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Monday, September 25th


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Good morning and welcome to another edition of living veteran San Diego public service presentation of the Entercom San Diego radio stations and Gary Lee. Health sciences high and middle college is a school where students earn diplomas that matter. HS agency staff insure that each student has positive. And meaningful experiences throughout high school while achieving academic and social success in a vocational programs setting. It's a place where students come to learn about health and healthcare as part of a world class education. Joining us this morning as health sciences high and middle college dean of academic affairs. Doctor Nancy fri and HS agency student Emily close welcome Nancy welcome. Emily. Good morning Gary thank you so much for having us here. Great to have both of you on the show health sciences high and middle college tells little bit about. About school Nancy. Health sciences tie in middle college is. Charter school. That opened to about ten years ago and uniquely weak partner with sharp health care. To be able to create a learning environment where students are learning not only academics that are associated. With high school of course getting high school diploma. But even more importantly. Being able to do that career exploration. Especially in the health sciences in in health care although we do offer other experiences is how. African and who may not know what is a charter school a charter school in California is a public school. And I is subject to. That same rules and requirements that any public school is is subjected to worry is under. With the charter school it's a group of people who are able to come together and be able to form a school that has a particular focus so we work with San Diego unified. And I have this school it's now a middle school and high school that partner with sharp healthcare to be able to offer some pretty unique curriculum. Okay now now another thing I think you need to explain is is the name. You've got. High school and middle Kyle that. So when we talk about a high school into middle college is actually your first two that kinds of experiences. That students can half ass at school everybody's familiar with what high school is that what a middle college guys is that in addition to. The high school curricula and then it's prepared that students are also. Asked the same time and simultaneously. Taking college courses now this is a little bit different from the high school that I went to Gary. And perhaps the school that you went to his wealth. There are some schools that are comprehensive high schools and when a student. Reaches perhaps their senior year in high school and they've taken all of the high school classes that they have. Now they can go and sign up for a college class with the middle college we actually start. Dose college classes. In ninth grade so they're simultaneously. Taking high school curriculum and college courses at the same time. Thanks. Or you guys located. Where I'm located in that city heights area we are very conveniently located right at the university and the fifteen. An easy access point. For students to be able to get to and we chose that location for a couple of reasons. One of recent that we chose that location is the highest. My colleagues and I ion pumping in intact Fisher and I. Have been working with in that community for many years now for our a couple of decades. And we really love that city heights area. In addition what we'd love about our location and what was important I guess is that there is a public transit system. That's just down the block from there. Which makes it very convenient for students to be able to get to the school and from the school conveniently say fleeing quickly. He hasn't always been at that location if passed an hours at that location the very first year. We were at a temporary location until we could move in the air and it's been a really wonderful place for us to be. You wanna see neat things about the school. Is that we actually draw students from all over San Diego County. We're not confined to just that small geographical area so students come to us from all over San Diego county and many of them rely on. Public transportation of one kind or another. That's why that public transportation hub was so important forest we want to make it possible for students to be able to get their theory conveniently. Now you are a California distinguished school. I have also received. Other awards you've been recognized as the a 2015 California gold ribbon school wanted to US news's. Best high school's 2015 also the recipient of the national safety advocate. Council award what what are these awards. And the California distinguished school recognition what what does that mean to school like those of. It's that day you mentioned really represent a range of what it is that were able to offer so for example that California distinguished school award. That's an award. That the state of California gifts to schools who have done an excellent job with being able to support students who are all across the range of learners. Most schools are able to have a great deal of success. With a certain kind of student. But it's a more unique school that can make it possible for all students to be able to make progress. And be successful in the school one of the things that we're really proud of is that we have a graduation rate that hovers at between 98 in 1990% every year that's almost unheard up. In California to have that high of a graduation rate but it doesn't happen by accident it's really because. I dedicated system. That we've created a making sure that we're able to support lots of kids who come to us with lots of different experiences. A second award that Al profile that you mentioned is that safety advocate award that's a national award it's given by. They US police officers association. And we were awarded that because of the work that we do with the school. Around restorative practices. To get an award like that from the police association. What's really important some that were sort of practices. Our really focuses on is in making sure that when students. Half problems sometimes have victims sometimes there offenders that there are ways in which that they can restore. Those relationships that we don't rely only on punitive measure. So we really look at that and with those two awards in particular. We look at how we can support kids academically but also how we can support them in terms of their growth is good humans. Now according to your view website you have a four principles. As far as health sciences high and middle college Cozumel will kind of creepy to have them for the rest of the program HS. Agency and exactly I can't make it a little bit easier what are those those four principles it's there's one of them that is health. And health care tells little bit about that particular principal. The health and health care piece of our mission statement is really. A way of being able to profile. Why our very important mission is which is partnering winds. Sharp healthcare sharp is the largest nonprofit employer in San Diego County. And it is a place not only. We air the air certainly is going to be a rising demand. Over the next several decades for. On health care workers but a wonderful opportunity. For students to be able to explore what careers look like inside and outside of health care. So everybody that is the role that your school is interested in health sciences healthcare. For the most part I would say. I wouldn't say that every single student who comes knows that they specifically want to be in health care. But what I can say is that every student who in roles once something different out of their high school experience. They want to have those internship experiences they want to begin to develop. Pathways firm being college and career ready. And they know that they are sin some of these unique experiences. With in turn chips that we do with sharp. That offer. The possibility. Of students even from the beginning in ninth grade to be able to explore lots of different things that happen. You know hospital is like city. And there are all kinds of experiences. That are available within the city direct patient care is certainly a piece of that. But think about the other things that go on. In any hospital you've got a security system that's there. You have lab. Experiences. That are there you have employ he. Newsletters and insurance offices that are there there's a host of possibilities. For how we can create intern chips for students. McCain in another Europe four principles to the HS agency mission is home away from home. Oh home away from home we know how important it is. Back to the best of our abilities that we create spaces for students that are home like is they can possibly be. We know that families are sending us that most precious gifts that they would turn the air on children and that's a tremendous responsibility for us. It's a duty for I asked to be able to create. Those possibilities. For students in fact we often say to them when they come back after a break welcome home. Because this is another place for you to be besides that homes that you come from. I just like to face a bailout but. Coming in freshman year I kind of was very nervous. That my high school was only in the CBS's numbers because you know you go to gross mark high school you go to you know Patrick carrier whatever not saying anything bad about schools. But to some of the teachers you're just like this number at my school it's completely different the teachers every single one of them want you to succeed. And it's not just says you know oh you're one of my students you know you have to do this you hostages to cracked when you know they will sit down with you and they will say look. You know with their story of practice they'll be like hey you're focusing almost everything okay hole. And you know are you having a problem did you go through break up recently for relationships you know. We've had some students who've parents have actually passed away. And the teachers have actually stepped up and taking those positions but I can proudly say that. My history teacher from freshman year mr. Romney I consider him my school that. And my English teacher from freshman year mr. Anderson is my school won't and I always go to them where I'm like yeah it is so frustrating and it can't do this anymore. And they always be able to be like hey you got us. You know I love you that support you what's up. That's great another principal. To the mission statement at your school is. Diploma that matters. Diploma that matters you know in class in a society where. It is increasingly competitive we have to make sure that the graduates that we're producing art as. Well equipped as they possibly can be to be college and career ready and so at our school the deep fault diploma the diploma at that everybody works toward earning is called an ADG diploma. And an eighth to cheap diploma in California. Is that academic diploma that allows you to be able to enroll in. Any CSU or you'd see in California. That's our deep fault so what that means what that translates to. Is that every student has four years of mathematics. Every student has four years of science. Every student has four years of English every student has for years. Social studies and history it's the full expression. Of what learning looks like and it's not something that's always required in every school in our school and its. And the outlast of the four principles. Is I really like this respect for self others in environments. Absolutely it's and respect for self I think is is pretty self explanatory. We want students to. To be able to develop. Even further develop their sense of identity and their sense of agency who why him and who it is. That I think that I can be and how I can act upon the world. The second part of that is. How is it that you create those same opportunities for the other people. That you learn way that you work with and so on and the third part of it and environment. And care for the environment. It's so important task when we talk about taking care of this place we don't just mean classroom we don't just mean the building. But we mean the world how is it that we can take care. Of the world from a medical standpoint from a social standpoint from humanitarian standpoint. I like that I think that's great a great part of your your mission statement. I'm Tony how many students are there in old school. We have about 720 students in grades sixth through twelfth and I think that's something that. We want to make sure that we touch on we've been talking about especially those high school experiences but we do have a middle school to in the same location. Some grades six through eight. And so between the middle school and high school we have about 720 students so is that the sixth through eighth grades. The same kind of curriculum is is it gearing towards a career in health care. Yes the pound fell middle school curriculum is a little bit different middle schoolers. Are not doing hospital based internships. However what they aren't doing. Our eyes Ceres. Over the course of all of these years that there the year. That includes things like there humanitarian. And service learning contributions. Working with father chose college for example. Working with Ronald McDonald house. Students also. At the middle school level. Learning now to first responders. And them being able to. Do things like being CPR certified and so once so they've got these broadening levels of experience that are happening in middle school. They're prepared them well for those further experiences. That don't have a high school level. And is there is there that any special teams you mentioned that the schools open anybody in San Diego County correct any at a special requirements twos to enroll. It's a public school we work with everybody. Applications. Are open. From November 1 until. January 31 stab every year an application is just available on our website which is HSH and C. Dot org as a public school we educate the public. So there aren't any special requirements. Or. Entrance test or anything like that at all we pride ourselves on the fact that we educate the public. Okay and ended its. Regular school year same same as other schools correct Torre at that time period yes we. Because we partner with C ended a unified where we're located physically. Within C indeed a unified to boundaries we followed the air same calendar. Which I think helps with families as well. Because we do drive disproportionately. Students who come from San Diego unified so that often can be really useful. For families that have students in other schools as well. Now Emily how old are you. I am sixteen years old and aging hearings cocaine and how many years you've been an aunt and a a health sciences high middle college I want health scientist hi starting freshman year and I have never ever want to. Tells little bit about your experience I know you've mentioned a little bit about. The care that you get from from professors there right so and my school it's completely different from any high school you could ever go to. Number one where simple hall and we don't have. You know multiple buildings all around we have ones in the hallway and you put your classes with in the hallway. You have internship. For me this year my my internship is on a Monday and I have my college classes on Friday. An and I have my regular schooling throughout the Tuesday Thursday Tuesday Wednesday handers day. You know it's not just like. Being really close with your teachers to actually being really close friends each cloth is about a 150 year 12850. Students per class. So you get really close with. Every single person you know every single person's back story. And on ten meet people as diverse as that. It's pretty insane because I went to a private Catholic school from preschool it it's great. And so I do graduated with a class of 27 students I thought every single day. For twelve plus years. And walking in my first day of high school. And seeing half like half the majority of our school wearing the jobs and be Muslim or. You know how the other half you know cutting. Very Hispanic Latino heritage. Its culture shock just complete culture shock. And it just took it literally took me one day to get used to it because those like this is amazing. Like I've never experienced so much diversity so much love for each other in one single. Which it just took me one bit at fault of the school another thing that's completely different about our schools that. We house nickel first four days and instead of going to school first day getting your period schedule you're actually going to have fun so the first few days actually get. Introduced at school because there are things that you know you can go to school and he could shadow someone like I did. But you still don't understand all of lake the rules and all of that technology uses and like what you have what what is offered at her school. So you sit down I'm a member of cynical connect crew and we. Help those who are new with the school and we sit down with them like hey this is the technology you can use or hate these the sports we offer. You know we sit down with all the freshman in the newbies and even kids from like that it had that have been there since middle school and Allen their senior year. Always hate these and a new opportunities you can do it this year and at the very end of that week we go to. This past year we went to mission beach but we normally go to other conventions that are downtown and we have this day of fun and it's as big competition. Where you're in your family groups which is headed by a teacher and you basically compete against other family groups and other teachers. And I'm very identical petty about this because my group lost by a hundred points because of another group because. They just like to seal all of her points and fell go Laffey copies we're still number one now. Now now a lot of the ads to sit at the school. Or with health care professionals through job shadowing an intern should show you crash site in turning anywhere right now. So. The last time my intern was a sophomore year my first semester. I've intern in about four slash five different areas I have worked on with that I treat which is doing with your feet. I know it's the property greatest intention to be in ivory worked in rheumatology which is your joints so like going into it. Other elderly people go in and I'll get injections on their joints and there tendency for them to like a more comfortable lifestyle. I've worked in a BGY and which is offs tricks and gynecology. And I've heard dozens of babies heartbeat which is the coolest thing ever first time ever heard us are crying I was like oh my gosh it's so cool. And I worked in the emergency room just recently this past semester and mrs. The emergency room actually helped me to figure out what career I actually won Ambien and I now. How a full understanding of what I wanna do and who let one become when I Earl which is which if I had gone to another normal regular high school. Good enough about Al until it plug my third year college right and so what is it that you wanna do. So I have decided I want to become a nurse more importantly an ER nurse. And more importantly because of that a travel ER nurse so I will actually be traveling all over the country. Go to specific hospitals for about two months or so and I will be working in specific hostile for a month. And I and I will actually get up and move now go to sake go from New Orleans. To Los Angeles back to New Orleans to Hawaii it's all over the place and it's it could salaried. Very good salary and I'd like to say that I've taken. Almost ten calls classes. And I now have I wanna say twenty something credits. For my college year so I'll actually be going in after I graduate from high school I will be doing is an as a college sophomore rather than freshman. Does does that happen often. Nancy is that students when they get out of high school. And it going and they don't go straight to being a freshman in college that's pretty common. If they've been with fast four out of the four years in high school. They will graduate with somewhere between eighteen and 24 credits. Every year every September. All of us end up getting text messages from graduates who are now a college saying things along the lines of OMG I'm a sophomore. Because they realize for the first time. Wow I've got all these credits I can actually and her ass a sophomore or near sophomore and action all of the savings not only in money. But also in time I whenever you're able to advance that quickly at the college level. And I think it for me. I've always been very stressed every. Weighed down about the idea of college and going away and you know leaving sir in my life and oh my gosh it's four years. And to me it's like I'm not only not only am I just get going for three years graduating and I'm 21 run and when I'm 22. But I give that extra year to figure out how to settle myself down so I don't have to you know we're not coming out of college and like. The current. I know let me get a job. Like tech crazy stuff I can just you know the fourth fear I can just go in and I got this I feel like I'm very confident and I feel. Analysts safer but I guess safer because I won't spend as much money. I will because you know colleges. From 101000 said 40000 dollars a year so I won't be spending. That's 40000 dollars or 101000 dollars for one year and then last year that that'll be amazing it's seat at its put that money somewhere else like buying a car buying house. Families are usually pretty happy Hal asks if I'm gonna tell you my. Benson now. HS agency works and partnerships with sharp healthcare ST SU professors in San Diego community college tells about that. This all start with I am standing in a state I might add colleagues. Deb Fischer and I'm pumping myself are all professors at San Diego State where an educational leadership in the college of education. And for eyes. We've always worked with in schools. For all of our careers and work together for many years. And it was time in our careers to really be able to put into play so much of the learning that we've been. Privileged to have in partnering with other schools. And it to put that all into action. Wow how can we create an environment. That aspires to be so many of the things that we hope for it to be and so that's how it died in nine and I. First got involved with conceptual eyes seeing this school. Approaching. Sharp to be awarded to create those partnerships. And then also to be able to partner and wind some of the Community Colleges. That are in the area create a mock up for us is an important. Partner in those college classes. Beat ties. Deer in the folks that are able through a memo of understanding. To be able to offer some of these amazing. Classes. That are top right on our school campus so since I don't have to go to Korea mock up physically quick mock it comes to us. Which is incredible. Privilege so that they take classes not only oriented. On toward some of the health care classes but they're also taking some of those courses. They're required no matter what your major as things like communication in public speaking. Things like high English one twining which is English and rhetorical writing and those are all basic classes that you have to get no matter what your. No matter what you major and to be. And we have just a couple of minutes left so I know you have a big event hands coming up next year. Symposium Rachel's livid about. Symposium. Happens in June I have every year. And it is our big opportunity to be able to say thank you to with the community to the sharp community as well as. Two other communities and so essentially what happens is. That the students convert to the school into. A hospital for that evening. And students dude demonstrations. In each have their brooms that reflect what it is that they learned an intern ship so we'll have. A classroom that's turned into an OBG lions center. And we'll have another classroom that's turned into radiology. And we invite all of our partners from sharp as well as families to come into court and see what it is that students have learned it's a great opportunity. Four health care workers as well as others have a talk with our students about what they aren't. And this happens every year at the school every year. Right like for example OBG when they always schedule births like they always like. Oh yeah come at this time this person gonna give birth to a baby girl at this time come at this time in the go through like old procedures that they learned. And then the public an emergency preparedness one. Yes fire science witches. And that never happens at school. Where it's an EMT and military program combined into one. And we actually have a captain a fire captain who is in charge of the entire thing and I can honestly say I am so proud of them because they have come such a long way. They just recently won something called best of the best competition. And we have a big ax hanging in our office that says best of the best. But they literally will put on simulations right in front of your eyes and show you exactly what they want. You can ask the question you asked. What is in ten U memory system of like oh that's is consistent bubbled about about blogs like to start talking to a random stuff. And is the political thing and I've seen in my life not just be involved with it been like go to the classrooms and like cash equivalents before. So before we wrap up and I any advice for firm. Some kid listening this morning may be apparent listen this morning right you have regarding this school. I learn about the school via people who actually so that's the middle school I was in. There are also there have been graduates are alumni that actually went to the school. And they told me about it and I was like you know the slick sounds really interesting I wanted to be in the health care you know I wanna be health care and so. I decided this was an actress from me and I can promise you that even if you don't wanna be health care maybe one and an education maybe wanna be. In some other committee on being veterinary sciences I promise you that our school make it happen so that you follow your dreams it's it's. These teachers have followed their dreams are still following their dreams and they want us to follow our dreams now. And if you party you know starting your application in which you probably happen. It if you sarge application RD thought about the school have seen a school. I promise it is hard one of the best decisions of your life because. There have been days I just don't wanna cup you know like they're they're never been days right now when it comes school because I want to learn and I wanna see reference I wanna see my teachers. And I want to have that experience that I don't think I would ever need any. It's Ann and Nancy. Enrollment is is open now. Enrollment while I open on November 1 that the application is already there and available. And it closes. On march 30 sorry January 31. I were always. Open force seems to be able to apply. And I should say to we have lots of orientation is for families that are considering. They can come. To any of those orientation that we have scheduled the posted on our website for those eating orientation. And they can come and see for themselves. And begin to meet the people who are at the school we encourage them to bring their children with them so that they can get a taste of what's possible. OK and once again now once in your bureau website. Debbie Debbie Debbie dot HSH. And C dot work. Were also on FaceBook as well as Twitter and in sticker. All right great to Nancy and Emily thank you being on Saturday and only the best of luck to you thank you and Nancy thanks for all the do. It health sciences high and middle college thank you so much Gary. That concludes another addition of living veteran San Diego the opinions expressed on living better and San Diego do not necessarily reflect the opinions and views of the staff and management of the and it comes San Diego radio stations. Episodes of living veteran San Diego are available on the station's website. Join me next week when my guest will be from the San Diego LG BT community center until then I'm Gary late have a great week.