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Wednesday, July 25th


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Good morning and welcome to another edition I'm living veteran San Diego public service presentation of the and a count San Diego radio stations I'm Carrie Lee. Part and who's therapy is a local nonprofit enhancing the lives of children and adults with a different kind of there. They use animal assisted activities and animal assisted therapy to. Offer onsite sessions and off site visits with their many horses. And other animals joining us this morning as hard and who therapy founder and CEO listen Sargent. And volunteer wanted to Curtis welcome Melissa welcome one year. They let alone and give robbing us a step above you on the show today. Little bit about your organization Melissa. Heart has therapy is a five gallon CT nonprofit located in San Diego. We've run our on site work from Ramona. Our mission is to enhance the lives of children and adults need to inability with a different kind of therapy. We ease miniature horses at a farm animals to accomplish that mission so as it is an all mini horses we have. Hasn't swaps we have beautiful sight of course is that it's. Eventually once you master olive things with a miniature horses you can about two it. Learning how to handle the full size course isn't and grooming and do obstacle course and stuff like that. And then eventually but some of our clients leave re efforts that they're writing programs east Ager bureau. In Ramona yes so he we've run on site work in Ramona. Fran it's actually the backyard of my house senate and you have a ring on so I had few acres now okay an amount that sound. A section that it is dedicated to us for the nonprofit that we have on the course now is there a full sensory obstacle course. We have a seasonal creek that runs her property silly little light that can help with kids that sensory issues and facts. What is it about horses. Dead dead that are perfect for this kind of work. I seen that kid has special needs or adults with disabilities or jest anybody. These days it's going through something and it just makes you smile to see a cute little haulers. All perfect that's now all being able to use something that an atypical Childs able to deal. And have a disability and have the tools and and be able to learn how to do exactly the same vein. On I think way. With horses. Hey take a lot of your stress from the NCA EG touch any kind ages now and you're like nice deep breath come on he can just kind of the clear and he relaxed a little and you're not so worried about what's going. Dogs can be that way to Newton so dogs and horses I have always found that there and they're kind of the best for this day our dogs and purses pretty much aren't that hot for your money constant where he worked for. Our line of work done but there are a lot of other species out there that you do the same thing and it's it's a while factor like if you come with a Lama are miniature donkey. People you announced it goes to the next level for that to use so I mean it just animals in general just. Rain so much Communists and relaxation and it. And really makes you think about your past you know of animal he might have had been fascinates really. And and speaking of you do have a miniature donkey and handed it criteria. As as she asks yes organization for. It fell Millie just turn to she came to life from Missouri. And ask February. So she's near its record and she's amazing she was trains. Basically Fram senate canceled by one of my colleagues at this they're he worked an emissary. And she's downsizings she offered her up ten and I say yes absolutely 100% super its unique. And snow she became part of our record and ran. Passed her test with pat partners become registered their B donkey and April. And now she's undergoing iron you know training hours and steps in and shall start going on on. I'm more off site work and stuff but currently she does on site work great. So to all the forces and Amelie they all doing the same thing pretty much went there on site or off site. I am. There's a baseline that all of them are trained to do some are further along in the training than others sell. Like Tori and chips are my first year that I got so they had the most training. I'm de Cali do the most work because there are seasons. My ABC news ten months old his name's AJ. He is my next at the economy and so he does some mosques off site training work but nothing official yet. He dead is on site work like let me have groups from Ronald McDonald house come out and we have groups from cost in par. We work with promises to kids that we have siblings come down and have their sessions together as a he'll do stuff like that. And Millie as well Millie starting it do you more. Off night training work to do it kind depends on what we're doing a moderate only. And who does. And what is your background had how did you. How did you get to where you're at how to start an organization like this. It's a OnStar eighth I'll try to make it. I hung up. Now I am within Foster care when I was younger my parents where Foster parents for 35 years and basically they got me and they kept me and say too long it's. Could and basically I learned from a young age on about children have medically fragile issues. Mentally she used it means is anything my mom. Mainly took and Kato's that had chronic illnesses are was medically fragile cell. I learned from the young age care compassion and you know they're not different now. One of our sisters growing up I helped mime on learn how to take care of her and I was my mom's right hand man until she passed away. And 2015. Cell Ian down I may I take a lot is my experience from my hands on growing at dealing. I don't have any schooling and the medical field but. I have night life experience is I think is the best right and Nan Nan. Being adopt it and stats I kind of went through my own growing pains in trying to figure out life and why I was adopted and how come on my mom could get her act together in my gap you know in just those questions at you travelling and so I am my sister. Helped find a place for me to go in volunteer. Sites are cleaning stalls in exchange for right lessons early in my life. And I got into the course is in 1999. When I was fourteen. And I met Laura who is the range manager and me hit it off so. Today's day she's like my second on she's the treasurer my non profit as well on she taught me everything I know where is it. Fran breeding to cleaning to shall mean I mean fallen between isn't that scary you know all of it. So I just kind. Grew to in plan and I met my friends and shortly after plan he went dead troopers you prepare and we headed off I was sixteen he was seventeen and it was kind of pretty nights and then I'm leads and he had there will be celebrating eighteen years and October this year but he kind of grew up rough on opposite sides to train track as well you know having. Then in Foster care and things and and it's kind of both of our collaboration would be able to give back in some way. Show kids and adults just because you haven't cracked me up pre mean Horry Alley of things that don't go right does it mean you have to let that field you are. So. That's kind howl. It all came about you know I was and of course is I grew just now mean. And the medical field through mine on the Foster parent. My own trials and tribulations and staff. And that's great. She talks about training these guys. The hours ago and this is is absolutely incredible she does. Daily it's not once a week and she's done it's a daily thing and she literally drops hands and screams blood curdling screams. Behind these guys she. They're they're trained with IV poles and walkers and teens and wheelchairs and they go through desensitize zine obstacle courses so that when she does say command of these other places they don't respond they don't freak out and they don't kick anybody. So I mean she makes sure that it is absolutely safe as possible for these forces to go. Into all of the facilities that she's able to go into him and and you are the one has trained all horses to write yes this just you. Yes now I am I I have my kid goes ninety I comic three that's volunteers and my sister got. Is it a great aren't here to let my kids they really do help a lot and I they themselves settled let's implies that. I had to high school girls come a board. And just love what we do and they come every Friday and pay clean stalls help with the ports is whenever I want Mike's Sunday's he'll be that crazy old people. You are they'll be like this sensitive lines and now like we kind of jets to mix it around and they you know we have to push wheelchairs into the accident of the courses and see what immediately tell our guys now are so trained in their cities that they look at me like gee mom really. Or if I do screen all of a sudden. I usually really click when leading horses as a group also implement a screen don't freak out an off screen and as I'm saying the last word I'm screening too and they're like. Oh us. You know on the horse is a look at my oh geez she's crazy hearing her talking and not enough screen Russell and horror movies or did she ever now that the places that week noted is it that you know range from assisted living memory cared to rehab places. And we got every these children's hospitals we go to gross not convalescent hospital and you know Ali people don't think about it by you know it could be anything you know we could be an courtroom where there's three bags and Rehman were in the middle ground. And the one on the left is having the bag me and you hear that she you know make the noises she makes wall. Not being able to see at that hearing and it's like Hulu what is that. To a typical course they'd be like outdoor and con and I you know our guys are so train and it's so consistent and it's not like my sister that it's not just once a week. It's literally seven days a week 45 minutes a day of my hands on training or one of my volunteers. Doing anything from. You know grabbing bags on hand Q going to obstacle course to going inside the house to you know banging pots pans street Alley. You now on I tied the course is it is different in that my G and I. Opening close my garage door we go inside my policy. Being that wash and dry Nina is knowing that you hear all things that are passed are happy yeah I'm amazed seriously just banana. I mean now I'm so it takes a lot of 318 because literally where. Where training flight out of the horse is that certain their nature as to when they're frightened to grind. In house so it it's a lot of work. For me it's it's 120. Billion prison time is worth doing because. Wing when you go on the visits or you have your onsite client's content. Things learn and achieved and feel better and and be happy and be ready to take a positive stand on life it's self fulfilling and it just makes it worth me now. The blitz Clinton's years it's not for all our way now the kicks there you know that the things that we've gone through to get our course is to be so good. It's like cats were thing you know I'll take months pregnant teens right now and I understand your horses are potty trained yeah and how on earth. Did you get them potty talk about work. Now what I say it's. They're 95 point 5% potty train because they are an animal. To date Dell I can't say that chips and Tori and I mean to you. They together have only had six accidents and almost four years of doing it. And it weighs three of them were completely my fault they were signaling to me that they needed to tell. But we kept getting caught speaking to people and I really try not to be rude and cut anybody up on I'm gonna give everybody time. And they warned me and they gave me that look like you better take me it cannot think in an ad and then before I knew that I am I and then I get the look like it's your fault it's your father don't need you now on I'm like right now and we carry a bag with that testing came in me have a protocol for cleaning it up so it's completely. Clean and sanitize Leonard but yes so basically it's just like it's odd that they're in their stall they find their spy. I'm out there so much and I hate catch them in their in the act Peter would be an academic Q and it's minor simple cues. Some of my clients that have courses that they're training for this kind of work. On days afterwards. Nine agents go potty keeping Pluto in LA and went everywhere kid little just ugly and that's my philosophy of training horses how ivories like Kitna. You know I don't treat train because I want them to do and asking because they want to not because I'm here I am and if you lollipop the united units. And my kids and Kelly now. Yeah here and there I am IK. You do this I'll give you an ice cream but it's not consistent things snow you know they're doing it because they know it's helpful beneficial. It's something that I'm asking them to do so they want to please me and it. Without anything street car. What does them pony play time so pony plates trying to clean out and has started it's basically thirty to forty minute session. On site in Ramona where were based at where anybody in the age and you ability and announce knows Carol policy Townshend dam on. EDT. ODDOTD. I mean we see any an off on onsite and what we do is we introduced him to the horses. First we start the mini horse is because they're less intimidating and we teach them safety cell. The rules about not walking behind horse that we teach him how to introduce themselves to the horse. And when are approaching and we teach him that correctly don't walk around and then maneuver. We goal for the basic body parts so depending I'm. The age you know obviously a two year old to a ten year old it's going to be different so we go out there Kate Snow. That way they can really understand what we're teaching and they can remember an and they can learn in your eyes as we keep adding things on. And then after they learn how to do that too we add more things he'll do like three obstacles and we have our obstacle courses fool we have. Pool noodles that stick out. Six on each side T have to walk through them and they have to bump view and the whore saying kids that sensory issues and that can be tricky things brushing up against you. They immediately and young and so what we do you as we try to teach the kids. A case knowing your approaching men's obstacle. You wanna talk to the lord so they don't get scared going through it so than it takes their mind off of then wanting to freak out we'll bring touching them. And so there. Encouraging a horse. We have the pony express car wash which is a tart that's sliced and you walk through like the current watched that again is another century hang our horses are all used to energy now but they're they're encouraged the child in the child's there to encourage the course. And so the team just works so well together. If they have physical elements we have ground holes so you got it pick your foot up and walk over the ground hole and in doing that here asking viewers to step. So that's encouraging them to talk to the horse. You know trying to just varies some of our kids that come there is Eric has their shy you know like the top. So we do all these different things and it it gets than just pocket and feel comfortable. On and then the ones that have disabilities and stuff we give them the tools to be able to to utilizing and operate the ports then to speak. And now Juanita you know we are. Running out of time I didn't and I and I know. I know that you have an event coming up here soon and an in this is kind of your baby this is my but I mean this is your third annual charity concert correct it is set Elvis the younger years I had got to say that I've seen that you've done. These concerts after several years yes the third annual and and who's the Elvis fan because I've I've noticed that Elvis seems to be theme in all the. Well that would be me how. I am my parents I have to I have to make sure that they get that you know Benton of the credit for bringing me into the Elvis world but it is truly. I mean it's all it's c'mon. And I female and you can't go wrong and it's just he is it he is all it putts. The reason I do them is obviously for. You know to raise money for funds for partners because clearly it's not free for her kids have to keep these horses and it. It costs for me and it costs were. You know transportation and things like that so we need the funds to keep this thing going. So our concert this year is Elvis the younger years we have three very handsome talented. Amazing but they say that I'm young men coming yeah. We're doing all well fifties hammer heads into the sixties a little bit but we're doing to purely fifty young men Jacob Roman. Who I don't want to miss it since he was sixteen and he's amazing. On Taylor Rodriguez who is all I'm not to give away what he's wearing that he's gonna look. Extraordinarily. Dapper and he is going to do another set of the fifties and. Victor Trevino junior is gonna do movies songs so not a lot of guys do the movie songs that super fun for me I'm really excited about the movies. We have sold tickets available. They're 35 dollars a piece we sold dollar VIP seats already. I'm so we have 35 Dollar General admission of fame by three or more tickets and will reserve their seats other than that it's kind of a free for elements are opens for general admission but it is gonna be. An amazing show we're gonna have opportunity drawings for people we've got some really cool things for the opportunity drying out a criminal academy on any of them by. Mom. They added I'm I'm here to tell you there's a couple of a matter are worth just coming from now on little tease there Hanna just under this kind of an and where is taking place it's gonna take place in lakeside Netflix a community center at Orlando parks arena really we have the big room. I'm available to us and Morgan and we're gonna go on their murder in Iraq the rooftop place and Dallas times it's starts it starts the concert starts at 8 o'clock I'm general admission is open at 730. And then will wills kick off the show. It's 8 o'clock and welcome to the boys done. And and can people get tickets people who had tickets they can actually contact myself I'm on the intestinal ticket sales. So if it's a tank and give the digits shirt I had on my phone number 6199223932. And again tickets are 35 dollars a piece. And to win it on with doing this we've been able not we my sister she works just as hard on us. Is able to secure a bunch of sponsors for us that helped pay for this. So of the money we make goes in Iraq back to Harden knows him and all the money that you raise yes solid bat and running after the bills are paid then everything that's of their graves back department so. That's not what's and that's what makes this concert super important for us is that we can raise money and she has that to be able to do a deal these fantastic things she does. But we do have some really cool sponsor's admission so far. We had and asked barbecuing catering we have San Diego sunshine. Cindy Galloway we have Judson realistic for with mercy Morgan. We have the Winchester widows which there a really cool subtleties that are. Interim healthcare Bob cries that. We have Laurie Beltran with modern woman and then we also have my friends a quick productions Europe and LA these people are. The reason that does concert is happening there actually sponsoring all three talents come in for our show. So they've really. Picked up a big chunk of a show for us this year so will be able to really put some money in itself heart and nerves and it's really good things this next year you have other events throughout the year. I'm we have three big ones we have a quarter action in name we have a concert usually in July and then we have September 8 we have hit a fine. And and that's basically based because I played south while growing up so I kinda made fun I'm not the content type you know I'm different if they do different therapy. I need different fund raise. As well sell and hit a Thon basically you get a team together at nine. You come out one team pitched a quality see how far he can hit me after on the bases. That's 35 dollars and donors and and food is included in that pricey an opportunity Johnny ticket as well and you get to have fine come out half sign. Raise money for ads on an and that. Basically will carry us through between concert and that fund raiser. The hope is every year is that that carries history repeats her insurance. As we have commercial liability we have our van that we hauled horses and you are off site work we have to have that covered and you know I'll meet it's on name and just everything that goes into getting a horse is ready for their visits because it's it's a lot of work. We have debate and play for hours before salaries seems shampoos conditioners. You know we have blowers that we have problem way it's an ugly and mean it just adds that fairy year fee and you know snow yes we do those two are those three for the year and we ask for donations and me have onsite clients or legal off site by. The majority of our clientele is not able to afford it. So I write grants. As well as the fund raisers planned we seek pride that you know donors we also. Collect used act and we we've reselling to help fund a program. We've done a couple painting parties that people have hosted and donated money to last so it can people make in kind donations and yet. Yet sell out and gas cards are well planned to anywhere I mean it's it's our typical visit is about forty C news' sixty minutes away from Wheatley. Snow and it gets costly and dry honestly. Yes. Every gas we. Which is worst equipment. You know given that. And we keep getting picked. Possibly now financially. We see we have bills to make happening and you know we're looking for any kind of monetary donations that way we he gave you attacks right. I'm sure somebody wants to make a donation can they do that actual website yes they can OK and end if somebody listening this morning. Is from an organization into an off site location. And I think in this pretty cool this would work really well for us how they get ahold of you and and what they need to do to make that. Happen so I'll have to do is go onto our web site or they can give me com my driver 6196335105. Just let it snow I am who their wins and who you know and where they are and will make happen. Like I said we asked for a donation and so if it's and assisted living facility. Or. You know rehab place or anything like that where they have an activities tight budget. Then any thing is Creighton we appreciate about loss of come without that and that's kind of where that. Fundraisers come in to play and stances you know we don't turn anyone away for an inability to pay. McCain and once again the concert coming up what's the date July 27 at the lakeside community center rates Ireland a part of lakeside and they can call you for 6199223932. And end at your website. Hopefully that's long and. Nothing is a daddy daddy daddy got hired and because they're the dot org and are you on social media yes where unsafe but. As well heart units they're happy that he's black dot com. And its banking laughter yeah I consider race back. Melissa end Juanita thank you for being on the show Saturday. I think what you do and is is so cool and and it's such a great. Great service and and it's appreciated thank you for having us we appreciate it yet thank you. That concludes another addition of living veteran San Diego the opinions expressed a living better San Diego do not necessarily. Reflect the opinions and views of the staff and management of CNN com San Diego radio stations. Episodes of living in San Diego are available on the station's website. Until next time I'm Jerry Lee have a great week.