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Wednesday, April 18th


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Good morning and welcome to another edition of living veteran San Diego. Public service presentation of the and it comes San Diego radio stations and Jerry Lee. The California State parks foundation works to help enhance our nanny state parks to advocates say. Educational programs and grants to fund raising they wanna make sure our parks are there for everyone to enjoy today and forever. Joining us this morning is state park interpreter. Lori Hawkins welcome Corey good morning tell us a little bit about the other California State parks foundation. Well I tell free state parks foundation is and members supported nonprofit and they are really dedicated to protecting improving and advocating for all of California's state parks. I am a California state park interpreter and were here in the C India to coast district. And I really valued community of supporters. And and California State parks foundation they hope facilitated park improvements they inspire stewardship. They support our partners advocates for sound policies they connect people to parks and that's really. That's an idea and that's a California State parks is all about is connecting people to parks and what is the mission and foundation. They ensure that the the natural beauty culture and history that recreational other educational opportunities. And in our California State parks are available to everyone now following generations to him. And there are how many bad state parks 280. California State parks ala opened on the past now on offense from Valiante deserts and mountains. That's something probably a lot of people are not aware of that you have that many parks we have that many parts of the in the state yeah absolutely there might be one just down the street from him. And there's a difference then between the state park and in your regional park right absolutely sit here in San Diego we have seedy parts of county parks we have national parks and we have California State parks. And how many state parks are there in San Diego County that is a great question we actually three different California State parks districts in San Diego County. And I'm here on the coast and so and the San Diego coast district we've eleven parks. They vary from old town San Diego State historic park. Which is a historic site. We also have Carlsbad state beach and Carnoustie beats which are home to some of those most beautiful surf breaks in the world I think Ammon and we have. Do you wanna ask you wary national reserve and Silverstein steep each return home to some of our amazing migratory bird species. So the end the state to state parks. Carlsbad state beach the park is the beach yeah absolutely so. California State parks and will monitor the facility ease the parking spots. And we also have a world renowned lifeguard service. Patrols the peaches especially in North County. And from Torrey Pines state beach all the way up to Carlsbad state beach that's another I think you know when you think about. A park. I think of grass do you think of trees I think of bridges you think of trails that Carlsbad state beach boasts over a million visitors a year. And it's whenever most popular parks in the system. And it's gorgeous and its own way you're right there on the Pacific Ocean and years of beautiful scene and you have all kinds of critters. Packed crowds and and enemies in that tide pool Lucy at the California gray whales swimming by youth. When he tells species along the beach and it's just a treasure trove of adventure which is I think at a park I think adventure. And and so certainly we have that here in San Diego. Now I've been in San Diego for. 36. Years now I think and I have never been to Carlsbad state beach well con convince them because we have. So amazing recreational and educational opportunities at Carlsbad at south Carlsbad state beach campground. Does an amazing place to come especially in the summer. Well speaking of summer. Summer right around the corner. Busy time of the year will summer of thirty starred in and we've had all of our spring breakers here the last couple of weeks and and here at California State parks we really we kick off summer and April and it doesn't really until November. And so like I said that they campground at family hello and south Carlsbad will be bustling. And from now until about November so make sure that you teachers I'm getting in an insurer and the beautiful sites and found that that coastal campground. Ours is their camping it at all the campgrounds. Are all the parks well not all the parks we have eleven parks here in coastal San Diego and we have three campgrounds and silver strand state beach Susan RV only campground. Found in south county just south of Coronado and then it's Himalayan hosting peace to sing Cardiff in North County. And and that's coastal campaign you can either bring ten or an art he ran an and we also of south Carlsbad steep each campground as well. The can't somebody wants to us and is planning. A trip the camping trip a weekend trip to love our state parks here in San Diego County what what kind of advice do you. Half and yeah how I wish I could say come on down we got a spot Korea but. And our campground here in Southern California are the busiest in the Steve and say you can't make reservations on reserve Californian dot com. You can make reservations six months to date date. And I'd sit and most of our summer months especially June July and August when all the kids are out of school. Is booked completely. Solid at that's fine and if you can. And go ahead and log on through surf California six months to the day and make your reservation. Little further out ahead. And that otherwise if you look a little closer to that they might snag a last minute cancellation and those. Those people that in other look out ahead of time in and then life gets in the way am I unfortunately have to give up their camping trip and so usually Wednesday or Thursday might feel a snag at. A weekend just to maybe I'll cross my fingers and and it is therein camping feet I salute you sir are cancer rates ranging in size and in price of that. That she does on his 35 dollars on what we called it in insider that coast highway side ever camp grounds and then our ocean view and in Carlsbad that's a fifty foot drop down to the oceans are you not. Weezer aren't laughing on your tenth there are bad you do have a beautiful view from top on top the bluff and those sites are. Our fifty dollars and we have additional fees for her RV hook ups if you want water electricity. Sewage and there is an additional fees for that and there there are limited RVs. Any the special rules or regulations that people need to know about it they are gonna camp. Yeah absolutely we do quiet hours from 10 AM to 8 PM that's a big one says here. You know thinking about bringing a bunch of buddies down make sure they use their quiet voice and and we're really wanna remind people that keep their foods the word. And we have a lot of critters and campgrounds themselves or remind people not to feed those critters not to leave food out to invite them into your camp. Site now thing that the foundation and the California State parks have. They're big on night education programs right so we have a number of education programs and through outer parks in San Diego. And some of our biggest and most popular to serve regular programs that are campgrounds we offer things like wildlife fuming. Junior ranger programs campfire programs we offer I guided tide pool box and all of those are free to the public or campers that time. We talk a little bit more about some of those are slowly so. We're concluding our wildlife viewing season many of you know that the California Corey Whelan has been migrating. South to Mexico now heading up to Alaska with some of those adorable juvenile offense though we'll stand on a bluff and talk about. Away here in the ocean you might see California sea lion iPod illness often inner California Krewell. Insert tips and tricks how to spot them a lot of people that have lived in San Diego there whole lives they. You know they still can't tell the difference between a pelican and a single and those are some of the tips and tricks that. We'll hand out during wildlife viewing and we have that. Regularly a couple of times that week and also on Friday through Saturday is that that this Italy have in south Carlsbad campgrounds. We also do it junior ranger program which is their bread and butter. Program and a lot of people remember queuing growing up coming in both California State parks and national parks. And the junior ranger program released miners each sent into twelve. And it's an educational diet into the park history cultural or natural resources that are located at the park and so. We'll do it. Eight kelp scavenger hunt or the kids on on the beach and trained buying six to twelve different species account that we find him and really talk about who leads the kelp and what needs men and and really get into the whole foods that so it's a lot of fun. And those kids can go to any number of art 280 California State parks and Ginn junior ranger badge for participating. Kind of reaction you get from the kids when when they go through some of these programs. I absolutely love it you know getting down and dirty inning deeds with their natural resources. Am I love bringing them down on the pizza and and just having a 52 scavenger hunt where now they're run out they'll grab that. Near as shiny thing and bring it back to the circle in and have showing talent it's just there are marveled by the things that they can find on the beach and you know the parents are pretty excited. I bring it they have a great time to do because a lot of times you know they've grown up in San Diego and her learning a thing to do as well and the use of them programs that you were just talking about. Are these part of your tours because you do tours as well but at the park's right absolutely we have to elites who are at old town San Diego State historic park. And we also do seasonal tumors such as load type tumors I during the California king tides in December and January. And then we're just wrapping up our tide pool tumors as well we haven't tied full tour card as steep each. And as well as a Carlsbad Steve feature re. Actually take out groups and help them investigated that type policy fleas especially with that. Slippery algae on Iraq's human and make sure that everyone's. You know oh we're aware there stack being make sure they're not stepping on anything alive especially in Carlsbad we've had in a neat seeing bloom. California C hairs than so sometimes wolf although after the titles we'll see. 15200. California Sierras are. Hanging around and we get to talk to the public about you know what that California see hear me because all day way. What their and diet is who they're predators Aaron and what we can do as park visitors to help make sure that they agree let's see here how. California Harry is that. It's a big flood like blob. It's hung around that brownish purple whip kind of brown black spots. And it has two little Shrek horn sticking up out of its attitude there seems tracking. Get these two little antlers and and it just it calms. That rocks for Al Jean. And so it it turns whatever color. Algae is seeding and out of it's kind of severed complements them so they know exactly what I think because that's not a watcher you walk and know exactly why Iraq can't and you know the more people learn about our natural and cultural historical resources than where they really care for our parks and that's really. What it's all about as they California State parks foundation in California State parks partner. To teach people. And connect either parts tell us about the of the summer enrichment program that we have a phenomenal summer enrichment program at south Carlsbad steep each. And we have partnered with the boys and girls clubs and alliance is in the North County area. And so we have groups come up for a full day. Learning and learning and exploring the students. They go from the learning about California State parks and what are our mission in our schools are also some career. Opportunities that California State parks they learn. And hear from a lifeguard and ranger and a maintenance person and obviously if state park interpreter like. And we also talked about marine debris and human impact on our beat himself. The students actually do it a service project begun to clean the beach and then they come back and me. Account and they sort and they measure everything that they found in the really. Get into the down and dirty of what is on our peaches is coming through our watershed is it left behind by. I you know people visiting the beach for the day and and what kind of small changes can we make in our lives. To minimize that impact that we're having the beads look at what age group is is this. So this summer enrichment program really doesn't have an age group cap and here in Carlsbad. And we intend to focus on elementary school and middle school students. Because they'd just real of coming to the beach and we also do a I water quality games with a number of aid. They learn about how wind affects the ocean and water temperature and salinity effects are ocean and the animals living an advocate to play games like. Creating an ocean environments. Going from fresh water to the correct amount of salinity that are our ocean animals enjoy. And they also go for a and learning amber out marine debris and water quality to it having a great time on the beach they get that. Run and play on the beaches violent and for a lot of these students especially summer underserved communities in east count me north count me. They don't give a lot of opportunities to just hang out on the beat since that that's definitely something and we always sounds like a lot of fun incidents and all they think yeah it's an all day thing may come at 9 o'clock in the morning. California State parks foundation is generously donated the money to bus Clemens so they don't have to Wear a mass transportation. That's one of the biggest downed trees and we have to getting underserved communities in her Marx's well how do you get there. And so that foundation is generously. Offered money to bring passes and it's been a whole day they spent lunch they'd play in the water it's really just fun and fantastic Missouri as our cost there's no cost. You are our boys and girls eleven and see if partners and we just asked that the kids bring. She isn't lunches that fit that into account for his state parks foundation provides all of the equipment that they used for the day and everything matter Alfred state park staff needs to Iran and a fun and successful day. Now I had does Sarah has been from the yeah hands of ray go foundation and so several weeks ago we briefly talked about. The ports program can tell us a little bit about that. Absolutely the ports per gram is it it's a free program again to users. And for interactive video conferencing platforms to connect students with their parks and so. Again transportation as one of the biggest barriers to bringing people into our parks and so. Ports is really focused on using videoconferencing. To have a live conversation between a park interpreter and a group of students and so. Last year the ports per gram interacted with 46000. Students in California another 101000. Globally. And because they're using multiple platforms because there they're providing programs all today they can provide programs to Ulster. It's really amazing for kids who have. Otherwise would never get a chance maybe in the central value or Australia to come to a California state park that they can have that inner action can have that meaningful experience rate there. Now you're at the Sally ho park. And at Carlsbad state beach right absolutely so I'm part of or nor sector here and it's in the year ago Khost district. And so I had and lucky enough to one day go to signaling hosting campground at Carnoustie beats another day I go to south Carlsbad state beach and then. Tomorrow albeit Karl's status is really phenomenal for me because every single days it's just a little bit different every one of our beaches is such a unique environment. I get to talk to the locals that go there every day get to bring students in the every week from all over San Diego really does have a great time with all of the different plants and animals and we cedar different park cookies. Sounds like a great job every bit different it is every day is completely different. It keeps it really interesting and a diet and literally paid to walk on the beach and watch this and that. Doesn't have much better than and I get. Now we've we've we've talked a little bit about. Rules and regulations things are do's and don'ts for camping what about just do's and don'ts and things people should be aware of if they're just even just going to stay par for the day. Yeah so a lot of our state parks have those I'm free and paid parking so. Take a look at the sign engine make sure you're in the right location. And we also outer state parks because we have so many visitors parking about Kurdish state beach that has a million visitors every year. You're really thinking about your impact on impeach every day and and bring a picnic bring all your friends bring. A propane firing today its an inch away as the sun sets. And but think about cleaning up when you when you start to leave and that's really one of the things that we've tried to instill in. Locals they come everything is well as our visitors from across the state and across the world and this really think about that human impact as you're visiting our beaches. Because we want to visit them today but we also want them to be there for generations to preserve. Yeah preserve and protect our natural cultural resources that I mentioned here tougher newspaper so April 22 is Earth Day yeah. April 22 and third day of coming up really quickly. It is an end California State parks foundation gearing up for its twentieth annual Earth Day restoration and clean up now this is gonna take place the day before. Our earth states can take place April 21 big parts will be participating. In the event this year. Yeah how we have forty state parks that were awarded urged state grants from the California State parks foundation. And we have to hearing coastal. At a San Diego's woes remark every inch shows state park up in the mountains in San Diego County so. We have quite a few options for other than those of you those San Diego and I wanna come out and volunteer on. April 21. Now it's it's a cleanup and restoration. Yeah so what kind of restoration projects can people expect to be doing. At least here's San Diego County on April 21. Not obsolete so every park has unique project we have things from replacing trees were lost during drought and painting. We have updating campgrounds with campfire ring and shade structures repairing access roads trails balances. I'm promoting cosigned stewardship. Here and coastal San Diego we have two projects we have a project that family hopes campground. In which will be installing a privacy fence and then painting in ocean themed mural. Process privacy fences. You've ever taken a walk through Cardiff and Anthony to Sinead. He walked right by those camps say it's what organ and Israel had a little beauty to coast highway in walking path there and card then. Put this amazing ocean theme Niro right there. As far as clean apple can clean up yeah absolutely so as we. Sort of prepare their offense and to put the privacy slaps in there will be meeting will be cutting taxes shrubbery. Will be cleaning it up a lot of the trees are over ground there hanging over the sidewalk and access skates themselves. Really be cleaning it up for every one. And and that way as we get ready to paint this real everything will be nice and tidy and neat and clean and says mural really stand out. And what time is this taking place out so this event and all of our events across California first mayor from nine to new. And and so we'll. Get in there early. Get as much work is done as we possibly can and and really looking for a hundred more volunteers since got your neighbors your friends every co workers and sign up and California State parks management's. So they have to sign up first they can't just show up yeah absolutely so are California State parks foundation. Grants allows us it's purchase all the materials. And coordinate the effort. And we really need to know how many people are coming in so we can really meek and maximize. The effort on that day. And definitely go to the California State parks let's say cal parks that award backlash Earth Day. And sign up I think that this family home project it's going to be amazing if you are an artist please please come and helpless at that ocean Pineiro but if you really wanted to use an amazing. Restoration work check out our Carlsbad state each odds. In Carlsbad we're gonna tackle. The tomato fields project isn't there up in Carlsbad at its threat along Carlsbad boulevard and Palomar airport road comments on and our Perot road. And we are going to do it put into native plant restoration and we're gonna remove invasive plants are gonna do some trail work. And we're gonna work with the environmental science team to make that property industry knows is beautiful and as natural as possible and and and a when they meet. Forum for each individual pork so dissimilar they hope campground will be at the north into the campground. And so we encourage people that to snag a spot on coast highway or you can park in the North Sea Italy ho parking lot. For the Carlsbad project will be kind of tucked in my neighborhood and gunman on the drive and says you can snag. A spot on south sound Carlsbad boulevard were back in the neighborhood as well. And when they need to bring with them what what does how did they dress in and do they need to bring any supplies yeah I'd be ready for fun and be ready for work be ready for a long day. And they ship water if you close to choose if you glows like gardening gloves or work gloves go ahead and bring those but we will have everything that you need. We just need a compass. And because of this San Diego we never know what the weather's going to be likes of sun screen would probably be a glimpse into and a warming jacket yeah. So it is rain or shine rain or shine every every year we have done that we've done this for twenty years and we're so excited. To celebrate the twentieth anniversary and it has been greener shy and it. Last year we had a 150. Participants at. And this year we're gonna take out an invasive species at that may have. So again. The twentieth annual Earth Day restoration and clean up is Saturday. People funny first in all the information they need regarding that is at the foundation website. And that they can sign up their ten. Can sign up and tell parks got a word backs rushed Earth Day. And then they can select the closest part to land again there forty state parks that are participating in this event. On the day before Earth Day on April 21. And Oliver California and volunteers will gather for these special projects these special day is planned to. And make our parks more accessible more enjoyable more resilient. And and here in San Diego we're gonna do an ocean theme mural at family hill and some invasive species removal and Karros that aside from earth to another volunteer. Opportunities are there at parks and the foundation yeah absolutely so. Fit see some of the foundation volunteer and interactive components. Go ahead and hop on their website cal parts outward. I'm here and San Diego coast we have planning a volunteer opportunities for around. Bird walks down a that you want estuary to. Volunteers at old town San Diego State historic park. We have Campos that are campgrounds in north county and so there's a variety of volunteer opportunities to get involved with your local park. And they can find out information about volunteering at the website as well up parks that CA dec us. And look for that volunteer page set to work directly with your closest California state park. And or cal parks dot org. Is our California State parks foundation that's. OK and I and I understand there's there's several different ways that people can people can help. A foundation. With their mission there's monthly giving they can leave a legacy gift. I'd give a gift of stock several different ways that they can help with the mission and and that can also be found at the website right. Yup and cal parks outdoor again and really what you're supporting has connecting people to their parts bouquet and is the California State parks foundation on social media. Yeah absolutely. Okay great debt Corey. Again that April 21. On the Earth Day restoration and clean up good luck with that thanks for being on Saturday and thanks for all you do the California State parks foundation and our state parks. Thank you for keeping California beautiful thank you so much and I hope to see you know an Earth Day project on April 20. That includes another addition of living veteran San Diego these opinions expressed on living veteran San Diego did not necessarily. Reflect the opinions and views of the staff management of Vienna comes San Diego radio stations episodes of living veteran San Diego are available on the station's website. Join me next week when my guest will be from serenity acres force rescue. Until then I'm Gary late have a great week.