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Thursday, July 12th


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Good morning and welcome to another edition of living veterans San Diego. Public service presentation of the end account San Diego radio stations I'm Jerry Lee. Think Gary and Mary west's senior data center is bringing oral health care to the right place. The center strives to enable seniors to properly care for and maintain their oral health. Through education and dental services before it becomes more painful complicated and costly. Joining us this morning is Gary and Mary west's senior general Sanders CEO and general director doctor parent Sarah and patient and AJ. Welcome parent welcome Manny good morning good morning Mary Karen let's start with you tell us a little bit about the Gary and Mary west senior dental center. Well it's commuting non for profit dental clinic located in downtown San Diego we act in sight asking alone offense there. We and located on the fickle for our. Meals and dollar supportive services are provided in the first floor in a difficult for you have now and in company that provides services to seniors that are vulnerable. In no income and and how long is the end of the senate and open. It's been two years for we open on the receiving training sixteen. In October faithful BR officially on anniversary but we open our endorsing two different. And and who is Gary and Mary west their packed couple off the land to turn the hour he and Fannie. The had vacated thanks to leave a legacy in their legacy is around successful agent. The hat and being very committed to these stop peek not only here in San Diego but across the whole nation. They have funded and through there resources. You know and keep these 399 with foundation. And as senior dental center is one of those entities that has received funding from foundation. And and what is the mission at center so what we're trying to do is give backs seniors the opportunity to eat healthy and independent life. With access to an occasion in oral health care so that they can full field life and become very productive members of society. And and if I'm not mistaken. The senator is one of the first of its kind in the country correct it's one reference. In their whole country. And what I mean or what I think by math. There's not all the companies that has brought health care. To a community based organization with meals are provided support it's everything fact providing while we are doing is what bringing innovation through health care. But making it accessible. Affordable for seniors so we can remove some of their bodies that they have when the train to this Aurora health care. What are seniors have to do is just go through if there support for the animator and have access to a clinic that provides comprehensive dental fair basis for them. We had a patented team but it's multi cultural so we speaks at which it. We make it very convenient and accessible for the seniors. We treat them with respect we understand and care afforded me. And we haven't seen that it's fully committed to saving seniors and providing health care to them oral health care if there basis. Every single day all we feel if seniors from morning to the end of city. Seeks feet and all those kind of patient that was there so anybody. It is that is the senate and open to any senior. Absolutely anyone that it seeks you know if you're eligible to calm there so of course this is a great team is to be able to win. Enjoy or have practices to some all the same basis that we half. It's based on income and what we do buy that they go through a process. When they TC made on some initial assessment so we can understand where they hold needs of the person. Because we're not concentrating only on piece. We're looking at the whole person. We're looking at the social. Maine now medi cal and income Neitzel that person in blight. Because for for too long enough has been disconnected from the rest of the body it's like you've there's a black box. That you just don't see I mean it's not possible to have health if your mouth is not healthy. It's being directional connection and the impact that your mouth and your help pass in your well being in your fees legal panel. Seen so many aspects of your baby knife it's so important and we are only adding to realize how important. Yes I think that's a lot of people are not aware of that or don't think of that that. Then it's not just all about the mouth when it comes to oral health that it affects other parts of your body to eventually. Absolutely so many of my patients come to life every single day and tell us that. When they wake Catholics in the morning they don't like the person that they seemed in Europe anymore. The F studied this in their hope they lose their dignity. And it's just because there were so many bodies or they are so many barriers that they cannot overcome and what we're trying to do with these clinic. It's provide a model that could be replicated. In other places so this they eat any knoller faces of the country. That's why we're so fortunate to half a couple like I in my way but we need only people to help us because we cannot do it along. We're trying to work on a solution that is when that war for everybody. You know about teen years when we are going to be forced to deal with a situation where many seniors are turning 65. And those numbers are going to be increasing by 2080. So what we are going actively is right now we're working without a very comedic team that it's helping us on the policy front. On the many health research front and on the clinical care front so that to give their weekend test and prove that DC something that could work. And that data that we are collecting Gary. These data that we want to put in front of police can make it because for something to happen they have to understand what is of value. And why Jane for seniors it's important and why good care for seniors is good care for everybody so having a center like this very important. For everybody absolutely. When seniors and not in the emergency room with complications. In their health their diabetes sort aspiration no money now or they've got pressure or or depression or anything that creates a complication in their health. That's bringing net cost to society. So we have to be mindful of the impact that oral held that when he comes to health of a person. What we teaming these seniors seniors like and he is the opportunity to gain back their whole. Their desire to more their dignity. She's gonna tell you need a bit about her transformation story and what she has been able to do but the seniors that we see every single day. Our seniors that are not your typical seniors they're independent. They're able to get to a sent there by themselves. The Arab members of society and they want to be cared they have a voice and they want always to hear all the wonderful experience that they have to share. All the wonderful contributions that they can make. And that's exec new when we do every single day. Now before you became via the CEO and dental director of the the dental center. He also worry at a volunteer at the Gary and Mary west senior wellness center which talked about it beginning the program. I had an opportunity to volunteer saving those meals. Gary in my west through their foundation hat donated and contributed heavily so that seniors could put out haven't put you need to have access to nutritious meal. I say are those meals and I noted that the meals where very nutritious but without peace. It didn't matter because they could not eat all the food they would lean a bit on the kind of foods that they could eat. And I knew because I was pretty active in my local dental society I knew that there was not many places that they could gold to. Still. God or divine intervention on the mean device pace. I was able to find like minded individuals that wanted to bring a change in I was very fortunate to how to spark that ignited. And we were able to come across with that these wonderfully via bringing healthcare to appease that he's already well attended its trust in these moderates already working. So with your volunteer work that motivated cheated to start the center right absolutely and several others yes and and from what I understand. You oversaw all the faces of planning from concept to facility design my sister and permits to about business planning. And fund raising as well. Yeah if I dueled not eighty's my passion to release an award I care for seniors I've seen count right now they're following trick crack. Their voices are not being hair and down I think it's a vulnerable population and I enjoy advocating for what he's right for them. One of the things that I enjoy the most is. To be able to create death and their daddies so well attended when I talk to my peers tool other providers Allred and they think community clinics. And I tell them that we had a no show rate. All of five point 7%. They can not believe what MC TV telling community clinics you have to order book her life. And so that you make sure that those shares are occupied idle time and here this is such a clear and neat it's such an email nation to bring health care what he needed that our opponent it's our chairs an anti. When their empty it's because this really bad reasons and it's Sony killed that we don't have two months so is Geena pleasure for me to enjoy these. These three from creation and to providing day care. But we cannot go it alone and now I have to a lot of fun racing and I have to talk to law race. And more conveyed them to join me in these great cause so we're trying to create this like I said every year. It's something that we're doing for the good of not only send the angle for California. It's something that it's. Long term and we're trained to bring a solution that could work for seniors like Annie or any owner. Because the reality T Dutch is gonna talk about it's not something that's happened song means and you hopping across the nation. And I according to India American dental association's health policy institute approximately 67% of low income seniors. Did not visit a dentist in the last year what what what do you think are some of the reasons for that. The main reasons aren't related to cost a lot of they've done of seniors that we see. I'm Nate gave benefits cylinders communications in making its opinion on what state you are. In California we have several cops a few years ago so. It's important also to remind anyone. That when you turn 65. Make Karen bass in court and not sold that's another aspect that. Makes sometimes seniors falter it cracks and what I mean by that he's. You may have had a good life of course oral health. When you turn sixty or 65. In your own health that's declining Alito begins your start taking medications. And you can no longer afford going to the dentist. All of those things together create a perfect storm. There's subtype of the cake in seniors that it's cold of the cake when you take so many medications. Your son and I must know instantly Kris. And he creates the perfect storm the perfect condition for these type of Nikkei to a bunch. It's a train not if it's a type of the cable or cavities that you want to say it like that. That advances very fast so many of the seniors face balanced with cost that's number one. Many of them face prominence with transportation. Because when you leave an ending that income and you have to take a treat. Two goal elsewhere for your dental semi safe that's something that sometimes you may not be able to do and what I mean by that. Many of the seniors that I see every single day Eli Manning come off an average of a thousand dollars per month. When you have to make choices around full with Brent make patient. Is no one there is no surprise. Then thousands if not even part of the equation sold all their challenges that they face or only reasons why they mean a go to than days. May have to know wade I'm not being able to finance in these that both accept that kind of dental benefit that they may have liked and they gave benefit. Cost transportation. Sometimes fear you know most people have had bad then got experiences so. I deal with a lot of dental fear and until and society. I think that goes for not just seniors that's the thing goes across the board there. How long you've been Dennis I carried in 1995. Rockets let let's talk about some of the services that you do provide at the center. Well we've upright almost everything we take patients out of paying any infections so racing and these three we do. It found fifteen means six track shows we do root canals we do full ventures we do marshals we do crowns. In some cases we you bridges. Feelings we don't everything golf course would put a heavy emphasis on anything that it's the event that the because we Aaron days in and week. Realize how important eighties to educate our patients so that they can be col Ole miss in their house. When not patients come to lacked physical or process to be able to seeking one of Archer's. And ink dot Sears sucks that's one of those steps is to attain an oral health and location track. That's oral health education classes dawn. Seniors have the opportunity to seat without dental hygienist for an hour. And learn about what he said that they can control what he said that it's we mean their control. And actress I was told that they're seniors they're not gonna want to learn on what I am noticing it when they seen archers. They tell us all my god nobody had ever taken the time to explain that to me. We make sure that the learning these fairways some people eat dinner and we've. The issue also my people need to talk similar you'll need to talk more. So we kind of pain or that to every once Neitzel Wendy feeding our two years. The baseline is more stable because we have a lot of people that had a lot of misinformation. That dent. Concepts and at isu eighths Taurus you get a hold their. It's only normal to use Ki moon but the fifteen. We members of society in general need to understand the importance self oral health. For well being in and for general health and that's something that goes through all DH if this health doesn't that at sixty banks. That's from the moment you are born. The moment your mom was pregnant with you and how she care for her key. In the in the air he ages how she taught you how important those healthy hat it's where. And now that I treat seniors ice time teaching them why that's important how can they teach some of the most important learning and lessons. To their guys children to all their family members. Because for me oral health goes from birth to a moment unite. Right and now Ani. Do you mind me asking how old York and they. Okay 65 and and and how long heaving going to the center I've been. And me and okay and and what what brought you to the senate what was the problem. Well I. AT and kept following now they would come in that room. And I think it was from the parent Donald disease. In half and me. And kind of fallout. So I decided it was time to get you can look that and it lets hate thing that game for years. Or flipper and man for eight years. And with his time not happen perfectly. And and how did you hear about the center. Well I was looking at TV. Early signing up 3 or 4 o'clock in the morning and an advertisement on. I wrote that number down again in contact with him the very next. Paying. Adequate and to be evaluate. Who. Once that we mean everybody with a knife and I want it to be I want to make sure. Or taking care. Because my chief that calls. Back in the day when I'm definitely agree with 500 dollars now there are extremely. Experience. I went I submit it be for pictures. I'd like to have them all taken out and I just wanted one and B. It. And you've got that yeah now. So so what was the experience like for you what's it like California. Well. Happy to launch is going to mean a vote for him to have to be able to have that smile again. And and what your experience was like as a patient there as well as the pace. They wanted me to take a lot of time to make my ground here before. They could to teeth and me I was fearing nation that. I do customer service work on my job. And I couldn't not like I really want to give NATO each oath. And I kept coming up on my round. So I think have to do something about it and once I found the game and that's when I mean of my mind to go. Had been paying for it on route three. Now gone where. The fact in the air and then once I found and I made up my mind. And I needed me a brand new prayer to. I was the senses that for silk and he when she came. I'm what I saw all last heartbreaking. Believe it or not there's not done any patient that had been willing to let media before and after picture. And he is one of those. When she came in she spoke I noticed Powell affected she watched she had these beautiful stated that she's still hot. But he every single time she would just be so embarrassing color her mouth. I saw a couple of years. Coming out of her eyes that day will we talked about what lasts what I was noticing after you got it X rays and when I noticed in fact Paramount. In threaded through repeated it just being with us. I was explaining a while ago to her her case less than simple case wasn't a case for a general than this case let's complex. We had especially Seles able to help us provide the care that she need it. And that care has given her back her whole. And he needs he had this side to Warrick she enjoys now because she came to meet with her work uniform. And she told me I can do my job I can speak to people in those that's when those tears came out. Is your. To see here now. And to see how comedic she has been to every single instruction that we have even her. And how much she has. Taking owner sheep all of her opportunity to improve herself and and have their health and educate colors it's just. It's sold wonderful for me whenever I hear cases like care we have many more patients that are like that. So this has been a life changing experience for me yeah. It. Everywhere uncle everybody says French. They love my 30 that's great well we have just a few more minutes left and and I know you do have a couple of events coming up that I wanted to to bring up. I personally have a couple of on dental health workshops that are coming up one this month and another next month right. Correct it's called took with them get Smart about your mouth. And there are going to be scheduled for July 17 and for Augusta when he first. At this saving seniors guy in my west speaking alumnus and in downtowns India. For anyone we've interest fits all they have to do is go to our web speech that got a phone number. And get the information so that they can participate in it we also have. The advance for senior smiles. It's up fund raising event and it's coming out in jobs Wong week nights and 11 week from today right or right to correct. It's going to be on Sunday and is going to be. The opportunity to in that act campaign that we are going to have. Going on it's called keeps 55. And 65 our worst off keeping to non for profit that I dedicated exclusively to seniors. Because there's not on meany of the oath. When he comes to a lot of good work we do wonderful themes. For the children and and for the irony miles and for everything that you can think off. But we need to the a little more for seniors because somehow we have not connected at that level yet sills sixty hours of eating. It's an opportunity for us to get. Not so I'm mixer contribution. Because sticky 65 is gonna give us extra money for every single bone that I don't know that anyone that needs to our campaign. Andy he's 65. And not with four Athens with that's for senior smile. Wait you're asking com or anyone of any age can come to announce constantly angle. Have fun missile exercise. And contribute to a group costs teach your children or your family or anyone. In in it that it's important for you that just an illegal contribution Kindle still do good for yourself. They healthy exercise a fun. And for every single step that you don't just think that once seniors going to be able to smile more so that's that's the kind of help that I. And and this is going to be at the end the senior wellness center downtown correct a parent what what time. It's going to be from two to four and Ana are web page you'll find information on how to buy kids. If for some reason you cannot attend don't worry. Support despite its peak hit because we've got contribution will will be able to do something very important for a few years that somehow or because of different reasons. Mean I'll be able to have that opportunity and and the workshops that they need to sign up ahead of time for that is correct sold the information is on our website our phone number is there. Our website is WWW. Back. See New York then golf then there. Dot org again. WWW. Of that seniority then out then there that all like. And and what about what about dentists do you need more dentists to help you with that what you're doing there absolutely I need anyone who once you coming to use a hand any. General than this I need hydrogen is I need special list I need a lot of help because we're doing wonderful work. But he's complex and sometimes we don't have all the resources soul if you can not com if you cannot donate your time. They and help us go to that website make your contribution. Make sure that we are going to be able to provide that care that we need because one way or not there. We're working on a solution that is on a war for all of fast and that's something that we are proud off and we are eager to share with dollars. And and your senator is relatively new still only a couple years young so. With hopefully with with this program more people know about it and and you get more business coming in there are so you will need more than just help you out that's what they're doing. Yeah I would encourage anyone listening to the east. Asked to talk to someone because it is very likely that you'll have a senior that you cared for in your life. What is your arm Bryant's your neighbor someone in need not adults at least for yourself because one day you're going to be asking your yourself. So I think off how wonderful would be to give someone the approaching eighty to get back that sense of poll. Sense of self. That'd be neat piece to keep them back the opportunity to be act Steve and useful members of society that want to continue. That one too I'm not a four honest here's how a lot to countries they have a lot of stories to tell me how to a lot of expertise to share. Is give them some tools so that they can speak out again can smile. Became eat their food and they can laugh. And Annie before we wrap up you highly recommend the center. Oh yes I do this is for any one thing they can't keep the little T yes you came. And and if you can't afford it they will work with they will work with a great debt Karen and Andy thank you both for being on a shattered a and I thank you for sharing your story and Karen thank you for all you do with Gary and Mary west's senior dental center keep doing what you're doing it's appreciated thank you so much carry. That concludes another addition of living better and San Diego the opinions expressed on living veterans San Diego do not necessarily reflect the opinions and views of the staff and management of the N com San Diego radio stations. Episodes of living better San Diego are available on the station's website. Join me next week when my guess will be from park in hoops therapy. Until that I'm Carrie Lee have a great week.