so many people I think it's already fair. And so we educate them it's seemingly a no brainer. And when we talked assembly to persons and we speak to senators. And they see it they get behind it. And they vote on it and they approve it and it moves on and then it stumbles at the last minute but every time we get more and more momentum. And the governor. Gives us some rationale to his decision and we work to address those each time and as Jamie said we we have a a great deal of reason to be very. We're very. Yeah moving forward. Mean you think that Eminem the benefits to having this bill passed are enormous. You know yet and we're talking safety here absolutely yeah another thing and that we haven't mentioned yet is that right now there's some new legislation. On the books that actually parents athletic fans from. Dealing with concussions we actually have such fans are probably the people who see concussions the most. And so we can't it's really return people back to play and that's an issue in terms that kind of how we worked in how we were the team physicians that we work underneath. In terms of not being license not being able to provide that characteristic athletes. That the California or scholastic federations cif concussion regulation. In the California youth sports concussion law all require. These monitoring. And returned to play supervision is to be carried out by a licensed health care provider while we're not licensed right now but. In majority of cases we are the ones again that are on the scene we know the athletes. Most. And we're. Familiar with them and were very competent were trained and educated in concussion recognition and management as well as return to participation. But were not able to fulfill that role legally. Because of the way the laws written and that we're not regulated in the states and and honestly I have to believe. That when these laws were written. Again goes back to that lack of understanding I I have to believe that they thought we were licensed in practicing in the state and in such a capacity. Or that they're hoping we would be Stan Mason. Really when you can't about it its slow I'm dying yes. Com or we're just met at a time any advice for parents listening this morning questions that they should maybe ask schools to ensure their kids' safety. I always encourage them to it. As a parent speak to your school administrators. See who it is that's there that's in charge of their student welfare. Is there anybody. If there is who has it where their qualifications. And is it your coach is at the school nurse. Is it you like Jamie said or in the case when I was growing up in high school that was our janitor indeed literally. Except on Friday nights we lose our janitors there who is it that's caring for their student athlete. What did they have been in the form of an emergency action plan. One of the things athletic trainers do they prepare and they have written protocols. For emergencies. So who is carrying those things out and in a couple of situations just this spring there were two lifesaving events. In Southern California because athletic trainers were there. And they had a practiced emergency action plan. And like to say that Robby was one of the athletic trainers I was aware that he taillight sabres or this past spring. And also the athletic trainers that. Golden west college great congratulations thank you what is what is the website for the California athletic trainers association. Our website is www. C eight deaths ATE dot court. Volcano on social media we are aware and socially aware and FaceBook Twitter and it's Graham. And if somebody wants to find out more about this this bill the assembly bill 1510. Where they go for that. And I encourage people to look up the CT website and those aren't we shall be up there or you can always free chat you're local and legislators music urged that we always encourage that. Jamie and Robby thanks for being on the show today thank you for shedding some light on this very important topic McCain's views on matters. That concludes another addition of living veteran San Diego the opinions expressed some living veteran San Diego do not necessarily reflect the opinions and views of the staff and management. Of the and it comes San Diego radio stations episodes of living that San Diego are available on the station's web site. Until next time I'm Carrie Lee at a great week.