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Sunday, September 23rd


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Good morning and welcome to another addition of living veteran San Diego. Public service presentation of the and a count San Diego radio stations and hurriedly. It is that time once again. Time for the GI film festival San Diego a film festival revealing the struggles triumphs and experiences of service members. And veterans of documentaries. Shorts narratives and family friendly films these films highlights stories of heroism. Resilience and honor joining us this morning. Is GI film festival San Diego advisory committee member Phillips and Heatley and US navy veteran and local filmmaker mark as care. Welcome Phil welcome mark good morning Gary Gregory. That's to have the both of you on the show out and talk about GI film festival San Diego today felt let's start with though little background info on the GI film successful. Years has been San Diego and now it started in 2015 so this is our fourth year so we're real excited about. What is that the what's gonna occur this year. And and now it is done the home base for this has has been in Washington DC and went in went of the GI film that's actually start not just here in San Diego. As strict carry it started in 2007 in DC. That was the the one and only GI film festival we're kind of surprised to learn that. And we quickly had a conversation with the IDC organizers. And we had really and that positive conversation about bringing it to the West Coast. So in 2015. We had our inaugural festival and it has really taken off. In the exciting news about that is that San Diego is now gonna become. The national GI film festival so we're gonna take on the mantle from DC. In San Diego is going to be the epicenter now for the GI film festival sold real exciting so won't be held in DC anymore. Now it won't it'll be here in a San Diego. So which makes sense I mean we have one of the highest concentrations of the veterans and in military probably in the world. So it really makes makes sense for it to be here in San Diego and to really tell the stories of our military. Community here in San Diego. So when it was held here in San Diego the the past several years was it's still being held in DC it was this is the first year that DC is not to put on a film festival. So announce sandy is an outstanding sound very exciting for us where. We're proud to take on that mental and now we're honored to that kind of take on that torch and going that journey. So so having military population that we have that was a big part I would assume of of the decision making there that's correct and then also the community partners in the community in general is really got behind the festival. It's really unique from other festivals I mean there's some terrific festivals in San Diego. But the GI film personal San Diego really kind of takes on that military experience for the community it really tells the story of the military community. It's surprising that says many people that live here it's such a high highly concentrated military community. No really knows the stories of our military folks so this is a great platform for a for those stories to kind of come forth and he told. And and two to learn about the year of the challenges to military life. And and the festival is is so organized in partnership with a couple of groups the GI film group and film consortium San Diego right. That's correct. The GI film group. They like to be known is this the Sundance for the troops so it's real fitting because it really does have that unique quality to it. In the film consortium really. Really helps you know gain support and community to kind of rally behind me in the film festivals today really and great networking ports. Why is it tests like this so important. To the military community not just here to San Diego but in general. I think there's there's a disconnect between military and civilian life. And the film festival really helps connect that. It really tells the stories. Those those stories that are not often told so it really gives them a platform. To really share those stories which would otherwise not be heard. And it really opens the community's eyes to that the plight. The military community. And and I was soon and that is pretty much what you want people to right away from the festival and in. Our goal is to those folks that attend the festival to kind of learn something new about the military. And that that happens all the time and festival that's why we're seeing tremendous growth. Nominee films do you have in the festival this year. We have 34 films nine world premieres and five West Coast premiere so real excited about that. And it's gonna do that kind of showcase its gonna have its opening night at the yeah. Using the photographic arts and double parked on September 25. And we're really getting some traction behind that because. One of the films that's going to be shown that evening will be the American and it stars. George to kind so we're really get some traction vine that people really are taking notice we're seeing a lot of the traffic on a social media. So we're really excited about that were really expecting. Terrific opening night. And the successful runs through the thirtieth there's a theory that's correct yes OK and nice that you had 34 films this year and a submissions did you get. We had over 200 submissions. So it keeps growing and growing the the word is getting outs ever really. Becoming a platform for those those moviemakers and so that you had to. Whittle it down from 200 plus Phil Ryan's right thankfully thankfully we have via a group of dedicated advisory committee members that. A really plugged into the at the pulse of the military. Mean for example Lima with the armed services YMCA we've been in seen in a for a hundred years now so we hope to have our finger on the pulse of the community and and were were honored to two to give advice to the committee in turn those other committee members do the same and were able to to kind of really. Read the essence of the military community and inner inner me human beings and in Nixon and good decisions on the type a films we're gonna Schiller festival. Can't be easy to it's it's getting rebounds to 34 from 200. No it's not and the analysis in conversation I was chairman mark you know as an editor you have peaceful. Length movies and in so much of the good stuff winds up money and editors floor. Same holds true for for our committee there's so many wonderful films that we have to. Kind of pass on an end and potentially you know they can be entered in in next year's festival so there's always an opportunity for those films to to have a platform. What are you book for. Now when trying to decide which films make it and which films don't there really that really provides that military experience that's. It showcases the the mindset of the military tells their story. Those those stories that too wouldn't otherwise have a platform. We give them that platform and voice so we kind of give them a way for them to reach out to extend their reach. It and that's what we're hoping we're to something that we that the community will kind of came from. From going to work festival in in seen these films and in learning something new about the military community. And and of course the the movies the film's. And the GI film festival is opened the public or yes he can count of course yes. And now I wanna talk about a little bit more about the GI film festival and possibly some of the films that will be. Shown this year but for a first market. On you are filmmaker you're also US navy veteran Q when did you first or how how many years where you in the navy. If you're 21 years. So lewis' privilege my first career and I'm numb. But I would love movies propriety are also want to fly so he can have both so awful I decided to round mingling and this flying bug out and sign your when it got commissioned and dues from the world's best fighters like I was blessed to have the opportunity to and to serve in the nastiest name that has. I think the best fighters so I'm declined the F fourteen the F eighteen. In just had the time in my life I couldn't I couldn't leave does being paid to do you constantly. In the opener the that is the job Kristen has. As great social after you got out of the navy that's when you decide in his news you get well I'm making. Kind of an entity because well I added this this to find at most. Service members. We're we're hopes addicted to serve. And Saudi 21 years you know flying community but then I felt like I was in Tonya and I really thought. There's a problem with. We are falling apart from within. He constantly hold navy career going against the that we give Soviet Union and in the you know in the Middle East. Stuff that happened there aren't in the and so iPhone is you know you see in the news about how his phone from within in Munich was an education. SARS it OK let me go do that sunk him high school teacher in at Patrick and I school for eight years. I I ran the the navy junior ROTC and time naval science and I'm. More leadership though and responsibility. And stuff I think that that the that removes slow lacking is culture and society. In service to him I'll always impressed that the young minds is site. You know. There's more than his world and you can serve. You know and I mean in I didn't mean to ghost Serb military. Who serve anywhere right cause of peace corps go you know back actually I peace talks kids of course are. The salukis to come commanders you know. You know I wanna be in a million new loan and is always to serve in don't take. I'm saying he served its gold delta crisis over. And I wanted to serve so in those those who was scary because those kids went off to get Afghans and and I I do not feel really bad news and sweet and return and likely the audit. So tonight I did eight years of that and then finally said OK I was told were puzzled as my GI bill. And I'm Zeke did you time straightened GI bills aren't. So off on go to the patch which is filmmakers highway enrolled in the the only film school. And gotten a Bachelor of Science degree in digital filmmaking. And started making movies and and I start a film come. Russian company. And is this colts beat the angels is all for making films are those who serve. And didn't have quite a lot Communists had three fiddles and the the actual possible. First film was flying Greek. It's how we raised particular there's a sequence to my films that side needs of our personal flying Greek about Steve the songs and his band it was an incredible. Are written. There was talk about immigration it's what he was a legal and illegal immigrant. In these came to his country would be dollars increase speaking English nix you know he's fighting Nazis with the eagle squadron. And Great Britain before Pearl Harbor it and then he goes on becomes a double ace these first. US to get naturalize. Enforce our top story so compelling you I read his book about it. This is a book that movie so that is a friend who is 96 years old and I said hey come film school Catholic film rescue book. He's Schuller and you don't want to be on the red carpet GI feel successful. He died June 6 in the film festivals later that month he did get to see the of the trailer and loved it and but he he died the the tonight. I showed him with the trailer that day he died. And done such as my first film got nominated for best short didn't win but you know as my first second film now is about or to second fiddles about Korea. Sides may not so I'm about another great American heroes in my veterans group he's 92 in so I had to go go with age. First I was I'm six this size twos and nurseries and I wasn't. At last year's GM Phil doesn't cause eyes out with with Royce Williams he's incredible heroes alive changes. Ticket affect his of the Tailhook this last week and still. Apart and I think that man is an incredible view want greater if you if you worries. But then this one this this movie if it's going to be in was hugely successful it is about V saw a golfer or to Korea. To Vietnam to Michael. But that is really important to me because you've every film as a filmmaker are fine with every film I get better. And because Hillary process and you really do a couple of stuff every field and the current wish you knew that before you know. But this was wrong because it's real special because it's not my dad and dad flew to the F 105. Which was the workhorse of the Vietnam air warm and it's really unique about the pilots this story is not too many people know about. That side of the war who knows about Vietnam but they think about the jungle the ground war they really don't know the war started from the year 65. And in wind operation am rolling thunder started. In the used is called rolling thunder for a reason because the for a five was thunder chief. He is worth under and they did all the bonding rates up two on north. In mean you look at the history which is Iran not pot or popular don't realizes. That was more dangerous didn't Soviet Union I mean to disguise it was Soviet because the Soviet Union China. There's a proxy word to them and they need. Norway almost on pander to. In the process is doing a lot you don't realize is. The only made eight over 800 slow over a hundred 45 for machines as time it was one of the premiere fighters of the processor force. They've lost half of them. Over southeast Asia. And so are really wanted to tell his story. And then in the process we just. Travel across the United States and start interviewing all the stunt pilots in their stories Regis so compelling. With outs that unscripted two I mean I just hit that I hit the record opposite. Tony's story. And in there were a couple times where we're filming them and I'll there was a dry guys. And studio. So is really really neat and I hope a lot to walk away. Learning something about that or this release entitled. And and this movie is is showing this is a world premiere right broke premiere and this is shelling out Wednesday September 26 practice as the museum of photographic arts indelible mark decisions in of the time 715 to reduce its we have film another Vietnam short this can be right 4:7 o'clock. And in our store at fifteen and then we have a panel discussion. Both films at the end cocaine and I'm not mistaken fathers and don't follow their young and so he innocent of these in the question is it. That historic as I say you know here he's my dance on a little bit by his foot his stories the last story to be tall. And I think it's person I think it's slow and comments taken off so you want a couple of wars last year did you. Are worrying. Who is that the the best narrative short best there's short and best film made by veteran or samurai yes that was in the local. A local feel film showcase award yes category yes and then we also the film also won best actor. The letter point he did he was it profitable in the movie and which movie was that that was simply the western. Australia western. And known Israeli story that I allowed that it is when my favorite movies technique because. You know alone Wesley grew up you know watching Clint Eastwood movies so so you've venture out and and don't just do military things and no don't you know actually obviously to have film projects and I'm trying to get financial backing to do I have a faith based Warren. Some more from. Military ones. By topic and trying to keep going that they're been done before and so it's you know it's it's like happily content just. Movies take a lot of money to make and getting these awards. How does that feel for you. Tend to be recognized like this I was honored because Cindy who has incredible filmmakers video on my friends are filmmakers and we talk about all we use it. Were you and and we well we worked together because. Is it really is an art in in his IDC. How you want tells story and I find the more people thinking about it and pulling ideas from everywhere notes that the story. And so I I just I just honored. Because you know Michael I'm just lucky I was able congratulations we'll see what happens this year. With your new movie and and there are other awards that are handed out until besides the awards that that market receive. That's correct yes we we also provide awards for students and professionals. Best narrative shorts that's documentary shorts. Best narrative feature best documentary feature. What would really out what really gravitate to me is the local film showcase which really. Creates a platform for veterans and active duty military to. To make movies for buying about our military community. It really it really gives them an opportunity for a voice to tell those stories in in in the business that I'm in nonprofit work where. Military connected non profit on services wind CA. Mean we're in the business of telling those stories and in trying to. Get the community to to rally behind these military communities in support them in anyway we can. In the GI film festivals and agree that platform to do that it really is still the stories. In nice way we can read lane and in articulate jeweler are supporters. And and the judges for these awards from the judges do you have an endless process they have they have a tough time I mean there's there's about Clinton twelve judges three different years. And it it has to make it through those three tiers to come up with tea with an award so they have a tough time Antonia. They really well over all the different films that are being showcase during the festival. But they they really put a lot of thoughts and dedication into their decision making so. You know we we feel very comfortable with the decisions that they come forth and so what are the backgrounds of of the judges. We have some filmmakers on board we also have quite a few community. Advisory. Partners through different military connected nonprofit groups. Armed services Weinstein a Red Cross. USO. So forth that really put a lot of thought into. Into the efforts that went to these productions in and went to the awards get handed out is that the last day or is it done periodically throughout. There is any awards celebration and then believe it's on on Saturday there so that I portal lines right. So it's it's a wonderful evening enters. Lots of but the celebration going on. And a lot of collaboration. I think during the yes celebrations like mark mentioned. There's a lot of new collaborations and remain at those celebrations as well. And it and is that open the public to it is it is okay well what what else can people expect it to this year's GI film festival. We talk about another route over to real quickly. Well it's really gravitated to me is the Japanese American intern ship. Documentaries. I've mentioned one earlier George two guys in the film the American really. Shares the story about some of the Japanese Americans were interned during World War II executive order 9066. In it says it's really relevant to today because we're we're still do all with a lot of immigration issues. And actually putting you know innocent people behind bars just because of there their race. Was very relevant and I'm glad that it's been showcase in the GI film festival and we're gonna let attraction of course with the American torched kind. But there are others that says that have a story to tell. Mean it's Indian that was really impacted by this executive order in 19066 where over a thousand families were uprooted and sent off to these concentration camps. With telling those stories and then that really has resonated with mean. It to I think it's a story worth where sharing. And and part of the festival to you have them. Several film blocks this is where you have certain themes right correct. And this happens throughout the that's as well yes we're we're getting better at that we creating more and more opportunities for different filmmakers to panic into the film blocks and also. As market mention there's going to be panel discussion after his movie. Shows their their other panel discussions to get that's that's the part that I really appreciate you really get to ask those questions that are in the back your mind about the film that really. Appeals and meant resonates with you so. The panel as the president and extra piece that really appeals to our our audience. And that's the kind of separates us from some of the other. Film festivals you really get that the inside and you really get to. To hear firsthand from some of the folks that those films were based on some of the heroes in the in in those confrontations that that happened in a style discussions include. I'm filmmakers themselves and actress like I can mark's father as a ethnically right okay so again that gee I don't vessel. Is September. 25 reliever in an area that's an end where's the in hell we we we know what's at the photographic museum photographic arts indelible part that's one of locations where else right it's also going to be shown and it's ultra star hazards center. Okay those toothless Pennsylvania yeah those two locations and and again people if they want ago it is open to the public. And did you offer discounts for military and we do have military discounts the admission is ten dollars and you can also get an all access pass. Which is a 120 dollars in them full access to all the different screenings. That are available during the festival so access to all 34 films all the panel discussions that's exactly right yes it's a great deal. All get comfortable little seat and go to the GI film festival ST dot org. And you can access that information all the different show showings in prices in. He can actually purchase your tickets online through that says. That left side. OK so there is information. About the the films which films they are even some background on film so people can kind of read up before they go yes that's exactly right. Including two you know trailers to. We get a little let's sneak peek right at this of the films and it will have the times in elected stuff ranked as well. And mark you have a website for your new film yes era that pilots with that and it it's just a new four. And forward a website where you can get your thing you you need to know about the you know the making of the movie but pilots including you know if you want to. Get a ticket through the to the fifth world premiere it's going to be the gentle person seeing you by right through there it's WWW. Thud pilots dot com and again the world premiere for your movie is Wednesday's chart September 26 at museum of photographic arts. In double parked showtime 715 yet being do you tickets because. In the past they always sell out and there's there's so there's limited seating so. You know anything else you want to let people know about the GI film festival. Anything else that they can expect. This year. Any other different things going on this year than then in the past. We we're real excited about George to kind I think that's he's going to be present and on the panel and believe that the guys at the enemies in the photographic arts on opening night so we're real excited about that what else these. Has to say about so many of the projects that he's working. And for anybody does not know who he is. That is a sewer from I'm from the start chart track that I can we talk to because and with whom you know I was on the USS enterprise. The original US. That one. And I so one more time the Tesla September 25 through the thirtieth. The GI film festival San Diego now after this year's not going to be GI film festival San Diego will it will be the national. I think that's still under discussion we we need to figure out. You know title. In will be working with the IGI film group. Two. To kind of transition that in the best possible way to determine what they're all they're all in favor of it's taken on the metal in their very supportive Philip in market. Thanks for being on a Saturday and filling us in on the upcoming G iPhone test San Diego sounds like it's going to be another great year for thank you Jerry. That concludes another addition of living better and San Diego the opinions expressed some living veteran San Diego do not necessarily reflect the opinions and views. Understand the management of the and a count San Diego radio stations. Episodes of living better San Diego are available on the station's website. Join me next week when my guess will be from the San Diego LG BT community center will be talking about programs and their upcoming walk until that I'm Gary Lee. Have a great week.